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Here are the Wingnut Events (so far) For the month of September! We are also including other events that are happening throughout the city of Richmond. We would like to do this every month. So if you are putting on radical or anarchist events please let us know so we can include your events on a more comprehensive calendar!

Wednesday the 1st, 7pm- Zine Work Group- Come plan and work on your zines/ home made publications (Wingnut)
Saturday the 4th, 4pm- Richmond Earth First Meeting (Monroe Park, Corner of Main and Belvidere)
Sunday the 5th, 10am Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 5th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)

Sunday the 5th, 1pm- Food Not Bombs Monthly Meeting
Wednesday the 8th, 6pm – Richmond Industrial Workers of the World Meeting (Flying Brick Library)
Wednesday the 8th, 7pm- Craft Night (Wingnut)
Saturday the 11th, 1pm- Mobile Food Pantry in Southern Barton Heights (Parking Lot next to Goal Post)
Saturday the 11th, 5pm- Propaganda, Psychology and Objectivity Workshop (The Black Hand)
Sunday the 12th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 12th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)
Tuesday the 14th, 7pm- Security Culture Workshop (Wingnut)
Thursday the 16th, 3pm- Cooking with FNB for Rephrame Forum event (Wingnut)
Thursday the 16th, 5:30-7:30pm- REPHRAME Community Forum (Sixth Mount Zion Church)
Sunday the 19th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)

Sunday the 19th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)

Monday the 20th, 7pm- Richmond Transit Riders Union Meeting (Ghostprint Gallery)
Tuesday the 21st, 6:30pm- Southern Barton Heights Community Association Meeting (Goal Post)
Wednesday the 22nd, 7pm- Craft Night, Anarchist Black Cross make anti-death penalty signs (Wingnut)
Thursday the 23rd, 4-6pm- Death Penalty Protest with the Anarchist Black Cross (1111 West Broad Street)
Saturday the 25th, 12-3pm- Really Really Free Market and Potluck [Tea Party at 2pm] (Monroe Park, corner of Main and Laurel)
Saturday the 25th, 12-6pm- Goal Post Community Day (Goal Post, North Avenue)
Sunday the 26th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 26th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)
Monday the 27th, 7pm- Copwatch Meeting (Wingnut)

Come on out to the Wingnut Anarchist Collective to make signs/banners for the anti-death penalty protest the next day.

Virginia is planning to execute Teresa Lewis on September 23rd. The Anarchist Black Cross is planning a protest on September 23rd from 4-6 at 1111 East Broad Street.

If you want to come to either part of the protest, this craft night the night before will be a good chance to make signs that have messages that you would feel comfortable holding.

If you want to come and work on other crafts as usual with craft night, that is totally fine too!

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective will be hosting a workshop on Security Culture on Tuesday September 14th at 7pm. This workshop will be an opportunity for people new to activism/organizing/security culture to get introduced to the topic, as well as a chance for folks who already know about security culture to brush up on their practice and understanding of it.

Feel free to bring your questions and comments- but please let the facilitators establish guidelines first.

Security Culture is not something only for people who break the law. In fact, given the current oppressive practices, security culture is extremely relevant to activists of all tactics and strategies.

As more and more people practice security culture, it will become more of a culture and less of a protocol. It is important with a growing activist scene for people to understand the importance of security culture and how our words and behavior can have drastic affects on ourselves and our friends. Security culture is about minimizing risk.

You may have seen on blog posts from the Wingnut or things posted in the space that there are activities and discussions that are not allowed in the space- this workshop is part of a move away from just rules and warnings, into understanding and customs.

If you can not make the workshop or simply want to brush up on your security culture, we recommend this link for a relatively comprehensive discussion.

The Richmond Zine fest is October 16th. Zines, for people who are unaware of what they are, are most importantly a form of  do it yourself publishing.  Anybody can write a Zine, you don’t need permission and its a direct action approach towards putting ones ideas, art, information or what have you, out in the open. Zine culture has grown immensely nationally and worldwide. Our very own city has deep roots in the culture. Since technology has advanced so much and now anyone can share information through the Internet, zine culture has sadly suffered. I attended  last years Richmond Zine Fest there were many people from out of state, but very few local zinesters. I think more people should really represent Richmond this year. So if anyones interested in collabortaing or working on Zines as a group, solo,  or just meeting local zinesters, then show up Sept. 1st at The Wingnut 7pm for The Zine Meetup Group. Support DIY, do it yourself, culture.

A Richmond Police Department patrol car just stopped in front of the Wingnut at 7:44pm, in the middle of the street. Their plate number was 157 002L. They had their window rolled down and were just staring at the house. When someone inside noticed, they waved. When Wingnuts went outside to get their badge numbers, they noticed that the officer in the passenger side was taking pictures of his own. One Wingnut held the video camera while another asked for their badge numbers. One of the Cops (the driver) gave his badge number, #1219 Officer Dickerson. The cop in the passenger side said he did not have a badge number. When he was asked if he was refusing to give his badge number he reiterated that he did not have a badge number. He gave his name as officer Godwin. He was wearing a RPD uniform.

There is no form on the RPD website to fill out a complaint. We called the department and found out that ALL Richmond Police Officers have badge numbers, which would suggest that Officer Godwin was breaking the law by refusing to give his. We are waiting for a return call from a supervisor, so we can make our complaint about this incident.

We will post the video footage when we have it uploaded.

Marine Corpse, Community Currency, and Lobo Marino
7pm Monday the 23rd of August
Extend your Best Friends Day weekend with some sober fun!

How can a metal band play an acoustic set?? This is how:
cardboard box drums, acoustic guitar, unmiced screams

Marine Corpse, on their summer Grinding Against Jesus 2k10 tour will be gracing the Wingnut with their presence and awesome tunes.
Local band Lobo Marino and TBA to also play!
Lobo Marino is folk/indie music from Richmond that includes accordian!
A “lobo marino” is Spanish for “sea wolf”. The creature is called in English a “sea lion”, though they do seem more like canines than felines.

Jameson and Laney spent a year traveling in South America and this album, “Keep your head up”, is what they have to show for it. Nathaniel joins them on banjo, trumpet, and minimal percussion. This album is a journey.

Listen below! (more…)

Richmond Copwatch will be having its first official meeting on Tuesday, August 24th at 7 pm at the Wingnut.  We will be discussing goals, strategy, copwatch protocol, and organizational structure for a city-wide Copwatch network.

Anyone with an interest in monitoring the police and holding them accountable for their actions is welcome to come.  Bring yourself, your friends, and lots of ideas!

For more information, call or email the Wingnut.  (804) 303-5449

The Wingnut has been doing neighborhood trash cleanups on Sunday mornings. We have been doing it every other Sunday, but have now decided to do it every Sunday. That way we can get more areas of the neighborhood clean on a regular basis. We welcome other community members to come help us pick up trash. We have orange safety vests, trash picker upper machines, and trash bags. If you want to participate please just come to the Wingnut at 10am on a Sunday morning. That is where we will distribute the equipment. One thing we can always use more of in this effort is trash bags, so feel free to bring some if you have any to spare.

So to reiterate- Sunday mornings at 10am, meet at the Wingnut to pickup trash in Southern Barton Heights. The more people who come out the more of the neighborhood we can clean up. Call 804 303 5449 or email if you have any questions.

The Wingnut hosts Craft Nights on Wednesday nights, about twice a month. They start at 7. People are welcome to come and bring projects they are working on, ideas to share, material to share, and snacks to share. The Wingnut has some craft supplies available to other people too. As always, these are sober, all ages events.

Craft Nights are good times to work on school projects, banners and signs for protests and rallies, zines, etc.!

Here are the first dates for Craft Nights this fall! Hope to see you there! They all start at 7pm, and usually last until about 10pm. Call 804 303 5449 if you have any questions.

Wednesday August 25th

Wednesday September 8th

Wednesday September 22nd

Wednesday October 6th

Wednesday October 20th

Wednesday November 3rd

This past Saturday, August 14th, the Wingnut Anarchist Collective and the Central Virginia Food Bank teamed up again to bring the Mobile Food Pantry to Southern Barton Heights. The Wingnuts had distributed 100 vouchers throughout the neighborhood during the weeks prior. The day of we set up a literature table with fliers for other community events like the Really Really Free Market, Anarchist Black Cross, and Copwatch. Then we set up all of the food. The menu included chicken, applesauce, butter, creamer, romaine lettuce, cantalopes, raisin bran, oatmeal, fresh corn, crackers, pasta, cornbread mix, green beans, manwich, pork and beans, shampoo and more.

We tally the numbers of folks who come out, and how many people they represent in their households. This month we had more people than last month. A total of 123 households were represented, including 197 children, 254 adults, and 60 seniors, for a total of 511 people represented.

This event is a regular event, which the Wingnuts plan to continue (more…)