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Marine Corpse, Community Currency, and Lobo Marino
7pm Monday the 23rd of August
Extend your Best Friends Day weekend with some sober fun!

How can a metal band play an acoustic set?? This is how:
cardboard box drums, acoustic guitar, unmiced screams

Marine Corpse, on their summer Grinding Against Jesus 2k10 tour will be gracing the Wingnut with their presence and awesome tunes.
Local band Lobo Marino and TBA to also play!
Lobo Marino is folk/indie music from Richmond that includes accordian!
A “lobo marino” is Spanish for “sea wolf”. The creature is called in English a “sea lion”, though they do seem more like canines than felines.

Jameson and Laney spent a year traveling in South America and this album, “Keep your head up”, is what they have to show for it. Nathaniel joins them on banjo, trumpet, and minimal percussion. This album is a journey.

Listen below! (more…)