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On Wednesday August 27th we are hosting live from Canada the Drunken Wobblies! Folk punk music with labor lyrics! 7pm, all ages, bring a friend and a donation for the canadians!


On Thursday August 28th we are hosting a craft night at 7pm! We will be making jewelry and you are welcome to come and bring any craft you want to work on or supplies to share etc.!

On Sunday August 31st, join us at 12:30 to cook for Food Not Bombs! This is the Wingnut’s last Sunday hosting the meal preparation until November!


On Monday September 1st, take a break from your Labor Day festivities to come to a bizarre book reading at the Wingnut. No, really, its bizarre- The Bizarro Book Tour to be exact! 8pm!


And on Friday September 5th, at 6pm, we will be hosting a potluck dinner for friends and family!!


The past few days have been spent re-organizing and re-arranging the Wingnut Radical Lending Library!

Books are now organizing into the following subjects on the shelves:

Radical fiction, guns, guerilla strategy, gardens, herbs, diy do it yourself, queer fiction, queer, religion/spirituality, myths, kids books, feminism, graphic novels, cookbooks, animal issues. home renovation, music, art, food politics, bikes, field guides, survivalism, Mexico, indigenous, Native American, prisons, police, medicine/medical, travelling, DIY Do it Yourself, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Journalism, Urban Planning, 1960s, drugs, zines, Hawai’i, Zinn, Schools/Education, Consumer Culture, Richmond/The South, South America, Globalization/Neoliberalism, Government Repression, Environment, The Spanish Civil War, Labor/Class, Black Power/Race, Anarchist Practice, Anarchism

That’s over 50 different categories of books for you to come read, and come check out if you are so inclined.

We are also currently looking for volunteers to help us re-vamp our Open Hours, folks who can come over during Open Hours, offer coffee and tea to guests, re-shelve returned books, help folks check out books, etc. If you are interested and available for Wednesday evenings from 4-9 or Friday evenings from 4-9 please shoot us an email at Ideally we’d have 2 volunteers per shift and everyone would take about 1 shift a month

Check out our book and zine collections online, our collection of over 1000 books and growing us under “Your Library” and our zines are under “approaching apocalypse” Zines are available to be read in the space, but not taken out of the space.



Come to the Wingnut for a post-Food Not Bombs Craft Night


Sunday April 7th from 6pm to 10pm!

Bring snacks to share, vegan preferred, we will also try to provide some! There is likely going to be leftovers from the vegan Food Not Bombs meal too!

Glitter fabric paint, sew on patches, rhinestones, hemp, paint, etc. Let’s get our sparkle on!

DIY- Do It Yourself!!!!

Bring your projects you are working on, supplies to share, etc.!


Richmond has a new resource for folks in the City.

The Richmond Rag is “A free calendar of low cost or free events and collective DIY Spaces”.

It includes also a directory of radical spaces and organizations, as well as a list of places to get free or cheap healthy food (Food Not Bombs and local Farmer’s Markets).

Print copies are now available at the Wingnut for September.

You can access online also, and submit your events or organizations here:

So submit your potlucks, protests, free classes, bike rides, meetings etc.!

Thanks to the folks who put this together, you know who you are!!!

The city said we needed to fix our fence (oh CAPS…), and our friend Steve came to town to help us.

We found materials in our own yard to fix the crappy parts of the fence. YAY!

Here are some pictures for your amazement and amusement:


Old camper roof = strongest part of the fence yet! Plus a window...

The cute pictures come next: (more…)

Yesterday was our first painting day on our new mural for our Memorial Day Party. A bunch of friends and neighbors came out to help us paint some rad anarchist Raccoons doing a variety of anarchist raccoon type activity. More pictures to come as we make more progress. Get in touch if you would like to come help paint one day soon.

Our New Weekly Events Board

Food Not Bombs Raccooons!

The mural wraps around the whole porch


SO many more pictures after the break…


Saturday March 5th at 4pm there will be a knitting event at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. Beginners and experienced knitters are both welcome. Come to share patterns, advice, and conversation while knitting.

You don’t have to know how to knit to come!

Leslie will be helping teach beginners how to knit. Leslie lives on Richmond’s Northside and is into painting, drawing, taking pictures, splitting firewood, spinning yarn and knitting – as well as hanging out with her 3 dogs.

There will be knitting needles and yarn for folks who do not have their own. Please come out to share skills and conversation!

It’s official! The 2010 Richmond Zine Fest will be on October the 16th at the Gay Community Center of Richmond from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM! This is an all-ages free event to attend!! If you wish to rent a table please visit the registration section of our page. Also, the evening of October 15th we will be having a zine reading potluck at the Wingnut! So please get in touch with us if you would like to read your work to lots of fanzine fans the evening before the fest.

The Richmond Zine fest is October 16th. Zines, for people who are unaware of what they are, are most importantly a form of  do it yourself publishing.  Anybody can write a Zine, you don’t need permission and its a direct action approach towards putting ones ideas, art, information or what have you, out in the open. Zine culture has grown immensely nationally and worldwide. Our very own city has deep roots in the culture. Since technology has advanced so much and now anyone can share information through the Internet, zine culture has sadly suffered. I attended  last years Richmond Zine Fest there were many people from out of state, but very few local zinesters. I think more people should really represent Richmond this year. So if anyones interested in collabortaing or working on Zines as a group, solo,  or just meeting local zinesters, then show up Sept. 1st at The Wingnut 7pm for The Zine Meetup Group. Support DIY, do it yourself, culture.

Even though yesterday was a super long day that started out really poorly, with Jeremy having a gun in his face and getting robbed, we managed to pull off an amazingly nice end to the day.
While we were waiting for the show to start, Kayla Dean got the neighborhood kids excited about capture the flag. She grabbed some flags (red and black, duh). We went to the vacant lot across the street and played a bunch of rounds of capture the flag with about 12 kids. They were silly and we were silly. It was awesome and we are looking forward to more games with the kids.
After we all ran around for a bit, we were on the front porch waiting for bands to tune up, when one kid ran up and told us he was worried the cops were going to harrass us. We were confused and said, no the cops aren’t harrassing us. Then he managed to spit out that he was worried about the cops harrassing us because they were harrassing someone down the street. Copwatch is a lot easier with smart kids around. So we hightailed it down Barton to make sure the cops didn’t rough up someone they were arresting.
Then it was show time! Some of our great friends had come over, but the crowd was small. I believe the general consensus among Wingnuts was, Their Loss! Cause all the bands were freaking AMAZING. Stefan Fink went on first, then Wood Spider, and then The Armadillos. They were all such amazing musicians! We were smiling and singing along late into the night. All the performers were extremely animated and entertaining. They also had some awesome art, zines, and home screened patches for sale.
It was a really good fucking night. The Wingnut is extremely grateful for our supportive neighbors and our supportive new friends from out of town. If you missed it, sorry, but we are here for the long haul, so check us out some other time.