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The neighborhood kids have come up with a couple activities that they are organizing during Wingnut Open Hours. If anyone enjoys hanging out with kids and engaging in fun activities with them, please come to Open Hours to hang out! We could definitely use some help during Open Hours, because 5-10-more kids are a lot to entertain and keep busy (even if they are doing a lot of the entertaining).

During Wednesday Open Hours (4-9) Larry and De’Shari will be hosting their very own Magic Show. Come prepared to be entertained and blown away by their skills.

During Friday Open Hours (4-9) Deshawn is hosting a Book Club, where kids talk about the part of whatever book they have been reading that week.

Generally, the kids are also really excited about Craft night on Wednesdays, Movie nights when we can borrow a projector, and playing some of the board games we have here at the Wingnut. (more…)

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective formed a team for the Richmond Reproductive Project’s annual Bowl-a-thon to raise money to fund abortions. Our team is the Queer Army! You can donate money to our effort by going to: and donating to the Queer Army team.

Women’s reproductive freedom has come under attack in Virginia- from the current legislation which will make it harder for clinics to qualify to provide abortions to the attempts to de-legitimize Planned Parenthood and the vital services they provide many communities.  Women and their allies need to stand up and act to prevent the patriarchical and deadly oppression of women and revocation of their right to choose. Clearly, addressing politicians is not working to stop the right-wing swing in this country. The folks with money to lobby politicians are working to eliminate a woman’s right to choose. We are having bowl-a-thons to raise money to help pay for needed abortions.

Please help support the women of Richmond, in a real, direct way. Your donation will help a woman have a choice to make.

Come to the Wingnut on Friday March 11th at 7pm
to watch a 50 minute documentary called These Streets are Watching.

We will have coffee, donuts, and information about Richmond Copwatch to accompany this movie.

If the weather is nice we will project the film in the front yard.

The Streets are Watching is a 50 minute video that takes a fresh look at police accountability through the eyes of three communities; Denver, Cincinnati and Berkeley. Independent filmmaker, Jacob Crawford, weaves three cities responses to police brutality into a single tale of community empowerment and direct action.

Within an amazing collection of footage that portrays police conduct and misconduct, the film conveys basic legal concepts that can provide practical help to groups and individuals seeking a clearer understanding of their rights when dealing with police. The film is divided into sections that explain our basic rights, tactics for documenting police activity and ideas for further action and organizing.

The Wingnut will be hosting its second annual cookout In Memory of People Murdered by the State on Monday May 30th, 2011. Come on over from 12 til everyone goes to sleep.

Flipping the Patriotic Memorial Day on its head, using the day as a platform to discuss the reality of police and state oppression, this annual memorial brings together the community in Southern Barton Heights as well as the broader community of people concerned with state oppression.

This is a potluck event- bring a dish, non-alcoholic beverage, or something to throw on a grill to share.

We will be unveiling a new series of murals in celebration of Anarchist history.

Entertainment will be provided by many different musicians, if you want to play an ACOUSTIC set please let us know.
Please contact the Wingnut if you are interested in performing this day.

If anyone is interested in speaking or presenting on a particular instance of state or police oppression please let us know.

Other entertainment to include Know Your Rights Skits brought to you by Richmond Copwatch and more!

This event, like all Wingnut events is a sober, all ages event.

Demand Dignity & Respect!

Demand A Competitive Living Wage and Substantial & Consistent Pay Raises For Workers at Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market!

One of our fellow worker’s, Kenneth Yates was wrongfully terminated from Richmond, Virginia’s Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market after 5 ½ years of committed service on Tuesday February 15th.

“When you go to work you ordinarily leave your constitutional rights as a citizen in the glove compartment of your car…” -Staughton Lynd & Daniel Gross

Kenneth was well aware of this and as a committed member of the community in which he lives and works, did not allow that to come between him and the injustices he found in the workplace. In December, after being courted by management to become a part of their team, then respectfully refusing the offer, he was threatened with a statement that he should reconsider and either “move up, or move out”.

Fast-forward to January 30th & 31st, 2011. Kenneth, in a concerted effort with his fellow workers, challenged a new and unwarranted decision by management to force workers in their department who regularly work early morning shifts to close one shift a week and take a mandatory following day off, and for those who close to do the same. The schedules were not changed. However, we feel that after refusing to submit to the schedule changes that would bring undue stress on our minds and bodies, Kenneth was singled out as a problem, a wrench in the machine, the organizer. (more…)

A guest zinester will be coming to the Wingnut on Saturday March 12th to read from their zine/about the potential of queer zines at 6pm! Please come to hear about one person’s perspective on queer zines and have awesome conversations!

Jenna Brager, author of the super-smart comic perzine Sassyfrass Circus and editor of the gender-rewiring zine about facial hair, Femme a Barbe, comes to town for a talk about the history, present, and potential of queer zines.

Jenna makes Sassyfrass Circus (up to issue 6) and Femme a Barbe (up to issue 2 working on 3) and also working on a new zine about archiving. More about Jenna and their projects here:

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is headed to Charlottesville in March to table at the Charlottesville Anarchist Bookfair. This is the first Anarchist Bookfair we’ve heard of in Virginia, and we are pretty excited to see how it goes and to network regionally with other  anarchists.

March 19th at 1pm at Random Row Books in Charlottesville!

You can find out more about the event at

Stop by our table to say hello, and check out some of our literature and projects!

Mo will also be doing a presentation at the Bookfair at 4 on their book, The South is Still Rising: Contemporary Radical and Anarchist Movements in Richmond, VA from 1994-2004.

Do you like pie, and wish that you had someone to eat a pie with?

Well here’s your chance! Come out to Sprout at 10pm on April Fools Day (April 1st) to participate in a pie/blind date auction to benefit Anarchist Black Cross. We’ll be auctioning off homemade pies to the highest bidder, and the winner of each bid gets a date with whoever made the pie! Also, for a small donation, anyone will be able to throw a pie at a member of ABC. There will also be a dj providing dance music between pies.

Sprout is located at 1 North Morris Street in the Fan. The event will begin at 10pm. No cover charge. Sprout will have drinks (alcoholic and non) as well as a late night food menu available.

All funds will be going towards an anarchist bail fund, to be used in case any of you crazy folks get into a bind.

For more information, or if you’d like to be one of the pie makers for the event, give us a call at 804-303-5449.

Or shoot us an email at

On Saturday February 12, the Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry brought food the neighborhood (as they do every second Saturday of the month).  The Wingnut handed out 175 vouchers for the event, and though the turnout for the event was lower then previous months, the total amount of people represented was higher.

Of 175 vouchers given out, 132 were brought to the event.

Those who attended represented 118 Seniors in our area, 310 children, and 314 adults.

Total amount of those represented was 742 people.

Vouchers for the March food pantry were given to anyone who had already been delivered a voucher for February. Those without vouchers were added to the March delivery list; anyone within the delivery range will be given a voucher. Those who fall outside of it (again) will be contacted to pick one up after residents of Southern Barton Heights and the surrounding area receive theirs.

For information on how to start a Mobile Food Pantry in your area, contact Warren Hammonds ( of the Central VA Food Bank. It’s very easy to start one! All you need are a location, volunteers to hand out the food, and a method for voucher distribution: here we deliver, but other groups distribute them via faith centers, community service and neighborhood associations, or other organizations.

To get a voucher for the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry, just give us a call at (804) 303-5449 and we’ll put you on our delivery schedule!

Saturday March 5th at 4pm there will be a knitting event at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. Beginners and experienced knitters are both welcome. Come to share patterns, advice, and conversation while knitting.

You don’t have to know how to knit to come!

Leslie will be helping teach beginners how to knit. Leslie lives on Richmond’s Northside and is into painting, drawing, taking pictures, splitting firewood, spinning yarn and knitting – as well as hanging out with her 3 dogs.

There will be knitting needles and yarn for folks who do not have their own. Please come out to share skills and conversation!