Wingnut Disclaimer

Here’s a few disclaimers for potential visitors of the Wingnut.  They aren’t meant to scare you off, just to make you aware of our situational reality.  They’ve been posted in the foyer of the house, but having them on the internet also is probably a good idea.

Disclaimer 1:
The house is under heavy police surveillance, and we are operating under the assumption that the house is bugged and all of our phones are tapped.

For this reason, it is IMPERATIVE that guests and visitors do not possess, do, or talk about ANYTHING illegal while on these premises.  This is for your safety as well as our own.


-The Wingnuts

Disclaimer 2 (aka ohcrapthepigsareherewhatdoido???!?!)

Because this house is under intense police scrutiny, we operate under the assumption that we could be raided or served with a bogus warrant at any time.  In the event of one of these things happening, we have a few simple things we’d like to ask you to do.- Our first priority is the safety of the dogs.  Please PICK THEM UP if you are physically capable of doing so.  If you aren’t, try to make sure that they are well restrained.  Laying over them with your arms around their necks is good.

– Second:  DO NOT RESIST or be hostile towards the police.  Doing so would greatly compromise our legal position.

– Third:  Verbally and repeatedly DO NOT CONSENT to any searches.

– Fourth: DO NOT TALK.  Do not engage the police in ANY conversation if you are not being arrested.  If you are arrested, say ONLY “I am going to remain silent, I would like to speak to a lawyer.”  Then SHUT UP.  If you think you’re about to say something smart, you’re about to say something stupid.

– Fifth:  If all of the residents of the house are arrested, but you aren’t, please call (804) 814-0673 or (804) 537-5748 or (540) 474-3773 to arrange care for our dogs AND call (804) 577-7656 or (804) 519-8724 to start the legal support process.

-Sixth- Call Our Lawyers: Tom Roberts and Associates (804) 783-2000

And remember:
You can jail a revolutionary, but you can’t jail the revolution

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