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New Food Not Bombs stickers arrived in the mail this week! With a new central graphic and now including the Food Not Bombs email in addition to the myspace address.  Thanks to Eric for putting this together!


The actual stickers are bubblegum pink, not hot pink. Come on out to Food Not Bombs any Sunday to pick one up!

Today the Commonwealth Times, VCU’s student ‘news’paper included another article about the Monroe Park Renovations.

The article incorrectly calls the IWW the International Workers of the World- they clearly mean the Industrial Workers of the World, a local branch of the international radical union.

The inclusion of interviews is definitely a positive aspect, but the amount of misinformation also in the article is frustrating. The article seems to give VCU more credit in the renovation planning than is due, while mostly overlooking the role of the Monroe Park Advisory Council. The plans also, do not as this article states, include the plan to fence and gate off the park post-renovation.

In fact, the main concern of Food Not Bombs and the Wingnut Anarchist Collective for the immediate future is the part of the plan to fence off the entire park for the whole length of renovations, 18 months or more. BOth organizations are demanding that a section of the park be left open and accessible to the public at all times during the renovations- at least 25% of the almost 8 acre park.

Monroe Park Renovations Stir Emotions

Channel 8 news aired a piece tonight in response to Todd Woodson’s  inaccurate post on – Unfortunately the news coverage did little to correct the many errors and problems in Todd’s original post.

While they had the opportunity to show both sides of this issue, Rochelle Dean, or some editor at Channel 8 news clearly decided not to. Rochelle Dean actually contacted Food Not Bombs today, and came to the Wingnut to interview Eric Scott about this situation. She recorded a lengthy interview with him, and then also engaged in conversation about the issue with 2 bystanders. Eric got about 10 seconds in the actual news coverage, while Todd Woodson received much more.

Todd Woodson is only mentioned in this ‘news’ piece as an Oregon Hill resident, not a member of the Monroe Park Advisory Council, the group pushing for a particular set of renovation plans that are clearly part of a gentrification agenda. That would pretty clearly be a relevant aspect to mention in this story.

Also, the fact that the time stamp on Todd’s photos does not match the day he says he was there, as mentioned in a previous Wingnut post, was not included in Channel 8’s story. That discrepancy deserves acknowledgement. (more…)

The Really Really Free Market for the month of December falls on December 25th, since that is the last Saturday of the month. At the November Really Really Free Market everyone talked it over and decided that yes, we would like to have the really really free market at the usual time, date, and place, despite it falling on a christian holiday.

In fact it seems like it could be a nice opportunity to being together folks who are not interested in celebrating Christmas, for whatever reasons- personal, political, religious, etc. We can do something fun and positive on that day, but something which clearly is not about celebrating Christmas.

Since many stores and restaurants will be closed because of the holiday, we are also encouraging people to treat this like a potluck- bring a dish to share if you can, preferabbly something labeled so folks with specific dietary needs or allergies can participate too! If you can’t come but want to contribute a dish please contact the Wingnut.

Please help make fliers, distribute handbills, and post online to advertise for the next Really Really Free Market!

Richmond Really Really Free Market Handbill

Richmond Really Really Free Market Flier

Saturday December 25th from 12noon til 3pm! Corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park.  Bring clothes, toys, games, books, etc. to share and give away, come get the same for absolutely free!

Unlike traditional Christmas, all the gifts at the Really Really Free Market are FREE and come with no strings attached and no expectations of reciprocity!

If you can’t make it you can bring your donations by the Wingnut at 2005 Barton Avenue and leave them on the front porch, or call ahead (804) 303 5449

On Page A7 of this week’s edition of the Richmond Free Press, Bob Powell writes an article called: Misconceptions about Monroe Park – Real Problems: Unemployment, lack of affordable housing. Powell touches on relevant issues including, racism, and classism.

Richmond Free Press Article on Monroe Park

Just a reminder thatthe November Really Really Free Market is going to be tomorrow from noon til 3pm at the corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park!
If you want to help advertise for the Really Really Free Market, you can download and print a new handbill here:

Richmond Really Really Free Market Handbill

Bring things you no longer want or need to share tomorrow! We also just got about 10 bags of clothes donated by the Books, Bikes and Beyond Thrift Store, so thanks a lot! Come pick up some free stuff- it is way more awesome than buying it.

Some more fliers for your downloading pleasure!

Richmond Food Not Bombs Flier

Wingnut Open Hours Flier

If A Cop Tries to Talk to You

2 Fliers about the police are now available for download.

Talk To Neighbors Not To Cops

Beware Cops Are A Gang

Here are 4 more fliers and pamphlets available for folks to download and print!

Monroe Park Campaign Petition

Monroe Park Campaign Fliers

Richmond Anarchist Black Cross Trifold Pamphlet

Anarchists Against the Wall Tour Comes to Richmond

We have a new ‘page’ on the Wingnut Blog!! Fliers and Literature- Download and Share!
You can find this page at the top of the blog. We have about 7 different fliers and pamphlets available as of right now, with more to come. This new page will enable others to more easily print and distribute literature that they are interested in. From Copwatch to the Really Really Free Market to Queer issues, there will be frequent updates to this section. Feel free to borrow the content and images as long as they are not being used to promote authoritarian, hierarchical, exploitative or oppressive behavior or ideas.

In making fliers for various activities and ideas we have realized that there are just not very many templates or examples of radical fliers available online. So we have decided to make a bunch of different fliers and pamphlets available for download. That way other people and organizations can borrow any images, ideas, etc. that they can find useful. Hopefully this will save folks some time and energy and keep radicals and anarchists from always having to completely reinvent the wheel!

These will be based off of uploads on , which is a really awesome resource for radical zines and fliers. You can do general subject searches on zine library to find radical material from around the world. We are just posting things originating from us (The Wingnuts) or our friends in Richmond!

Richmond Copwatch Trifold Pamphlet

Monroe Park Campaign Trifold Pamphlet

Wingnut Anarchist Collective Pamphlet

Richmond Food Not Bombs Pamphlet (more…)