We painted this mural on the front of the Wingnut in time for Memorial Day and our cookout. Now we are finally getting around to posting a picture of it that our friend Andrew Phinney took. About 10 of us, Wingnuts and friends, worked on the mural together. Some ideas came from people in the neighborhood and some came from us. We have gotten a lot of positive responses from everyone in the neighborhood with the exception of yuppies. Many people appreciate the anti-cop message and we have heard many stories of local folks or their loved ones being harassed, abused, and even killed by the police. This is an issue that really resonates with people in our area. On the other hand, many yuppies are upset that we ‘ruined’ our nice house. Thats ok. We are actually kind of stoked that our mural speaks to so many people while also perhaps serving as a deterrent to gentrifiers.

  1. Great fucking mural comrades! Maybe holy!holy!holy! will come through there this year and see it in person! Up the FIGHT!

  2. Lauren says:

    What yuppies have mentioned anything about your mural?

    • anarchymo says:

      Some folks that we talked to in the neighborhood this weekend. Apparently the sentiment that we ruined our house with it is something that is going around amongst the monied ‘historic preservation’ etc. crowd.

      • Lauren says:

        I’m not sure I would consider them all “monied.” The few historic literalists I know don’t have a lot of money; they have just been in their houses for years, and put their extra into their passion of painstakingly restoring old homes. And, yes, I would never have done the mural on the front of the house, as I think it detracts from the original architecture and masonry that someone created. But, it’s your house now, and time and generations change a lot in a house, a block, and even a neighborhood. Maybe the next generation will all be painting murals on the fronts of their houses.

      • anarchymo says:

        I didn’t mean to imply all people interested in historic reservation are monied. Sorry if it came across like that.
        We are more interested in community and communication than we are in appearance and architecture.
        I too really like old houses, and I enjoy renovating them. However, it is not surprising to me that our house ended up with some tattoos of its own.
        It was important to us to memorialize the deaths of people who are rarely acknowledged for their struggles and sacrifices. And also to call out the people doing the murdering.
        I think that a lot of the people interested in flipping houses, ‘investing’, and ultimately gentrifying an area are turned off by the mural, and we see that as a positive thing, in that it preserves low income housing and keeps folks from being displaced.