Fliers and Literature- Download and Share!

In making fliers for various activities and ideas we have realized that there are just not very many templates or examples of radical fliers available online. So we have decided to make a bunch of different fliers and pamphlets available for download. That way other people and organizations can borrow any images, ideas, etc. that they can find useful. Hopefully this will save folks some time and energy and keep radicals and anarchists from always having to completely reinvent the wheel!

These will be based off of uploads on zinelibrary.info , which is a really awesome resource for radical zines and fliers. You can do general subject searches on zine library to find radical material from around the world. We are just posting things originating from us (The Wingnuts) or our friends in Richmond!

Richmond Really Really Free Market Handbill

Richmond Food Not Bombs Flier

Wingnut Open Hours Flier

If A Cop Tries to Talk to You

Talk To Neighbors Not To Cops

Beware Cops Are A Gang

Monroe Park Campaign Petition

Monroe Park Campaign Fliers

Richmond Anarchist Black Cross Trifold Pamphlet

Anarchists Against the Wall Tour Comes to Richmond

Richmond Copwatch Trifold Pamphlet

Monroe Park Campaign Trifold Pamphlet

Wingnut Anarchist Collective Pamphlet

Richmond Food Not Bombs Pamphlet

Richmond Really Really Free Market Flier

Richmond Copwatch Meeting Flier

Not Gay as in Happy, But Queer as in Fuck You