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Robin, Elly, and Daveigh start making the breakfast!!!


Looking for something to do this Winter? Have some sewing you need to work on? Craft projects you’ve been meaning to get around to? Zines you have been meaning to assemble?

On Saturday February 5th come hang out at the Wingnut and enjoy a Mad Max movie marathon and a Do It Yourself A-thon!

Bring a vegan food dish or beverage to share.

Movies start at 5pm, and will run through til something around 10pm. We will be projecting them onto a big screen, and hanging out with the woodstove.

If you don’t have crafts you want to work on, we have a lot of art and craft supplies at the Wingnut that you are welcome to use.

Trigger Warnings after the break:

At 4pm on Saturday February 26th Richmond Copwatch will be holding a free Know Your Rights Training at 2005 Barton Avenue.
This workshop will help participants learn the basics of asserting their rights when dealing with the police. For more information about this workshop or Richmond Copwatch you can call 804 303 5449 or email

Come join the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross for a Solidarity Noise Demo at the Richmond City Jail on February 11th at 3pm at 1701 Fairfield Way.
Make some noise for folks in the jail!
Send some love to people locked up!
Wear Red and Pink if you can!
Bring drums, whistles, musical instruments, pots, pans etc.
Call 804 303 5449 or email for more information

If you want to help prepare for the demo, please come to the Anarchist Black Cross meeting at 7pm on Tuesday February 8th at 2005 Barton Avenue.

Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance (Counterpunch… by Jason Hribal

Fundraising for Social Change, Revised and Expanded 4TH EDITION by Kim Klein

Tennessee Off the Beaten Path, 7th (Off the Beaten Path Series) by Tim O’Brien (more…)

Grits, opening the back door



On Saturday January 8, the Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry brought food the neighborhood (as they do every second Saturday of the month).  The Wingnut handed out 175 vouchers for the event, and though the turnout for the event was lower then previous months, the total amount of people represented was higher.

Of 175 vouchers given out, 112 were brought to the event.

Those who attended represented 167 Seniors in our area, 387 children, and 318 adults.

Total amount of those represented was 872 people.

Vouchers for the February food pantry were given to anyone who had already been delivered a voucher for January. Those without vouchers were added to the February delivery list; anyone within the delivery range will be given a voucher. Those who fall outside of it (again) will be contacted to pick one up after residents of Southern Barton Heights and the surrounding area receive theirs.

For information on how to start a Mobile Food Pantry in your area, contact Warren Hammonds ( of the Central VA Food Bank. It’s very easy to start one! All you need are a location, volunteers to hand out the food, and a method for voucher distribution: here we deliver, but other groups distribute them via faith centers, community service and neighborhood associations, or other organizations.

To get a voucher for the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry, just give us a call at (804) 303-5449 and we’ll put you on our delivery schedule!

Wingnut Statement On The Monroe Park Renovation Plan

The current renovation plans for Monroe Park are riddled with problems and are overall, entirely unacceptable.

Our demands regarding the park are as follows:

We oppose the renovation plans in their entirety, as they are racist, classist, and a thinly veiled attempt at privatizing and capitalizing on a public park.

  1. There needs to be an immediate cessation of all attempts from MPAC and the City of Richmond to criminalize the homeless.
  2. We demand the inclusion of homeless people in all decisions relating to homelessness, housing, free food programs, etc. We demand that the homeless be given roles with the power to make decisions about their own futures in whatever groups or organizations are making these decisions.
  3. We demand the cessation of the endless promotion of the Conrad Center as the solution to homelessness in Richmond. We demand the cessation of the attempts to centralize all programs that serve the homeless at the Conrad Center, which has aggressively pushed its agenda of misinformation for years now.
  4. We demand that there be NO paid park director, especially at the outrageous salary of 150,000 a year. (more…)

Come to the Wingnut during Open Hours from 4-9 on Wednesday, February 2nd to make awesome valentines to send to the people and organizations you love! Spread the radical love, and make your valentines in plenty of time to mail them out!

We will have stickers, fancy paper, doilies, magazines, scissors, glue, tape, the slingshot radical contact list and more to help everyone get creative.

This is a queer friendly, polyamorous friendly, sex positive and body positive event! Valentine’s Day may be a Hallmark Holiday, but any time is a good time to remind our friends, allies, partners, families, and lovers how awesome we think they are and how much we appreciate them.

As always, this event is all ages and drug and alcohol free. Bring snacks to share if you want to- we will have plenty of tea to go around!  Feel free to call ahead if you have any questions (804) 303 5449