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Yesterday we finally planted a bunch of seeds in the Garden at the Wingnut.


We built 8 4′ x 4′ boxes to make raised beds in the front yard. Then we planted everything – carrots, kale, collards, turnip greens, squash, zuchinni, tomatoes, cucumber, basil, lemon balm, cotton!!!, spinach etc.

Kayla Dean, Eric, Jeremy, and Mo planted the seeds. While we were out there, 2 kids from the neighborhood stopped by and wanted to help. So Larry and Dayshawn helped plant lemon balm, sunflower seeds, and tomatoes. Larry wanted some seeds to take home, so we set him up with a egg carton of dirt and some tomato seeds to plant.

We still have potatoes and corn to plant.

We also are growing a ton of herbs and peppers- jalopenos, mint, etc.

If you need to get your garden on, come by and help out!

The Wingnut is trying to collect bikes, bike frames, bike parts etc. Even if the bike doesn’t work etc. we can probably build something out of it. If you have bikes lying around in garages and yards and basements we can put them to good use! If you are in Richmond we can even come pick them up!

We want to build some more tall bikes, weird bikes, and just have some more functional bikes around for guests and community. Maybe get some bike carts built too.

March Food Not Bombs Meeting

Solidarity, Not Charity

Meetings – Club/Group Meeting
Friday, March 19, 2010
6:00pm – 8:00pm
The Wingnut
2005 Barton Ave
Richmond, VA
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Hey everyone! I (Nathan) talked with some people today at cooking and it seemed like everyone was ok with having a Food Not Bombs Meeting on Friday, the 19th at 6pm. This will be at the Wingnut, the same place we cook food on Sundays.

Even if you have never come to help cook, you are still welcome to come talk! This is real important that we have periodic meetings to check in and see how things are going and see what can be improved. Things I propose for the agenda:

FNB Contingent for the May Day Parade!! (more…)

Story and Cud Eastbound

lo-fi gypsy accordion folk-noir, and rabbit in a half shell

April 17th


The Wingnut

Another night of acoustic music at the Wingnut!

More Canadians!!!!!

Come out to this sober, all ages show.
Bring some money for the touring bands.

Opening from Richmond: Rameysaurus – acoustic ukulele inspired by the awesomeness of cupcakes?

Meg Christensen- acoustic guitar and greatness

Check them out:
Story- from Halifax- plays accordion (solo styles). (Has played with Jason Webley) .
Cud Eastbound ( he plays guitar/banjo (solo styles as well).

Don’t know about the Wingnut? The Wingnut is a radical collective in Southern Barton Heights dedicated to promoting social justice and community. We have a fb group, or you can check out our blog at

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
8:00pm – 11:00pm
The Wingnut

Come on out to the Wingnut to listen to some bluegrass and folk music, including :

Opening: The Gutbucket Bellowers- an old time string band
The Moonlighters, Coaltown Noir, She Feels Like Pittsburgh, and TBA.

Bring some money to donate to the travelling bands.

Sober, all ages show, like all Wingnut events.

CoalTown Noir-


She Feels Like Pittsburgh-

Come to The WIngnut on Saturday March 20th at 6pm to meet with other people interested in doing some radical gardening. Lets figure out what we all can contribute to each other and how we want to go about it.
We know we are going to garden at the Wingnut- if you want to be a part of this then you can also be a part of the ‘fruits’ of this labor. We can all play in the dirt together and then share the food we grow!
We also sort of want some sort of a garden for Food Not Bombs. So if you have a yard or just some seeds or soil or whatever let us know.
Maybe bring a list of resources you can definitely donate- whether that be soil or fertilizer or seeds or tools or tillers or planters or labor etc.
We can figure out the best way for us all to grow our own food.
Maybe talk about workshops we could do. Maybe talk about making little planters with a few plants we can all share with our neighbors?