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Join the Wingnut Anarchist Collective for a religious get together to perform, through the medium of a noise demonstration, an exorcism on the fascist demons who have possessed members of City Council.
Meet at 11pm at Broad and Boulevard on Friday October 14th.
It is clear to us that City Councilman Charles Samuels has been possessed by some sort of fascist demon who is forcing him to crack down on the liberties of people in the City of Richmond. From his attempts to gentrify Monroe Par…k and oppress the homeless population of Richmond, to his previous unconstitutional noise ordinance, Charles Samuels is clearly acting like a jerk. But we don’t believe Charles Samuels is a jerk, we think his oppressive, racist, classist, WASP-y behavior can be explained by a demon possessing him. There is no point in petitioning, conversating, discussing, or pleading with a demon.

We do not negotiate with demons! Our only choice is exorcism!

This exorcism is just the first, as there are clearly many demons plaguing our dear city. From Alice Massie to the 750 Richmond Police Officers- we have a lot of people dealing with possession by fascist demons. We encourage others to hold their own exorcism ceremonies and work to lift this plague of oppressive asshole demons from Richmond.

An exorcism is a religious ceremony whose goal is to force evil spirits out of the people they have taken over. This get together is a religious event / service/ activity/ expression.

This religious event is open to people of all religions, faiths, and lack of religions. All are welcome (except cops). You don’t have to believe as we do to participate or observe. Exercise your right to religious expression, to self expression, and to exorcise the demons that plague our city!

To further your participation, bring the sorts of noise makers that an exorcism calls for, including but not limited to bells, chimes, singing voices, music (boomboxes or other portable stereos), and organs if you have them! Musicians of Richmond who have been particularly plagued by the demon are especially encouraged to come out. If you don’t have these sorts of instruments, we suggest that you make your own. (more…)

3 bands, one night at the Nile Restaurant at 309 N. Laurel Street. Icon Gallery (from Pittsburg), Soma (RVA Peace Punk), and Whoa! (RVA post-apocalypitc stoner pop). 9pm on October 20th

A percentage of money raised at this show will be donated to our friend Jeremy Hawthorne to aid in his legal fund in a case against the VCU Police. Please bring a little extra to show solidarity and help a richmond community member in need!

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective will be distributing this zine around Richmond and the Richmond Occupation over the coming days. But you can check this out online here:

Here is the online version of a text about Security Culture. Its really basic, but a great introduction for people who haven’t gone through a Security Culture workshop before. Lookout for upcoming Security Culture Workshops by the Anarchist Black Cross


On September 27th, several of us went to the Manchester court building to support Jeremy at his preliminary hearing for the charges filed against him by the VCU Police. For those of you who might not know, Jeremy was arrested on charges of slashing 7 VCU car tires, worth $1,330.00, making the charge a felony destruction of property. Jeremy and his public defender, at the hearing, were allowed to see some of the evidence that VCU has against him, and surprise surprise, without having any physical evidence (besides a few pictures of Jeremy AFTER he had been arrested and the picture of a tool confiscated after his arrest), the judge ruled that the case would be continued in a Grand Jury hearing on November 7. The Commonwealths’ attorney, Christopher Toepp, is the same friend of the police who tried to convict those arrested in the Monroe Park Occupation at the beginning of the year, as well as the Defenders in the African Burial Ground protest. He lost both of those cases,  but Jeremy was also told that he specifically requested this trial because “he wants to see it done right” and that he is looking for a felony conviction and jail time for Jeremy.

Jeremy will be sticking with his public defender for the time being, and has been fundraising for the last month or so to raise money for another attorney. Unfortunately, lawyers are unrightfully expensive, and the person he has in mind to represent him requires a $2,500 retainer fee to even start working on the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated, whether it be financial, advice, a friendly word, or  helping to put on a fundraising event to benefit his legal fund.  Also Jeremy has requested that as many people who can attend further trial dates as supporters is essential and appreciated, the more eyes and ears during this ordeal the better.  There has been no word yet as to whether or not Jeremy will be able to attend the Nov. 7 date, as it is usually private to the judge and attorneys involved.

Anyone who wishes to donate can do so using our handy PayPal button on the website, and be sure to specify what you want the money to be used for.

Thanks everyone for your support so far and in the future!

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be starting to attend martial arts trainings as part of a promotion of self defense. We will be going to our first one on Saturday October 22th. Folks who would like a ride out there  should meet at 2005 Barton Avenue no later at 2:45pm.Call 804 303 5449 or email if you have any questions.

We changed our original plans so as to not conflict with the TRAP protest on October 15th from 1-3pm in Monroe Park or the beginning of the Occupy Richmond movement at 4pm in Monroe Park.

Folks from the Order of the 7 Hills will be at the Richmond Zine Fest on October 8th if you would like to talk to them more about their practice.

More on the Order of the 7 Hills:

We are a martial arts club focusing on self defense, fitness, and spiritual growth in the western tradition.  We work self defense and fitness drills, box, wrestle, practice Vigny Canne (stick fighting), and much more.
Our goal is to develop and nurture physically fit and spiritually fulfilled men and women capable of making the world a better place for themselves and all living things.  And to have a fun time doing it.
We meet outdoors at West End Manor Civic Association, 8600 Lakefront Drive, Henrico, VA 23294-6100, Tuesdays 7:00 to 8:30 PM and Saturdays 3:30 to 5:00 PM.  Feel free to stop by to observe or try out a class.  For complete membership information see our Join page.

There was another meeting for the Occupy Richmond plan last night at 4pm in Monroe Park. The next get together will be on Thursday October 13that 5:30 pm in Monroe Park. The Occupation will begin on October 15th at 4pm. Everyone will meet in Monroe Park. We will then decide on the location for the occupation and then travel as a group there.

At the meeting on Sunday, the group discussed non-violence as a policy, sobriety of the space and what that might mean, possible locations for the occupation, and then split into working groups to start thinking about logistics.

Members of the Wingnut passed out a couple pieces of literature that we felt were relevant to the dialogue about Occupations-

Dear Occupiers: A Letter From Anarchists can be read here:

America is Already Occupied can be read here:

Please bring supplies you can carry with you to the meeting on October 15th. Gear that might be really useful to anyone planning on participating in an occupation:

bandanas soaked in apple cider vinegar or lime juice (in ziploc baggies) for dealing with tear gas – goggles – milk of magnesia – apple cider vinegar – ear plugs – pen – paper – markers – ID – tents – tarps – blankets – coats – water bottles – food – snacks – games – books – notebooks – cameras – video cameras – chargers – cell phones – medical supplies – medications you take and the prescriptions for them – flashlights – headlamps – batteries – bandanas – hats – banner material – paint – comfortable walking shoes – personal hygiene products – things to share – music – reading material – material for making signs – markers – ponchos/raincoats – herbal teas – vitamins/supplements – comfort food – things that help you feel better when you are stressed etc.

Things NOT to bring: weapons, drugs, alcohol, bad attitudes, expensive things, fragile things

We would also like to remind people that the state of Virginia has a no-mask law, so wearing a mask that conceals your face can result in FELONY charges.

The Richmond Occupation will be a SOBER space- so no drugs or alcohol or people who are inebriated. This policy is not meant to be exclusive, but to help protect the participants from the police and uncomfortable situations. People who smoke tobacco are asked to be respectful of others, sticking to designated smoking areas that will be created/ staying out of designated non-smoking areas, and picking up cigarette butts.

There will be a medical working group, folks with a variety of experience levels who are willing to help keep everyone safe and comfortable. There will be at least one medic station during the occupation, as well as mobile medics during marches. If you have medical skills you would like to provide during the occupation please come to the medic station. They will be using shirts/armbands/ flags with the red cross symbol on them to identify them. These medics are all donating their time and knowledge and are acting as good samaritans.

There will also be a safe spaces group at the occupation. These folks will have identification symbols (I believe heart armbands) to make them recognizable. They will be available to help mediate, and to help people under mental/emotional stress and difficulty. Their station will be set up in proximity to the medic station.

There are plans being worked on for getting lawyers, legal observers, Know Your Rights trainings throughout the occupation, and more.

Other groups include folks planning to work on; (more…)

Last night was the 2nd public meeting of people working to organize Occupy Richmond. This movement has no leaders, no organizers, no hierarchy. The meeting yesterday was not perfect, as could have been expected. There were over 250 people there, many new to organizing, consensus process, facilitating and more.

The main decisions being made yesterday were regarding the time, date, and location of the beginning of the Occupation. A large group started off the discussion, going through some bare bones facilitation and decision making basics. Then folks split into smaller groups to talk about the date and location.

In smaller groups and in smaller conversations throughout the night, there were many discussion about the economy, politics, rights and more. The types of discussions that do not happen on a very regular basis among strangers in Virginia. Just having these discussions, no matter how imperfect, is significant.

Ultimately, what was decided was to avoid conflicting with the TRAP protest already scheduled for October 15th from 1-3pm in Monroe Park. TRAP is the recent Virginia legislation aimed at forcing abortion clinics to meet hospital standards, which would have the chilling effect of shutting down 17 of the state’s 21 abortion clinics. This new rule, wrapped up in the word safety and health, is really about limiting women’s rights to abortion and the health care they need.

The Occupy Richmond group is encouraging people to participate in the TRAP protest. Occupy Richmond will then meet at 4pm on October 15th in Monroe Park. At that time a location will be chosen for the Occupation. Repeat, location TBD.

On the issue of location, there were many ideas thrown around. Kanawah Plaza, Monroe Park, Capitol Hill, FedEx Plaza, locations around VCU, and more were all discussed. There were some folks fixated on Kanawah Plaze for its proximity to the Federal Reserve Bank. Others pointed out that the Federal Reserve Bank is not necessarily the main target of this event. Also that the consequences of trespassing/making mistakes at the Federal Reserve are a lot higher than other places. And that Occupying Kanawaha Plaza would displace homeless persons who sleep there on a regular basis.

This meeting was not perfect, by any means. Folks from marginalized groups swiftly felt marginalized by the process, which is not a good place to start. More white men spoke than other people. Issues of privilege were not really addressed, or understood by many folks in the crowd. Instead of actual consensus “modified consensus” was used, which basically makes it a direct democracy with a limit on how large the majority must be to silence the minority.Hopefully folks (not from marginalized groups) can step up as the Occupy Richmond idea continues to do some education and discussion regarding issues of privilege, among other things.

However, there were a lot of new faces, and a lot of good conversations that did occur. The creation of an autonomous space, in and of itself, can be an empowering positive thing. When this space is created, hopefully radical and anarchist and awesome people in Richmond can find inspiring ways to use this space. Workshops, discussions, and more are all possible once a space has been established.

Here is a video of part of the meeting:

Again- in the time between now and the 15th there is a lot of preparation and education that can be done. From Know Your Rights workshops, to getting new batteries for a flashlight, to taking a few minutes to read about privilege, anyone planning on participating in this occupation owes it to themselves and there fellow occupiers to do some preparing if they can. has information about an occupation of Monroe Park that happened earlier in 2011.

Folks interested in starting an occupation in the city of Richmond will be gathering at 5:30 pm this Thursday in Monroe Park to meet and begin talking about ideas.
An initial call has been made for the actual occupation to begin on Saturday October 15th.

Folks interested in an occupation but with little experience in protests are encouraged to stop by the Richmond Zine Fest this Saturday October 8th from 11-6pm to talk to members of Richmond Copwatch, the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross, and the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. The Richmond Zine Fest will be at the Gay Community Center of Richmond (attached to Diversity Thrift at 1407 Sherwood Avenue).

Richmond Copwatch will be hosting a Know Your Rights Training at 4pm at the Zine Fest. This training is intended to teach people what their legal rights are when dealing with the police, and how to assert them. This is very useful information for folks entering a protest or occupation type situation. It can help keep yourself as well as others safe.

Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be hosting a Green Scare workshop at 2pm. This workshop is about recent activism in the US and the government oppression people have faced.

More information about both of these workshops is available at the Zine Fest’s website-

Additionally, folks interested in the occupation are encouraged to come out to Richmond Food Not Bombs this Sunday to get some experience cooking for large groups of people. Cooking starts at 12:30 at 2005 Barton Avenue and continues until 3:45. Then we head to Monroe Park at 4pm to share a free vegan community meal. Afterwards, we go back to 2005 Barton Avenue to do cleanup.

Richmond had an occupation earlier in 2011, of a local park. More information about that occupation is online at Please check it out!

The link below is to an article written about the Occupation meme in the context of decolonization and indigenous struggles. It also addresses issues of democracy, race, and more. We encourage folks planning on participating in an Occupation to think critically about terms like 99% and to keep privilege, race, sex, gender, class, sexuality and more in mind throughout these occupations.

More about the Richmond Occupation: Occupy Richmond is part of the larger national movement originating from Occupy Wall St. to COLLECTIVELY VOICE OUR DISAPPROVAL OF THE INTERMESHING OF GOVERNMENT AND CORRUPTED CAPITALISM. WE UNITE AS 99% of THE AMERICAN POPULATION.
Description (more…)