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Beloved Binge, Indie Pop duo from Durham, NC

“Reminiscent of groups like the Moldy Peaches, [Beloved Binge adds] a humorous touch to lyrics that might seem dark otherwise.  Beloved Binge pulls out lighthearted pop-punk jams with its fourth studio album, Pockets.  It will certainly leave listeners with plenty of catchy riffs to get stuck in their heads.”   Daily Tar Heel, Diversions

1 hour Documentary Seeing Through the Fence:

Through a series of humorous and poignant interviews conducted across the US and in Greece with “random people,” the documentarian’s family, and activists, Seeing through the Fence explores the role of food in modern society and our connection, or lack of connection, with both the processes and animals from which our food originates.

The documentary asks the question: what prevents ethical principles from advancing into action?

Here are also some testimonials from screenings:

7pm, all ages, sober, band has merch for sale. Possible vegan snacks too!


Adam Barksdale, Fight Back! and the Dope Girls

Monday, July 5th at 7pm come on out to the Wingnut to see these 3 amazing bands and to hang out!!!

Adam Barksdale is folk/indie music hailing from South Florida with  political influence!

Fight Back!  are acoustic folk from Florida

The Dope Girls are acoustic grime from Connecticut

As always, Wingnut events are all ages and sober. Please be respectful of the space and our neighbors.