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The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army Invades RVA
by Hayley DeRocheJuly 13, 2011

The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army is not, alas, a shadowy army of bunnies with strings holding them down. Instead, the MRPA is a puppeteer performance collective based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that is a part of the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective. The shows tell stories that are social justice parables. I went over to the Wingnut House (home of some of Richmond’s anarchists) to see one of their shows.

First up: Hansel and Gretel

This old story is given a new look with the puppets (Gretel is a raccoon, Hansel a fox, their mother a purple unicorn, and so on and so forth). Times are tough in this economy for the little puppet family, and cutting corners is necessary, but when their evil green-faced monster father suggests cutting the kids out of the budget their mother is distraught. But times are hard, and if the kids have to be abandoned, then so be it. (“How would you kids like to go see a movie….Pirates of the Caribbean…..4… Raleigh.” brings chuckles at the Pirates reference, groans at the 4 reference because really, we needed 4?, and more chuckles at the intonation of Raleigh.) So, little Hansel and Gretel are dropped off, but Hansel, being wily like the fox he is, tags streets as they go so they can find their way home again much to the delight of their magical mom. But this time, when they get left at the Durham theater, they are truly abandoned. Nobody offers them help until Mr. Turbine–who ends up locking up poor Gretel in a cage.






Southwork is a seven-piece rock and roll band of classically trained multi-instrumentalist street pirates from South Philadelphia.  The band’s distinct sound features horns as well as layered vocal harmonies and percussion.  A sonic cornucopia of mellotrons,kazoos, and ukuleles, every Southwork show is more than music, it’s an interactive experience. Their music has most often been compared with The Kinks, Oingo Boingo, and The Black Keys.  Southwork has appeared throughout Philadelphia at venues including Kung-Fu Necktie and Johnny Brenda’s as well as in New York City, Washington DC, and New Jersey and are currently in the studio working on their debut album.

Show starts around 7 at The Wingnut Anarchist Collective at 2005 Barton Avenue. As always, this is a free, all ages. sober event… so leave the booze and bring your dudes!

Marine Corpse, Community Currency, and Lobo Marino
7pm Monday the 23rd of August
Extend your Best Friends Day weekend with some sober fun!

How can a metal band play an acoustic set?? This is how:
cardboard box drums, acoustic guitar, unmiced screams

Marine Corpse, on their summer Grinding Against Jesus 2k10 tour will be gracing the Wingnut with their presence and awesome tunes.
Local band Lobo Marino and TBA to also play!
Lobo Marino is folk/indie music from Richmond that includes accordian!
A “lobo marino” is Spanish for “sea wolf”. The creature is called in English a “sea lion”, though they do seem more like canines than felines.

Jameson and Laney spent a year traveling in South America and this album, “Keep your head up”, is what they have to show for it. Nathaniel joins them on banjo, trumpet, and minimal percussion. This album is a journey.

Listen below! (more…)

If you are coming from out of town for the Richmond Zine Fest, or from Richmond, get together the Friday before to meet and hang out with zinesters!

So Friday October 15th from 6pm until bedtime!

This will be a potluck event held at the WIngnut which is a sober all ages space in Richmond.

It would be awesome if some folks wanted to read selections from their zines. Please email us at if you are interested in reading or playing music! (more…)

Come to the Wingnut for an awesome house show on the 24th!!!

Dirty Fist! is banjo/accordion/fiddle all grrl two-piece touring from Gainesville, touring with the Damsels, a lady bluegrass duet from Olympia!

…Dirty Fist! consists of two really rad ladies from Gainesville, FL and they play warble-y American gypsy music on accordion, banjo, and violin. They tend to write about inter-personal relationships and are a great band to see live/hang out with!

The Damsels – bring you dueling harmonies swooning for you in a forgotten bluegrass styling!

The Wingnut is a sober space – absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed on you or in you!




Come to the Wingnut after Food Not Bombs on Sunday July 11th at 7pm to hang out and listen to some awesome music from these touring bands!

Sober, All Ages, Please be respectful of our neighborhood!

All the way from the West Coast, the folk punk sounds of the Taxpayers will delight your ears much more than paying your taxes ever has!
At the Wingnut- July 15th at 7pm

All Ages, sober show. Bring money to give to the band since they are travelling from far away!!

Come out to the Wingnut to hear the acoustic music of XFuckedbyThievesX (just back from touring Europe) and Intergalactic Smugglers!

Political, DIY, punk music from California! About- sobriety, veganism, punk etc.

All Ages
Please be respectful of the neighborhood and neighbors as well as the Wingnut.
No Cops Allowed.

Adam Barksdale, Fight Back! and the Dope Girls

Monday, July 5th at 7pm come on out to the Wingnut to see these 3 amazing bands and to hang out!!!

Adam Barksdale is folk/indie music hailing from South Florida with  political influence!

Fight Back!  are acoustic folk from Florida

The Dope Girls are acoustic grime from Connecticut

As always, Wingnut events are all ages and sober. Please be respectful of the space and our neighbors.

Saturday July 3rd at 7pm!!!

Come to the Wingnut and see the Bearcubes play!

Bearcubes are a group of five who came together in the musically rich town of Oberlin, Ohio. Their debut album “The New Moon in the Morning” features thirteen thoughtful, charming, and hummable original songs, lushly arranged and produced by the band members themselves. These recordings feature over 25 musicians from the Oberlin community, including a string quartet, brass band, marimba, harp, and accordion.

Those who go to see the Bearcubes’ live performance can expect an energetic show, complete with five-part vocal harmonies and frequent oboe duets.

Bearcubes sing sweetly and move audiences with their finger-picked acoustic guitar melodies, uncommon poeticism, and skillful musicianship, but they can also rock, with booming electric bass, foot-stomping banjo, and honky-tonk piano.

This summer Bearcubes will promote their debut album on tour summer, throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

Saul Alpert-Abrams – vocals, guitar, keyboard
Claire Chenette – vocals, guitar, keyboard, oboe
Katherine Dohan – vocals, bass, oboe
David B. Greenberg – vocals, drums
Alex Kramer – vocals, banjo

If anyone is interested in opening please contact the Wingnut in advance!!

(804) 303-5449