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The Wingnut: The Wingnut is a house that was built in 1922 that Mo bought. Jeremy (Gramps) and Johnny Ray and Grits and Flapjack live there too. They all put in a ton of work to fix the house up, including building a wall, laying down new subflooring and floors, painting everything fabulous colors, refinishing the floors, etc. Now they are ready for the house to become part of the radical Richmond community. Food Not Bombs will be moving to the Wingnut this winter. And many more events will be held in the space in the future. Plus we want you to hang out a lot. The Wingnut is in Southern Barton Heights, which is on Northside.

Sober: The Wingnut is a sober house. Which means, no drugs or alcohol on you or in you. Do not come intoxicated or even bring the means of intoxication with you.

Positive Attitude: It would be awesome if we could have a really good time together, and let go of some of the petty problems we have with each other. We do better united and we all get more out of it. Pack a smile.

Respect: We are new in our neighborhood and really do not want to be a detriment to the area. So please, no littering (including cigarette butts). And if you have it in you, we encourage being friendly to folks you pass, saying hey or waving or whatever you are comfortable with. We also ask that you respect our house and not give money to anyone who approaches you while in our yard or on our porch.

Music: We are open to acoustic musical shows at the house. We love folk punk, bluegrass, old timey music, pop punk, and muuuuch more. As long as you are cool with a sober show…

Non-human Animals: Grits and Flapjack both live at the Wingnut. Other dogs have to be on heartworm and flea medicine to come visit, that way Grits and Flapjack don’t get sick. We have a fenced in back yard, but if you don’t think your dog will get along with ours, better not.

Kids: DUH!!! Being sober helps us be more all ages inclusive, as does us being really really silly. Kids are definitely encouraged and if you need any special accomadations for them let me know. We can figure out a nap spot etc. : )

Wheelchairs and Differently Abled Folks: We do not as of this post’s creation have a wheelchair ramp installed, but we do plan to construct one at some point. If we don’t have it finished by the time you come over, have no fear, we can definitely help carry anyone in a wheelchair or on crutches in. Or let us know what you need and we will do our best to be as all inclusive as possible.

Safe Space: We want the Wingnut to be a safe space for folks of all genders, sexualities, races,classes, ages, religions etc. So we ask that folks respect others in the space and watch their mouths and privilege. And even though we are all cute as hell, it doesn’t mean we want to be sexually harassed all the time. So please, keep your advances to a minimum and always remember to use consent. Anyone who has advice or concerns around this area is more than welcome to talk to Mo about it so we can do better.

Anyone who violates the safety or sobriety of the space will be asked to leave. And then forced to leave. Cause we are wingnuts, and you don’t wanna mess with us.