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Saturday, July 31st from 12noon until 5pm at the corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park.

A really really free market is an alternative to the capitalist version of a ‘free market’ where in fact, nothing is free. The really really free market is a place where people can come bring things they no longer need or use and give them away. It is a place where people can come get the things they need for free, without having to participate in the corporate market. Really really free markets build community instead of destroying it.

The RVA Really Really Free Markets provide people with a chance to share the excess that they possess, to prevent the landfills from filling with stuff that will never decompose and is nowhere near the end of its usefulness, and to offer the community a chance to come together for a day of free fun in the sun!

Feel free to come give a workshop or skillshare, play some music, facilitate a discussion, tell stories, and more! Please encourage others to do the same.

Help spread the word! Tell your friends & family & coworkers & community members. Make flyers, send emails, and start conversations. Build your community through mutual aid & collective knowledge.

A recent post on the Church Hill People’s News website shows some of the issues that Church Hill faces in regards to accessing affordable, healthy food. Southern Barton Heights, Brookland Park, Battery Park, and Highland Park all face similar challenges as Food Deserts. There are no grocery stores in our neighborhood. There are corner stores which typically have a smaller, less quality, and more expensive selection – in addition to fewer open hours than many grocery stores. The closest grocery store to our neighborhood is the Kroger at Lombardy and Broad. Residents without personal vehicles are forced to either walk, bike, or take the bus. Aside from that they only have access to what the corner stores have to offer.

There are other challenges on the people in low income food deserts. The public transportation system in Richmond, namely the GRTC, has been cutting routes over the past couple years. And last night city council just voted to pass a bus fare hike. Additionally, there are no bike shops in Southern Barton Heights to help people who do ride bikes maintain their equipment.

Food Politics and access to affordable, healthy food are not isolated issues. They are tied into to many issues around class and race. There are reasons why certain areas do not have the access they need. Working with groups like the Richmond Transit Rider’s union can be ways to take a more holistic approach to the problem of food access in our communities. (more…)

All the way from the West Coast, the folk punk sounds of the Taxpayers will delight your ears much more than paying your taxes ever has!
At the Wingnut- July 15th at 7pm

All Ages, sober show. Bring money to give to the band since they are travelling from far away!!

Come out to the Wingnut to hear the acoustic music of XFuckedbyThievesX (just back from touring Europe) and Intergalactic Smugglers!

Political, DIY, punk music from California! About- sobriety, veganism, punk etc.

All Ages
Please be respectful of the neighborhood and neighbors as well as the Wingnut.
No Cops Allowed.

Adam Barksdale, Fight Back! and the Dope Girls

Monday, July 5th at 7pm come on out to the Wingnut to see these 3 amazing bands and to hang out!!!

Adam Barksdale is folk/indie music hailing from South Florida with  political influence!

Fight Back!  are acoustic folk from Florida

The Dope Girls are acoustic grime from Connecticut

As always, Wingnut events are all ages and sober. Please be respectful of the space and our neighbors.

Saturday July 3rd at 7pm!!!

Come to the Wingnut and see the Bearcubes play!

Bearcubes are a group of five who came together in the musically rich town of Oberlin, Ohio. Their debut album “The New Moon in the Morning” features thirteen thoughtful, charming, and hummable original songs, lushly arranged and produced by the band members themselves. These recordings feature over 25 musicians from the Oberlin community, including a string quartet, brass band, marimba, harp, and accordion.

Those who go to see the Bearcubes’ live performance can expect an energetic show, complete with five-part vocal harmonies and frequent oboe duets.

Bearcubes sing sweetly and move audiences with their finger-picked acoustic guitar melodies, uncommon poeticism, and skillful musicianship, but they can also rock, with booming electric bass, foot-stomping banjo, and honky-tonk piano.

This summer Bearcubes will promote their debut album on tour summer, throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

Saul Alpert-Abrams – vocals, guitar, keyboard
Claire Chenette – vocals, guitar, keyboard, oboe
Katherine Dohan – vocals, bass, oboe
David B. Greenberg – vocals, drums
Alex Kramer – vocals, banjo

If anyone is interested in opening please contact the Wingnut in advance!!

(804) 303-5449

Vouchers are now available at the Wingnut for the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry. This event will be held on Saturday July 10th at 12 noon at the corner of North Avenue and West Graham, in the parking lot next to the Goal Post.

We only have 100 vouchers, so 100 people will be guaranteed food.

If you know of people in the Southern Barton Heights area who could use some extra food please let us know so we can get them vouchers. If you know people who have different mobility levels and might need us to bring them the food on that day please let us know so we can do our best to accomodate people of many different abilities.

You can call the Wingnut at 804 303 5449 or stop by 2005 Barton Avenue for a voucher.

We painted this mural on the front of the Wingnut in time for Memorial Day and our cookout. Now we are finally getting around to posting a picture of it that our friend Andrew Phinney took. About 10 of us, Wingnuts and friends, worked on the mural together. Some ideas came from people in the neighborhood and some came from us. We have gotten a lot of positive responses from everyone in the neighborhood with the exception of yuppies. Many people appreciate the anti-cop message and we have heard many stories of local folks or their loved ones being harassed, abused, and even killed by the police. This is an issue that really resonates with people in our area. On the other hand, many yuppies are upset that we ‘ruined’ our nice house. Thats ok. We are actually kind of stoked that our mural speaks to so many people while also perhaps serving as a deterrent to gentrifiers.

Craft Night

Wednesday June 30th from 7-9 at the Wingnut

Some of the kids in our neighborhood want to learn to sew! So on the 30th we will have a sewing specific craft night.
Anyone who wants to come help us give the kids the one on one attention this will probably require would be seriously appreciated.
Or if you want to learn to hand sew you should come too!
Or just come work on some sewing project of your own, even if you don’t want to help other folks learn.
Hope to see you there!

For anyone who might be in Pennsylvania this week, here is an announcement about counter actions to fascists who will be rallying. The Wingnut stands in solidarity with communities struggling against fascism.

Call to Action: Bringing the Antifa Hooliganism Back to the 717. On June 19th, Aryan Nations plans to hold a rally at the Gettysburg National Military Park from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM to spread their racist and anti-Semitic ideology. (more…)