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Richmond Copwatch is holding its first ever fundraiser next Saturday October 1st.Please come out so we can raise funds to buy new cameras and other necessary equipment.

It will be a Smash-a-que – which means we will be asking for donations for people to take swings at a “Richmond Cop Car Number 187”. We will provide safety goggles and gloves, and a sledgehammer with which to take swings at the cop car. We are asking for a 5 dollar donation per swing, with a larger donation for parts of the car like the windshield.

We will be holding the Smash-A-Que at the corner of West Graham and North Avenue, next door to  the Goal Post and across the street from the North Avenue Market.  We will start at 5pm, and keep going until that car is crushed.

Food will be sold next door at the Goal Post Restaurant during our event. We encourage people to support a local business and buy some food from Ms. Dot.

We will also be projecting the film These Streets Are Watching, which is about Copwatch organizations across the country. We will have a table with literature about Copwatch in Richmond and how to get involved.

On Saturday April 9 we had the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry. The Central VA Food Bank brought food to the neighborhood and the Wingnut and a few volunteers handed out food.

Of 175 vouchers given out, 112 were brought to the event and 68 people joined us without a voucher.

Those who attended represented 187 Seniors in our area, 213 children, and 267 adults.

In addition to distributing food at the Mobile Food Pantry, we have started to deliver food to those elders or disabled people in our area for whom coming out and carrying about three grocery bags packed full of food is too burdensome. We made 7 deliveries this month.

The total amount of those represented was 667 people.

Vouchers for the May food pantry were given to anyone who had already been delivered a voucher for April. Those without vouchers were added to the May delivery list; anyone within the delivery range will be given a voucher. Those who fall outside of it (again) will be contacted to pick one up after residents of Southern Barton Heights and the surrounding area receive theirs.

For information on how to start a Mobile Food Pantry in your area, contact Warren Hammonds ( of the Central VA Food Bank. It’s very easy to start one! All you need are a location, volunteers to hand out the food, and a method for voucher distribution: here we deliver, but other groups distribute them via faith centers, community service and neighborhood associations, or other organizations.

To get a voucher for the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry, just give us a call at (804) 303-5449 and we’ll put you on our voucher delivery list!

Here are the Wingnut Events (so far) For the month of September! We are also including other events that are happening throughout the city of Richmond. We would like to do this every month. So if you are putting on radical or anarchist events please let us know so we can include your events on a more comprehensive calendar!

Wednesday the 1st, 7pm- Zine Work Group- Come plan and work on your zines/ home made publications (Wingnut)
Saturday the 4th, 4pm- Richmond Earth First Meeting (Monroe Park, Corner of Main and Belvidere)
Sunday the 5th, 10am Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 5th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)

Sunday the 5th, 1pm- Food Not Bombs Monthly Meeting
Wednesday the 8th, 6pm – Richmond Industrial Workers of the World Meeting (Flying Brick Library)
Wednesday the 8th, 7pm- Craft Night (Wingnut)
Saturday the 11th, 1pm- Mobile Food Pantry in Southern Barton Heights (Parking Lot next to Goal Post)
Saturday the 11th, 5pm- Propaganda, Psychology and Objectivity Workshop (The Black Hand)
Sunday the 12th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 12th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)
Tuesday the 14th, 7pm- Security Culture Workshop (Wingnut)
Thursday the 16th, 3pm- Cooking with FNB for Rephrame Forum event (Wingnut)
Thursday the 16th, 5:30-7:30pm- REPHRAME Community Forum (Sixth Mount Zion Church)
Sunday the 19th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)

Sunday the 19th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)

Monday the 20th, 7pm- Richmond Transit Riders Union Meeting (Ghostprint Gallery)
Tuesday the 21st, 6:30pm- Southern Barton Heights Community Association Meeting (Goal Post)
Wednesday the 22nd, 7pm- Craft Night, Anarchist Black Cross make anti-death penalty signs (Wingnut)
Thursday the 23rd, 4-6pm- Death Penalty Protest with the Anarchist Black Cross (1111 West Broad Street)
Saturday the 25th, 12-3pm- Really Really Free Market and Potluck [Tea Party at 2pm] (Monroe Park, corner of Main and Laurel)
Saturday the 25th, 12-6pm- Goal Post Community Day (Goal Post, North Avenue)
Sunday the 26th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 26th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)
Monday the 27th, 7pm- Copwatch Meeting (Wingnut)

Vouchers are now available at the Wingnut for the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry. This event will be held on Saturday July 10th at 12 noon at the corner of North Avenue and West Graham, in the parking lot next to the Goal Post.

We only have 100 vouchers, so 100 people will be guaranteed food.

If you know of people in the Southern Barton Heights area who could use some extra food please let us know so we can get them vouchers. If you know people who have different mobility levels and might need us to bring them the food on that day please let us know so we can do our best to accomodate people of many different abilities.

You can call the Wingnut at 804 303 5449 or stop by 2005 Barton Avenue for a voucher.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective has organized with the Food Bank of Virginia to bring the Mobile Food Pantry to Southern Barton Heights. This will be  a monthly event, where the Food Bank brings food for about 100 households. Each person will receive groceries ranging from canned goods to bread to produce to meat to toiletries.

It will be on the second Saturday of each month at 12 noon at the Parking lot next to the Goal Post at 2400 North Avenue. There will be vouchers for 100 people. Any additional people will be served as food is available.

If you know anyone in the Southern Barton Heights Area who needs more food, please get in contact with us so we can get them a voucher. Especially if you are aware of people with limitations on mobility please let us know so we can reserve and deliver food to them.  Call 804 303 5449 or stop by 2005 Barton Avenue.

Volunteers are needed to show up around 11am to help set up the tables and food, and then help organize the distribution. The Southern Barton Heights Community Association is partnering with the Wingnut on this program. They will be assisting in the maintenance of the parking lot, which the Goal Post is graciously allowing us to use.  Hopefully folks from the Southern Barton Heights Community Association will also help with the distribution of food- they are certainly welcome to.

Don’t forget- tomorrow Tuesday the 15th is the Southern Barton Heights Community Association Meeting at 6:30 at the Goal Post Restaurant at 2400 North Avenue!

Hope to see you and lots of our neighbors there!

email any questions to

The Wingnuts went to the Southern Barton Heights Community Association meeting last night at the Goal Post on North Avenue. It was really great to meet with all of our neighbors again. We have a really fun and loving community association. We are happy to be a part of it.

Unfortunately one of the longer portions of the meeting involved hearing reports from a cop from the 4th Precinct. Even though there had not been much crime at all in Southern Barton Heights, his presentation was lengthy. I’ve never understood why so many community associations insist on a police report being one of the main sections of their meetings. It seems to simply inspire fear. One of the things that he told everyone about was a person who was wanted by the police. Because apparently the police thought he might have had a gun, and instead of asking him first (he might have had a conceal carry permit for all they knew) they TACKLED him. Imagine how surprised you would be if anyone just tackled you out of the blue. I seriously question if this person realized right away that it was a cop that tackled him. Anyways, he was wrestling with his attacker (who happened to be a cop) and then ended up on top. He hit the cop with the butt of his gun and then ran off, probably because he realized it was a cop. It seemed to me that this situation was an example of police brutality, and not of anything positive for the community.

One of the other main issues people brought up to the cop was prostitution. Apparently there are a lot of folks in Southern Barton Heights who spend a good amount of energy snitching on people that they suspect of being drug dealers and prostitutes. This seems like it is really counter productive, and likely involves a good amount of racism. Who is it that they are suspecting of prostitution and drug dealing, and why. And is calling the cops actually a good solution to this in our community? Probably Not. It seems like we need to have more community dialogue about what it is that people perceive of as the problem with sex workers (it falls into the category of victimless crime) and what would be more effective and positive solutions to the particular things that folks view as the problem with sex workers. Prohibition does not work, and landing more people in jail is not a solution to the problem. It just stops the situation.

Southern Barton Heights has a lot of good energy, and a lot of residents who clearly care about the area and their neighbors. But that does not mean we always know the best solution. If we want to build a more positive and inclusive neighborhood, we will probably need to do more thinking outside of the box. And obviously folks will have to do  lot less snitching.

The next two Southern Barton Heights Community Association Meetings will be June 15th and July 20th at 6:30 pm at the Goal Post Restaurant at 2400 North Avenue. (more…)

Hey Yall

This is a reminder that we are having another Southern Barton Heights Community Association Meeting a week from today on Tuesday May 18th at 6:30 at the Goal Post Restaurant on North Avenue.

The Goal Post Restaurant and Lounge 2400 North Avenue

Topic: Developing a Strategy for Neighborhood Growth and Improvement

Special Guest: Candice Streett, Executive Director, Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Tell your neighbors and lets have a big and productive meeting! Don’t forget to bring your dues if you are not yet a member. Come hear about community plans for the upcoming months!