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Another program that we would like to get going at the WIngnut would be some sort of tutoring or homework help for kids in our neighborhood.

We need ideas for how to do the outreach for something like this.

Also any stories, comments, etc. from other people’s experiences trying similar things would be cool.

We’ve been thinking about maybe starting to have some open hours at the Wingnut where neighbors can come by to get some basic first aid/EMT level medical help.

We all know that healthcare is a huge problem, and that there are tons of folks who can not afford any level of medical care. And we think that instead of counting on the government we should take care of each other.

Mo is an EMT with a couple years experience.
Maybe also incorporating some folks with knowledge of herbs?
Anyone with any ideas, medical supplies, herbal supplies, etc. please let us know if you want to be involved.

This isn’t something that is going to happen right away, but if we start planning it might eventually happen.

Black And Gold Movie Screening

Come on over the The Wingnut on Monday March 1st at 7pm to watch the documentary Black And Gold: The Story of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation.
Feel free to bring food/drinks/snacks to share and we will probably have some too (just keep in mind that the Wingnut is a sober space). Bring friends too!
Not a big deal, just casual hanging out and watching a new movie Mo just got.

About the Film:

In 1994, the Latin Kings–the largest and most powerful street gang in New York–became the Latin King and Queen Nation. They claimed to have abandoned their criminal past and to be following in the footsteps of the Black Panthers and the Young Lords. (more…)

These are some of the projects we want to do in the near future at the Wingnut. If you want to help out with any of them, please let us know.

Chimney fix – We need a new liner for the chimney so we can use it next winter for heat
Wood stove- We need this to go with the Chimney!
Insulation- for the attic and in the crawl space
New back porch- We want to rebuild the back porch- see other posts. This is gonna take a lot of lumber!
Permit for porch roof- We want to tear dow the old porch and rebuild it one floor higher
Solar panels- These could really help in terms of long term stability and sustainability and we have really good sunlight to place solar panels in (more…)

After an already busy day, including fence and gate repair and Food Not Bombs, us Wingnuts enjoyed some veggie dogs over our newly finished fire pit. Then we set off to our corner store with shovels, rakes, trashbags, and wildflower seeds. Our street has no trashcans, but a lot of people use it as the path to and from the North Avenue Market. So there is a bunch of trash. We’ve picked it up before, but this time we went to a further spot from our house, right next to the store. We filled 2 giant bags with litter. Then we tilled up the dirt with shovels and planted some wildflower seeds. I hope they grow!

Eric, Johnny Ray, Jeremy and I are pretty danged pooped now. Gonna read and sleep personally, looks like they are gonna stay up with the fire.

Here is a list of people killed by the state we are compiling in order to turn into a Memorial Mural at the Wingnut this Spring.
We will unveil the mural and have a ceremony and cookout on Memorial Day- May 31, 2010.
Please help us add to the list so we can include more people from a variety of communities.

Anyone who wants to help with the mural should contact us so we can start planning.
Anyone who wants to help gather wood, paint, etc. to make smaller individual memorials should get in touch too.
If anyone has an idea for a statement or prayer or something they would like to read at the ceremony please let us know.

Anyone in contact with the families of any of these individuals should let us know.

Also, we are looking for musicians for the day. So if you have any music that might be particularly appropriate, or just have fun acoustic music you think we might like let us know.

People Killed By The State
List in Progress

Fred Hampton
Oscar Grant (more…)

Johnny Ray and I just got 4 black berry bushes, a raspberry bush, 2 grape plants, and some aloe vera plants. It is so nice and sunny today we are gonna plant some future food!

We also got enough cement and mortar to finish the fire pit in the backyard.

And enough jars to finish canning the apple butter Jeremy made!

Productivity at the Wingnut- longterm plans getting started! And Spaghetti Dinner Tonight!

This Spring we will be gardening the front yard at The Wingnut. Both as a move towards self sufficiency and as a promotion of Food Not Lawns and DIY culture.

We also want to possibly do some gardening workshops for free in our neighborhood. Anyone with gardening skills they would like to share should contact us.

If anyone has Sunflower seeds- those are really good for lead remediation and for making our neighborhoods look nice. While we are huge fans of edible plants, any flowers/ferns/cacti/etc. will still be put to good use.

We are not expert gardeners by any means. Any help with planning the garden, or donations of seeds and plants will be received with open arms.
Things we wan to grow:
Lavender (more…)

Today was Free Day

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Today was an amazing day where the Wingnut received an incredible amount of Free Stuff.

Things really awesome people donated:

Stove, Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Trash Compactor, and Dishwasher

A ton of Craft Supplies for Craft Night

A Hammer Drill and a Sawsall

A ton of food from dumpsters!!

We feel really, really lucky to have received this much support. And we plan to keep working our tails off on community organizing and activism and building friendships and hopefully family. We really appreciate the donations, they will be put to good use and allow us to complete so many more projects.

Thank you and keep it comin!

As you may have heard, the Wingnut is having a cookout/potluck party on Memorial Day. But we do not want to celebrate a typical memorial day.

What we want to do with this event is make it a Memorial Party for people who have been murdered by the State. We will try to come up with a list of names of folks who have been killed in the US by the FBI, Police, etc. We can use your help compiling this list.

Two possible options: That we will paint a mural with a list of those names during the open house, or that we will just unveil the mural at the party. Let us know what you think would be appropriate/make sense etc.

Here is one example of a person murdered by the State: (more…)