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The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross wants to make people aware of a group that provides support for vegan prisoners. Part of theri suport involves working to get these prisoners access to vegan food. Another aspect is writing the prisoners letters. They have current addresses of people in prison on their website. We really encourage you to write letters to prisoners. If veganism is something you can relate to, maybe you can try one of these people.

Find out more on how to write letters to prisoners at our Letter Writing Workshop on August 17th. (more…)

If you are coming from out of town for the Richmond Zine Fest, or from Richmond, get together the Friday before to meet and hang out with zinesters!

So Friday October 15th from 6pm until bedtime!

This will be a potluck event held at the WIngnut which is a sober all ages space in Richmond.

It would be awesome if some folks wanted to read selections from their zines. Please email us at if you are interested in reading or playing music! (more…)

Its official!

The 2010 Richmond Zine Fest will be on October 16th at the Gay Community Center of Richmond which is attached to Diversity Thrift. It will be open from 11am until 5pm!

This is an all-ages free event to attend!! If you wish to rent a table please visit the registration section of our page,

We are also still looking for people to facilitate workshops during the zine fest.

Questions can be directed to

Get your zines finished!! See you there!

Come on out to the Wingnut on Tuesday August 17th at 7pm to learn how to write letters to people incarcerated in prison or jail. We will be focusing on people in Virginia prisons and jails, with a special focus on people from our community of Southern Barton Heights who are locked up.

We will provide addresses, paper, envelopes, and stamps. We will also provide information on how to write prisoners, guidelines, advice,etc.

This will also be a good opportunity to have general discussions about organizing around prisoners and prisons, and issues in Virginia that have recently come to light.

Feel free to bring snacks and friends to share!

Come to the Wingnut for an awesome house show on the 24th!!!

Dirty Fist! is banjo/accordion/fiddle all grrl two-piece touring from Gainesville, touring with the Damsels, a lady bluegrass duet from Olympia!

…Dirty Fist! consists of two really rad ladies from Gainesville, FL and they play warble-y American gypsy music on accordion, banjo, and violin. They tend to write about inter-personal relationships and are a great band to see live/hang out with!

The Damsels – bring you dueling harmonies swooning for you in a forgotten bluegrass styling!

The Wingnut is a sober space – absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed on you or in you!

OUr friend E String Al came over to the Wingnut yesterday with assorted coffee cans, soda cans, and buckets. We gathered about 8 or 9 interested kids, and Al showed everyone how to make drums, shakers, and beats. A lot of kids just wanted to be as loud as possible, but soon asked Al how to make beats work together. There was a lot of noise in the Wingnut! Luckily, everyone decided they would like to move outside and have a Kids’ parade. And so started the Barton Avenue Kids’ Parade. We are hoping to have more kids music days in the future and learn about more homemade instruments, but at least now when the Wingnut has house shows, the kids have their own instruments with which to participate.

Wingnut House Policies

No drinking, No drugs, No people intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

No Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Ageist, Classist, or Ableist language or actions. We support calling out of these actions. If you hear someone say something and you are not comfortable addressing it please let a Wingnut know.

We are busy people. We can’t spend too much time just hanging out, but folks are welcome to work on various projects with us. We love productivity.

If you want to bring a friend over, ask one of the Wingnuts before you do – especially if we have never met them before.

Please, if you are a guest, clean up after your mess. This means your dishes, glasses, craft supplies, legos, etc.

Do not feed the dogs without asking first. Please also do not throw toys for the dogs inside, thats what we have a backyard for.

Do not bring over other animals- dogs, cats, rats, etc. without checking first. This can disrupt our dogs and cause fights.

Help us conserve electricity. Turn out lights, fans, etc. when you leave rooms.

If you want to use the bathroom and don’t know about greywater systems, please ask.

If you see something dirty, you can clean it. We would appreciate that.

Please go to the link below to sign this petition in regards to the conditions at the Richmond City Jail. Inmates in the jail need better conditions immediately!

This letter is intended to put pressure on City officials in Richmond, VA to improve conditions in the city jail right now! There are things being done in the courts to improve conditions long-term, but there are 2 more months of hot summer left to go, and the current inmates can not wait that long to have a decision made. We hope you will sign this petition to insist everyday conditions improve IMMEDIATELY.

Just so you’re aware, your presence in and around our community, especially outside of our home on a daily basis, has not gone unnoticed. I suppose some sort of thanks should be in order for the increased harassment that has come to our doorstep… it lets us know that Southern Barton Heights Copwatch is bringing in positive results. Besides, the more time that you spend sitting in front of our house, shining lights in our windows, and blasting us with your sirens, is less time that you’re spending doing the same to other members of our community. Whether or not your continued contact with us has to do with us being more proactive in our watching and recording of your officers, or is simply due to our increased visibility in the community, or even if it is because you have absolutely nothing better to be doing than (ineffectively) flexing your authoritative power at people who have done nothing against the law… we’ll go ahead and give you an update.

We will not be intimidated.
We will continue to be vigilant and relentless with our taping of officers in this and other neighborhoods.
We are not going anywhere. (more…)

Many of you who live in Southern Barton Heights may have seen some of the Wingnuts and other folks in the neighborhood out watching the cops on a pretty regular basis.  For those of you who we haven’t yet had the opportunity to talk with about what we’re doing, here’s a little bit of information about copwatch in general and Southern Barton Heights Cop Watch in specific.  If you’d like to get involved, do so!  Or if you have questions about how to get involved or what you can do to help, email us or stop by the Wingnut.

What is copwatch?
Copwatch is a decentralized network of autonomous organizations spread all over the country.  The purpose of a copwatch group is to monitor and document police activity, with the intention of helping to prevent police misconduct and police brutality.

Southern Barton Heights Copwatch is still in its formative stages, but we do our best to be a highly visible, monitoring presence to as much police activity in our area as we can.  We use such tactics as video taping, camera phones, and note taking to document police activity.

Who can do copwatch?
Anyone can do copwatch!  Any time you see the police stopping someone or interacting with members of our community, grab a camera, video camera, pen and paper, and document what you see.  Try to grab a friend or another person to watch the cops with you, it’s safer.