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Just a note- if you are interested in reading any sections of the Richmond Police Department documents that Richmond Copwatch has gotten copies of and you don’t want to print them yourself or read them on a computer, you can come by the Wingnut during Open Hours to read our copy.
These documents are not available for checkout, but one of our couches will be available for sitting on. Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm

The Wingnut’s Approaching Apocalypse Zine Collection is now available online for searching purposes. So far we have over 200 zines in our database. We have many more that we need to add to the database.

We have 2 collections on our – one is the regular library of radical books, and the other is the zine collection. You can search by title, author, and subject tag.

Our zines are not available for checking out but they are available to read and look at during Wingnut Open Hours- Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm.
We have a huge selection of subject matter- including health, DIY, transportation, sex, sexism, feminism, sexual assault, herbs, queer, gender, anarchist theory, class, personal, comic, local Richmond/Virginia etc.

If you would like to have your zine included in our collection, please mail a copy to The Wingnut 2005 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222.

What better time than the long cold winter for some self reflection, writing, research, and art? Come to the Wingnut on January 12th at 7pm during Open Hours to hang out, drink tea, eat cookies, and work on zines!

Zines are independent published documents frequently associated with DIY (Do It Yourself), punk, and various other subcultures. Some zines are comics, some are art, some have photos, some are personal stories, some are political, and some are informative. You can make your zine however you want to. They come in all shapes and sizes and styles.

There will be people available to give you advice and help with your zines. We will also have a variety of important zine materials available- from staplers to sharpies. We will also have the Approaching Apocalypse Zine Collection available for people to browse and get ideas from!

The Richmond Zine Fest won’t be until next fall, but making a zine now is a good way to stay a part of a zine community all year long!

Today we added 16 New Titles to the Wingnut Radical Lending Library!
You can come by during Open Hours to check out our growing collection.
Open Hours are Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm.
You can also search our entire library online at

Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures, 1960s to Now by Dara Greenwald
Only a Beginning: An Anarchist Anthology by Allan Antliff
Education for Action, 4E by Joan Powell
Making Stuff and Doing Things by Kyle Bravo (more…)

Here are links to PDFs of various Manuals, General Orders, and Protocols of the Richmond Police Department. You can check them out for a better understanding of what the police are and are not supposed to be doing. This can help with fully understanding your rights, as well as when engaged in activities such as copwatching. It is important for citizens to know when cops are breaking their own rules so we can hold them accountable.

We are also posting this information as a permanent resource page at the top of our blog.

The Wingnut used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to get these documents from the Richmond Police Department. We scanned all 595 pages (at no small cost to our sanity), and are posting them online to save others the time and money (about 82 dollars in this case) required to get the documents. However, if you find this information to be useful, please feel free to make a donation to the Wingnut. We have a paypal button on this blog, and can also accept checks written to Moriah Karn and mailed to 2005 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23222 or cash donations in person.

The Freedom of Information Act is a policy which is Federal, but also exists in most states and localities. It means that if you can figure out what department to ask for information from, you can get the government to give you information not otherwise available. From inter-office emails, to lab reports, to manuals, or even one’s own FBI files, FOIA is a very useful tool for everyone.

This website has information about the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, and who at the City of Richmond to contact:

Depending on the agency you are requesting information from, there will be different fees associated with your FOIA request. (more…)

The Richmond Times Dispatch covered the Really Really Free Market, which fell on Christmas day this month. Check out their preview article here:

Free Market Planned For Christmas Day In Richmond

The follow up article they wrote after visiting the Really Really Free Market on Christmas Day is here:

Free Market Draws Dedicated Group In Monroe Park

Full articles after the break


Know Your Rights Training with nice folks from the East Atlanta Copwatch Group!

Tuesday January 4th at 7pm at the Wingnut (2005 Barton Avenue)

Free Training!

804 303 5449

RVA Radicalendar Meeting!

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The RVA Radicalendar is an online calendar for activists.

It originated at the Wingnut, in what was at first an expansion of the Wingnut calendar. Its potential to include events from and be available to the whole city became apparent, and after a few strained attempts at combining the house and community calendars the RVA Radicalendar became its own project.

The RVA Radicalendar attempts to bridge some of the gaps and encourage new connections between activists and groups motivated by social justice in the city. In addition to having up-to-date event information, it provides a resource to connect those who want to help in our community with causes actively seeking extra hands.

If you’re interested in this project and want to help build it, share it, contribute content, maintain the site or calendar, expand its functionality, help with its paper incarnation(!!!), or bring anything else to the table, please come to the RVA Radicalendar Meeting, here at the Wingnut on Wednesday, January 5th at 7:00pm.

Event info here:



Ring in 2011 with the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross during a solidarity noise demo at the Richmond City Jail!

Friday December 31st at 11:30pm at 1600 Oliver Hill Way!

Our intention is to show solidarity with prisoners locked behind those walls, and also as an act of solidarity with people incarcerated and struggling against incarceration throughout the world. This action is an attempt to break the isolation between inside and outside the prison walls.

Bring your voice, whistles, drums, pots and pans, musical instruments, and other noise makers! Count down to a new year of struggle against the prison industrial complex. We want a new year without prisons, without the institutionalized slavery of prisons, and without the racist and classist institutions that proactively oppress and lock up our friends.

Make New Year’s Eve meaningful by letting people incarcerated know that they are not forgotten. Inside the Richmond City Jail are our friends, families, and neighbors. Even if you do not know someone locked up personally, the mere fact of so many members of our communities being incarcerated does have an effect on your life.

The Richmond City Jail is a notoriously overcrowded and unsafe place. Sheriff Woody takes more pride in cutting costs than in the actual care given to inmates. Adequate heating, cooling, water, medical care, and programs are simply not provided. The conditions are dangerous. There have been 4 reported deaths in 2010 alone. (more…)

If you missed the Anarchists Against The Wall event at the Wingnut this past Monday you can hear some of the presentation on our friend Kontra’s radio show and blog!

Weekly Sedition Anarchists Against The Wall From Israel to Richmond With Love

From Kontra’s blog:

Gal Lugassi comes all the way from Tel Aviv to talk about Anarchists Against the Wall, the Israeli direct action group that actively supports the Palestinian struggle against the Gaza and West Bank barrier walls. (more…)