Self Care

Self Care is the radical concept that it is important to take care of yourself, and your emotional, mental, and physical needs.In activist scenes, this is a concept that can all too frequently be ignored or undervalued, to the detriment of the mental/physical/emotional health of community members.

Many people struggle with this, and we want to take up a little bit of webspace to acknowledge this, and provide a few resources to help folks who are trying to/struggling to deal with all the hurt this world can heap on us.

Definitely looking for more resources, suggestions from other anarchist/feminist/radical/activist spaces, and better ways to explain the concept! Please get in touch at wingnut_collective [at]

And take care of yourself out there! (Find communities that value your self care!)

This first link has a bunch of great resources for people looking to read up on self care. The second link is for the Icarus project, which is a radical mental health organization with good resources and ideas on their website.


From the Mind(ful) Liberation Project out of Richmond, Virginia (samesies) here are lists of Hotlines and Warmlines for folks in crisis, or just needing support in some way. Mind(ful Liberation Project also does the RVA Peer Support Project, which we encourage folks to check out.

Hotlines & Warmlines

If there are any others you think need to be added to this please let us know!

Peer Support:

1-804-631-3124. A peer support line operated by Richmond’s Mindful Liberation Project, a chapter of the international Icarus Project. Confidential and anonymous hot/warmline. Entirely volunteer run, no professionals, no calling the police or forced hospitalization. Just peer support, now.

1-877-838-2838. The Vet2Vet Peer Support Hotline, run by the Kristen Brooks Hope Center. Peer support from veterans to veterans. The website also offers a live chat.

Depression/Suicide/Crisis Hotlines:

1-800-784-8433. A suicide prevention hotline run by the Kristen Brooks Hope Center.

1-800-784-2432. The Spanish Language version of the above suicide prevention hotline, with an attendant Spanish language website.

1-800-556-7326. A Korean crisis hotline also run by the Kristen Brooks Hope Center.

1-800-273-8255. A suicide prevention hotline run by the National Suicide Prevention LifelineHere is some information about when to call, what to expect when you call, and what resources are available when you call.

1-888-628-9454. A Spanish language version of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Eating Disorders Hotlines:

1-847-831-3438. A helpline run by the The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders. This is not a 24 hour hotline- they run on weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm central, or from 7:00am-3:00pm Eastern. They also invite you to contact them by e-mail, at They are not a crisis line: they’re a help line to help you find treatment.

Grief Support Hotlines:

1-650-321-5272. A grief support hotline run by the organization Kara.

LGBTQ Hotlines:

1-866-488-7386. An LGBTQ crisis hotline aimed principally at teenagers, run by The Trevor Project. They also run a live chat for people specifically not in a suicide crisis.

1-800-246-7743. A crisis line run by the GLBT National Help Center. This is not a 24 hour crisis line: their weekday hours are Monday-Friday, 1:00pm-9:00pm, Pacific, 4pm-Midnight, Eastern. Their Saturday hours are 9:00am-2:00pm, Pacific, and noon-5:00pm, Eastern. They don’t run on Sundays.

Post-Abortion Hotlines:

1-866-4394253. A pro-choice, non-judgemental post-abortion support hotline run by Exhale Pro-Voice.

Sexual Violence  and Sexual Health Hotlines:

1-800-656-4673. A sexual abuse crisis hotline operated by the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National NetworkHere is some information about when to call and what to expect, and access to the online hotline.

1-877-995-5247. The Department of Defense safe helpline. A sexual abuse crisis hotline operated by RAINN specifically for members of the Department of Defense. Their website includes access to a live chat.

1-800-227-8922. Center for Disease Control National AIDS/Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline. The hotline has a Spanish language option. TTY: 1-800-243-7889.

Veteran Hotlines:

1-800-273-8255, Press 1. Or, text 838255. A veteran’s crisis line run by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The Veteran’s Crisis Line website also links to a crisis chat.

1-877-838-2838. The Vet2Vet Peer Support Hotline, also run by the Kristen Brooks Hope Center. The website also offers a live chat.

Youth Specific, Domestic, and Runaway

1-877-968-8454. The Youth America Hotline for youth in crisis. Also run by the Kristen Brooks Hope Center.

1-800-786-2929. The National Runaway Hotline funded by the US Family and Youth Services Bureau.

1-800-799-7233. The National Domestic Violence Hotline. TTY: 1−800−787−3224

1-866-331-9474, or text “loveis” to 77054. The National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline. Their website also offers chat help. TTY: 1-866-331-845.

1-888-672-229. American Pregnancy Helpline, primarily geared towards teenagers and young adults.

1-800-843-5678. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children report line. This isn’t a helpline, but it is a way for you to report if you’ve seen a missing or exploited child.