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A post- Food Not Bombs Cleanup Movie Marathon!

Come enjoy the 3 deep and meaningful films in the Smokey and the Bandit series, the first two featuring the luscious Burt Reynolds and Sally Field.
4 hours and 41 minutes of good truckin, drivin, cop evadin fun!

All ages, sober event, like all Wingnut events.
Bring snacks to share if you want, and there might be leftovers from Food Not Bombs, but don’t count on it! (It is too yummy)

Trigger Warning- These movies are all rated PG and to our knowledge do not have particularly triggering content.

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be hosting letter writing to prisoners, with a specific focus on LGBTQ prisoners.

The Black Cross will be providing a list of prisoners to write to, as well as useful tools and information specific writing letters to prisoners.

This will be held for the duration of the Free Market (Noon-3pm), so come by anytime

On August 12th we will be screening the film End: Civ at 9pm. If the weather is nice we will be showing the movie outside in the Wingnut front yard. If not, we can screen the film inside!

END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END:CIVasks: “If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?”

The causes underlying the collapse of civilizations are usually traced to overuse of resources. As we write this, the world is reeling from economic chaos, peak oil, climate change, environmental degradation, and political turmoil. Every day, the headlines re-hash stories of scandal and betrayal of the public trust. We don’t have to make outraged demands for the end of the current global system — it seems to be coming apart already.

But acts of courage, compassion and altruism abound, even in the most damaged places. By documenting the resilience of the people hit hardest by war and repression, and the heroism of those coming forward to confront the crisis head-on, END:CIV illuminates a way out of this all-consuming madness and into a saner future.


The Petrol-Free Gypsy Carnival Tour will be staying at the Wingnut the weekend of August 5th-7th. They have a show on August 6th at Ellwood’s Cafe. On August 7th they will be playing a free show at 4pm during Food Not Bombs in Monroe Park!

We are excited to host these talented musicians on their bike tour. Come on out to the Wingnut over this weekend in August to talk to the folks on tour about their project!

You can find out more about their project here:

Here is some coverage from our friend Kontra:

Here’s a review from RVANews:

The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army Invades RVA
by Hayley DeRocheJuly 13, 2011

The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army is not, alas, a shadowy army of bunnies with strings holding them down. Instead, the MRPA is a puppeteer performance collective based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that is a part of the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective. The shows tell stories that are social justice parables. I went over to the Wingnut House (home of some of Richmond’s anarchists) to see one of their shows.

First up: Hansel and Gretel

This old story is given a new look with the puppets (Gretel is a raccoon, Hansel a fox, their mother a purple unicorn, and so on and so forth). Times are tough in this economy for the little puppet family, and cutting corners is necessary, but when their evil green-faced monster father suggests cutting the kids out of the budget their mother is distraught. But times are hard, and if the kids have to be abandoned, then so be it. (“How would you kids like to go see a movie….Pirates of the Caribbean…..4… Raleigh.” brings chuckles at the Pirates reference, groans at the 4 reference because really, we needed 4?, and more chuckles at the intonation of Raleigh.) So, little Hansel and Gretel are dropped off, but Hansel, being wily like the fox he is, tags streets as they go so they can find their way home again much to the delight of their magical mom. But this time, when they get left at the Durham theater, they are truly abandoned. Nobody offers them help until Mr. Turbine–who ends up locking up poor Gretel in a cage.


Not too long ago, our friend stopped by to help with the massive library reorganization project we were undertaking. Here’s what she had to say about ours, an several other libraries in the area.

We encourage visitors to our library on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm! If anyone wants to become involved in organizing the library or bottomlining open hours please get in touch. We also accept donations of books and zines that are radical and anarchist in subject matter!

Our numbers for the June 2011 Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry have been counted.

On Saturday, June 11th, we gave out individual food portions to 191 people!

They represented the households of 140 adults, 157 children, and 56 seniors!

We also made deliveries to six households in our area for people who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to attend the food pantry or carry all the food home with them.

We’re getting our system down to a science, increasing our ability to reach out to and fulfill this basic necessity for families in our area. However, there is a clear need for similar programs in different areas of the city as well; every month we meet people from throughout Richmond and beyond who come to the mobile food pantry in Southern Barton Heights.

Fortunately, setting up a Mobile Food Pantry in your area is really easy! To start one in your area, contact Warren Hammonds ( of the Central VA Food Bank. It’s very easy to start one! All you need are a location, a handful of volunteers to hand out the food, and a method for voucher distribution: here we deliver them by bicycle, but other groups distribute them via faith centers, community service and neighborhood associations, or other means.

To get a voucher for the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry, just give us a call at (804) 303-5449 and we’ll put you on our delivery list!

Today’s Critical Mass was a cop free fun bike ride for around 150 people!

Here is a link to the story and

The news coverage is funny, as the reporters from conservative NBC 12 try to frame the bike ride as controversial. The Critical Mass was pretty tame and worked hard to keep a pace inclusive to all participants. No medical help was needed, although there were medics present. No copwatching was needed, although there were trained Copwatchers present. About 50 Richmond Bike Laws zines were handed out to participants as well.

Plans were formed to continue with Critical Mass rides in Richmond, scheduling them on the last Friday of each month. Look for more about those rides on this website and on

Members of Richmond Copwatch will be briefing July 4th Critical Mass participants on asserting their rights and interacting with the police  should that become an issue.

Some literature will be available and copwatchers will actively address any questions or concerns. Briefing will take place   at Rite-Aid (Belvidere and Broad) prior to the ride (approx. 11:45-12:00  depending on arrival of riders).

Feel free to bring your own camera to record the fun and maybe the Fuzz!

You can also brush up beforehand  and download a copy of the snazzy new Richmond Bike Laws zine here-

Twitter is a social media tool that has been used by protesters around the world for resisting police and government oppression. Copwatch organizations have also used twitter as a way to encourage people to hold the police accountable and document the police presence around them.

Using a Copwatch Twitter feed is also a good way to get information about the situations you are watching somewhere away from you so the police can’t silence you. When engaging in Copwatch, video, pictures, and notes are typically being taken by the observers. We record information like police license plate numbers, car number, names, and code (badge) numbers. Sometimes the police refuse to identify themselves when you ask, and so then we record descriptions of the cops. If you observe the police committing an act of brutality or misconduct, they might want to take away any evidence you have of that. By texting that information to @rvacopwatch on twitter, you are taking it out of your hands and out of their hands.

While you’re on your phone, you can use the camera to record video of the situation. If you don’t have the ability to text message or to use twitter, you can also document on paper what you see going on (time, location, number of cop cars, license plates, car numbers, cop names, cop code (badge) numbers, etc.) and email it to sbhcopwatch, call 804 303 5449, or come by 2005 Barton Avenue to share that information. We also have incident report sheets available for people to use for recording important information.