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Barton Heights Community Association

November Meeting – Tuesday November 13th

December Meeting – Tuesday December 11th

January Meeting – Tuesday January 8th


Monthly meetings of the Barton Heights Community Association are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. We meet in the basement of Triumphant Baptist Church, located at the intersection or Lamb Ave. and Poe St. The best entrance to use is around back through the parking lot.

Our meetings are open, and we encourage residents, business owners, property owners, and others with interests in the Barton Heights Neighborhood to attend.


 For more information please visit our website, or email us to be added to the email list.



Barton Heights Community Association

October Meeting

Tuesday October 9th at 6:30 pm

at Triumphant Baptist Church (Lamb Ave. and Poe St.)
Entrance around the back parking lot to the basement


Defining our communities geographic boundary

Environmental, Health, and Utility concerns

Planning a Fall Community Festival

Bring your ideas, concerns, interests, etc.

Residents, organizations, business owners etc. encouraged to attend.

We have 2 videos of the September 11th, 2012 meeting of the Barton Heights Community Association.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective films and makes available the video as a matter of public record, and to help folks who can’t make the meetings stay aware of the issues going on. The Barton Heights Community Association is not the same thing as the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, we are just members.

At the meeting we forgot to announce at the beginning that we were video recording, and why, and where it was going to be placed, and to give folks the option to opt out. We are sorry for this oversight, and will announce at future meetings, and not video record folks who do not wish to be recorded.

Since Community Associations act as representative bodies for their neighborhoods, we do think that folks have a right to know what goes on at the meetings, even if they can’t make it due to work or school.

The next Barton Heights Community Association Meeting will be on Tuesday October 9th at 6:30pm at Triumphant Baptist Church at Lamb Ave. and Poe St. We use the basement entrance located on the parking lot side of the building.

Barton Heights Community Association Meeting 9/11/12 from WingnutAnarchistCollective on Vimeo.

Barton Heights Community Association Meeting 9/11/12 Part 2 from WingnutAnarchistCollective on Vimeo.

Some amazing activists with the group Parents For Life 2012 have exposed some glaring lies by the Richmond Public Schools about A.V. Norrell. Thanks to Parents For Life 2012 for shedding light on the issues, and keeping the pressure on!

From Parents For Life 2012:

Richmond Public School recently put out an FAQ section on their website, in relation to the relocation of the Head Start program to A.V Norrell Elementary. In this FAQ, they lie about the contents of a 2007 FEMA report (available by email, mcnealkc [at] if you want us to email you the file), and about the capacity of John B. Cary Elementary. The complete refutation is attached as a .doc file.

In brief, RPS claimed that the 2007 report declared Norrell safe and the landfill no longer a problem, while in reality, FEMA detected levels of methane gas “approaching the upper explosive limit”, and unequivocally stated that the landfill is still a safety risk at the time of writing. Richmond Public Schools also alleges that no other school could accommodate 250 students, while a news report from May of this year represents John B. Cary elementary (which the FAQ mentions by name) as operating 700 students under capacity.

These discrepancies, calculated as they appear, can’t be accidental. RPS is lying about A.V Norrell Elementary.

Save the date!

Tuesday, August 7th is National Night Out.

Barton Heights, and our newly re-forming neighborhood association will be celebrating in Yancey Street Park (At intersection of North Avenue and Poe Street). We will start at 6:30 and go til dark!

There will be food to grill (vegan, vegetarian, halal options) and anyone who wants to can bring a dish to share!

There will be local organizations tabling, entertainment in the form of a DJ and/or movie, a Know Your Rights training, and a Really Really Free Market (free clothes, books, cds, etc. anyone is welcome to bring items to give away).

More details coming as we work them out. Please save the date and plan on attending! email if you have questions/concerns/want to help!

And also- don’t forget that the next Barton Heights Neighborhood Association meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 11th at 6pm. Tell your neighbors, and let’s get the community out to talk about how to make Barton Heights a better place for us all!


First Meeting of proposed new Barton Heights Neighborhood Association

Barton Heights has not had a Neighborhood Association since the previous President, the much loved Ralph Harris sadly passed away.

Mark Dorroh, who was the Secretary at the time, is now organizing to re-create the Neighborhood Association.

An email list has been revived, and a few items proposed for the agenda of the first meeting.

Some of the proposed agenda items include working with the police to have a National Night Out event on August 7th, and forming a Neighborhood Watch program as part of the Neighborhood Association. These are 2 things that us Wingnuts are against, and we would encourage folks who have questions about our stance on these topics to get in touch.

The previous incarnation of our neighborhood association worked with police, invited them to meetings to report on crime, and included them on the email list. The previous neighborhood association also used a hierarchical structure for organization, and majority rules decision making.  Because the organization is re-starting there is an opportunity this Wednesday for community members to come express what they really do and do not want in a neighborhood association and we strongly encourage folks to come out and do so.

We can choose to not work with the police, to not welcome them at our meetings, to not include a neighborhood watch group that calls the police as part of the association, and to operate through consensus or another more equitable decision making process.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday July 18th at 6:30 pm at the Northside Family Resource Center at 800 West Graham Road- behind the 2 auto parts stores on Chamberlayne Ave.

Folks who would like a ride should meet at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective at 2005 Barton Avenue at 6pm on Wed. July 18th. is Mark’s email, so folks interested in being added to the Barton Heights Neighborhood Association email list should send him an email requesting it. If folks need help accessing the internet, the Wingnut has wireless you can come use, and a computer  which are both available during Open Hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm.

We will also be making paper fliers and info about the meeting available around the area to help get in touch with folks without internet access.

Call, stop by, or email us if you would like to talk about any of this! 804 303 5449,

On August 13th the Central Virginia Food Bank showed up in Southern Barton Heights with enough food to provide for 200 households in our community. The event worked out, even though we all got a shower when it decided to pour rain right in the middle of the day! Here’s how it went:

Of the 200 vouchers handed out, 147 were handed in for food. In all, those with vouchers represented 280 adults, 277 children, and 95 seniors; accounting for 652 people total.

Having seen that there were some organizational issues to be worked out with how the Pantry has worked in the past, this month, we did things a little differently.  We have noticed over the last few months a trend in folks from Southern Barton Heights not receiving vouchers, while others from well outside of the neighborhood were receiving one, or even more. This is not to say that we don’t want other people to have food, on the contrary if it were up to us, we would live in a world where everyone had enough to keep themselves and those around them fed.  Sadly, we are only able to guarantee food for 200 families, which is by no means a small amount, but unfortunately doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the issue of hunger in our communities. So, with that in mind, we have revamped the process by which we are handing out vouchers, in an effort to better serve our immediate community. If you have, in previous months, received a voucher for the event, yet you did not this month, please keep in mind that if you are outside of our range of delivery you will either need to contact us at 804-303-5449, or come to the mobile food pantry event the second Saturday of every month and sign up to have a voucher delivered to you.

We will be handing out semi-permanent voucher cards to people in the Southern Barton Heights area over the coming weeks as a solution to the voucher concerns.

We held the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday, December 11th.

The Mobile Food Pantry is co-organized with the Central VA Food Bank. They bring a huge truck filled with food -12,630 lbs of food this month- and we distribute vouchers to community members who could use the extra food. While the vouchers ensure the holder gets priority in line and guarantees a full share of food, anybody is welcome to come and share the remainder. We gave away all of the food this month.

This month we changed our distribution scheme in a significant way: instead of people coming to our door to pick up food vouchers, we delivered them door to door throughout our neighborhood and northside. Those who fell outside our delivery range were contacted afterword, and then told they could pick up a voucher. This helped ensure ALL the people in our area (and especially less mobile folks) got vouchers, while also not excluding people in other areas of the city.

In general the level of politeness at the Mobile Food Pantry increased, we speculate due to the presence of more actual neighors at the community event. Another unexpected benefit was a proportional increase in reported seniors, probably also due to the less Social Darwinist model of voucher distro.

Without further ado, the statistics: (more…)

A recent post on the Church Hill People’s News website shows some of the issues that Church Hill faces in regards to accessing affordable, healthy food. Southern Barton Heights, Brookland Park, Battery Park, and Highland Park all face similar challenges as Food Deserts. There are no grocery stores in our neighborhood. There are corner stores which typically have a smaller, less quality, and more expensive selection – in addition to fewer open hours than many grocery stores. The closest grocery store to our neighborhood is the Kroger at Lombardy and Broad. Residents without personal vehicles are forced to either walk, bike, or take the bus. Aside from that they only have access to what the corner stores have to offer.

There are other challenges on the people in low income food deserts. The public transportation system in Richmond, namely the GRTC, has been cutting routes over the past couple years. And last night city council just voted to pass a bus fare hike. Additionally, there are no bike shops in Southern Barton Heights to help people who do ride bikes maintain their equipment.

Food Politics and access to affordable, healthy food are not isolated issues. They are tied into to many issues around class and race. There are reasons why certain areas do not have the access they need. Working with groups like the Richmond Transit Rider’s union can be ways to take a more holistic approach to the problem of food access in our communities. (more…)

Come to the Wingnut on April 24th at 7pm (after the Earth Day Celebration in Battery Park) and listen to some awesome bluegrass/folk/local music from:
Here’s to the Long Haul
and TBA!

Sober, All Ages, No Cops Allowed.

Playing both contemporary and traditional mountain music, Here’s to the Long Haul is born of the historic and ongoing movements for justice in Appalachia and beyond. Willie Dodson and Joe Overton first met and played music in Southern West Virginia in 2006 at the second annual Mountain Justice Training Camp, a gathering of folks working together to fight mountaintop removal coal mining ( (more…)