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Starting in December the Wingnut Anarchist Collective will be doing a produce distribution on Wednesday and Friday at 8am each week.

This is a first come, first serve deal, and not going to be facilitated,  cause we have to run off to work many mornings. Please just take what you need. Some weeks we will be holding back produce as well, in order to do solidarity catering for events such as the Transgender Day of Remembrance or Virginia People’s Assembly, or just the usual Sunday Food Not Bombs (depending on what will keep).

We have started doing this for our neighbors, but frankly have so much produce that it doesn’t all get taken!

If you come take produce please consider helping out by either cleaning the distribution area and taking some empty boxes and trash with you, or making a cash donation to help cover fuel and vehicle maintenance.


If you have a vehicle and would be interested in helping us bring produce from several other locations here for distribution please be in touch!

It is getting cold outside, and we have had a lot of our friends and neighbors ask us if we had any clothes to give away right now. We periodically get donations and distribute them in our neighborhood. But right now we don’t have any- help us fix that problem!!!

We have a lot of low-income, in recovery, on fixed income, young and elderly neighbors who could use a boost this time of year! Any nice clothing/blankets/pillows/books can bring cheer!

If you or your company has anything nice that we could distribute to low income families this December we would be happy to facilitate that. For instance, hygeine kits, flowers, baked goods, books, movies, etc. When its so cold out many low income folks don’t have much to do in the way of entertainment.

Please bring your gently used and clean clothing, shoes, blankets, socks, and coats to the Wingnut Anarchist Collective at 2005 Barton Avenue.

We will be accepting donations for the entire month of December!

Please drop them off anytime, if no one is home you can leave them on our front porch under the roof so as to be protected by the weather.

If you have spare bikes, bike parts, broken bikes, etc. please donate them to the Wingnut Anarchist Collective.
We have a program in place where bikes are repaired/built and then redistributed at no cost to kids, undocumented immigrants, recently unincarcerated individuals, and low income folks in general.
If anyone can donate bike locks that would be amazing, we want the folks who get the bikes to be able to keep them secured.

You can call us or email us to have bikes picked up, or drop them off at our collective.

any amount of bikes and bike parts and tool and locks helps!

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective has been organizing a monthly Mobile Food Pantry with the Central Virginia Food Bank for almost 3 years now, where we get food to around 200 households in Southern Barton Heights. It is an act of solidarity that we can do, which only takes 3-5 hours a month to do and organize, which has a tangible benefit to members of this community.

For April we served 167 households, (14 of which were deliveries we did to folks who are elderly/disabled/or stuck at work).

out of those households we had 197 Adults, 78 Seniors, and 174 Children. So over 400 people in our community got a little extra food in April.

We do the Mobile Food Pantry on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1pm in the parking lot at the corner of North Ave. and West Graham. Volunteers help us set it up at 12 noon.

Folks who are on our distribution list are guaranteed food, we also serve food to walkups who aren’t on our voucher list as long as there is food to go round.

The Richmond Police Department, like most police departments, routinely breaks the law, behaves in racist ways, and engages in acts of brutality against the public.

In the past week we have seen or heard of 3 incidents of police brutality. Anyone with video footage of police brutality is highly encouraged to email us a copy or a link at

Anyone who wants tips on how to copwatch or on your rights when dealing with the police is also encouraged to get in touch. The Wingnut Anarchist Collective started Richmond Copwatch about 3 years ago. We no longer have a formal Copwatch organization (though if you are interested let us know), but we still have the capacity to host workshops, come to you and your organization with a workshop, and of course to observe and record the police in Richmond and every where we go.

Here is a link to a story about an incident that occurred in Gilpin Court, a nearby neighborhood:

We have also heard that a man in Southern Barton Heights was beaten up by the police this week, and some of us were a witness to a man getting tazed at Harrison and Grace St. on Saturday night.

If you have video or pictures of the police tazing, beating, harassing, stop and frisking, etc. please send it to us! The more people who watch and record the police on a regular basis the less bullshit they can get away with. These are our neighborhoods, let’s take them back from the biggest most violent gang in Richmond- the Police Department.

Join the Wingnut Anarchist Collective!

For a little over 3 years, the Wingnut Anarchist Collective has existed and consisted only of people who live at the Wingnut house in Southern Barton Heights.

Not only has this restriction of membership been restraining the growth of our organization, but it has been ignoring the many contributions to various projects from people who don’t live at the house. Well, we’re tired of shooting ourselves in the foot, and not empowering people to participate and organize with us!

We want to give credit where credit is due, and organize, as anarchists, with people who can’t for whatever reason, live in the Wingnut house.

To this end, we are separating the household aspects of our collective from the political ones, and opening the collective up to people who identify as anarchists and want to organize with us in this space. Folks who live at the Wingnut house will still have veto power over how many and what type of events are hosted at 2005 Barton Avenue, and residents will still be paying the mortgage and utility bills. The change will be that non-residents can identify as members of the Wingnut, organize events in the space, and help expand existing programs and develop new ones.

Some of the things we have done in the past include: hold Memorial Day bbq’s In Memory of People Who Were Murdered by the State, started Copwatch, facilitated Copwatch and Know Your Rights trainings, distributed anarchist literature, held demonstrations outside of the Richmond City Jail, hosted zine readings, hosted political plays, hosted anarchist speakers and presentations, hosted puppet shows, hosted musical acts, held potlucks, screened political movies and fun movies, held craft nights, playing games with kids, distributed a Wingnut newsletter, created anarchist literature, etc.

Some of the projects we are currently engaged in include: hosting Food Not Bombs every Sunday, the monthly Mobile Food Pantry in Southern Barton Heights, starting the SMART Recovery sobriety group, organizing with the neighborhood association, organizing the Wingnut Radical Lending Library, Southern Barton Heights FNB Grocery Distribution, etc.

Some of the things we would be interested in doing/expanding in the future include: self care workshops, consent workshops, mediation trainings, sobriety support, increasing volunteer support of Open Hours of the space and radical lending library, woodshop open hours, screenprinting workshops, collaborative zines, etc.

Some of our core values include: consent, creating a safer space, anti-oppression work, respecting pronouns and identities, accountability, supporting the growth and education of members, maintaining a sober space, etc.

If you would like to be involved and join the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, we will be holding the first meeting of the political collective on January 28th.

We are putting the word out ahead of time so that there will be plenty of time for people to come talk to the current Wingnut Residents (Dave, Eris, and Mo) about what we are thinking, how this might look, etc.

We are generally thinking that we would have monthly meetings of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective to make decisions and plan events, an email listserv thing, and our mission statement/principles to guide us. We would also like to develop some expectations of participation, so that everyone

We welcome folks who identify as anarchists and are willing to organize around those principles and our core values. We would like to develop things like a Mission Statement and Principles or something similar as a political organizing group.

From the Southern Barton Heights Community Association

The Southern Barton Heights Community Association is organizing a Community Trash Clean up day!

We will be getting pick-up sticks and trash bags from the city and meeting at 3pm at the corner of Poe St. and Lamb Ave. (in front of Triumphant Baptist Church where are monthly meetings are held).

Please bring your neighbors and help us clean up a section of the neighborhood and spend time with eachother.

We plan to be out there for 2 hours, so dress to stay warm!

We will focus on the areas of Barton Avenue, Lamb Avenue, and the alley between. The more people who come out the more we can get done!

We will organize the next Community Trash Cleaup Day at our December meeting on Tuesday Dec. 11th at 6:30 pm at Triumphant Baptist Church.

For more information please call 804 300 0023 email or check online at

We have 2 videos of the September 11th, 2012 meeting of the Barton Heights Community Association.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective films and makes available the video as a matter of public record, and to help folks who can’t make the meetings stay aware of the issues going on. The Barton Heights Community Association is not the same thing as the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, we are just members.

At the meeting we forgot to announce at the beginning that we were video recording, and why, and where it was going to be placed, and to give folks the option to opt out. We are sorry for this oversight, and will announce at future meetings, and not video record folks who do not wish to be recorded.

Since Community Associations act as representative bodies for their neighborhoods, we do think that folks have a right to know what goes on at the meetings, even if they can’t make it due to work or school.

The next Barton Heights Community Association Meeting will be on Tuesday October 9th at 6:30pm at Triumphant Baptist Church at Lamb Ave. and Poe St. We use the basement entrance located on the parking lot side of the building.

Barton Heights Community Association Meeting 9/11/12 from WingnutAnarchistCollective on Vimeo.

Barton Heights Community Association Meeting 9/11/12 Part 2 from WingnutAnarchistCollective on Vimeo.

We have just confirmed the venue for the Barton Heights Community Association Meetings- Triumphant Baptist Church, which is at Lamb Avenue and Poe St. We will be meeting in the basement.

The September meeting will be on Tuesday September 11th at 6:30 pm.

Please help spread the word to your neighbors in Barton Heights!

We had 1 meeting in July, and you can watch the video from that here: Video of First Meeting of New Barton Heights Association

And then we also organized an August National Night Out Event which happened on August 7th.

Please come out, and bring your ideas for the neighborhood!

Tuesday, August 7th is National Night Out.

Barton Heights, and our newly re-forming neighborhood association will be celebrating in Yancey Street Park (At intersection of North Avenue and Poe Street). We will start at 6:30 and go til dark!

There will be food to grill (vegan, vegetarian, halal options) and anyone who wants to can bring a dish to share!

There will be local organizations tabling, entertainment in the form of a DJ and/or movie, a Know Your Rights training, and a Really Really Free Market (free clothes, books, cds, etc. anyone is welcome to bring items to give away).

More details coming as we work them out. Please save the date and plan on attending! email if you have questions/concerns/want to help!

And also- don’t forget that the next Barton Heights Neighborhood Association meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 11th at 6pm. Tell your neighbors, and let’s get the community out to talk about how to make Barton Heights a better place for us all!

A Really Really Free Market (RRFM) is a community gathering where participants bring, and give away absolutely free, andy usuable items, skills, ideas, talents, friendship, excitement, discussion, games and many other things that we as a community can come together and share. A RRFM is a 100% free and non-commercial event, creating a gift economy as an alternative to the normal way of buying and selling.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, we’d love to have your help.

– If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see at the Really Really Free Market, get in touch with us.

– Contribute something to the free market, spare stuff that you have around your house or work, some kind of entertainment, or a skill that you’d like to share with your community.

-Tell your friends about this thing, the more people who show up the better it’s gonna be.