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Mayday – Tomorrow!!!

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No stadium in shockoe bottom
No money to racist nfl teams
No privatization of public parks
No public funds to “nonprofit” venture richmond
No increase in utility rates
No bombtrains or oil pipelines through our state
Fund our schools and parks and protect our environment

On March 27 the Virginia Sierra Club issued a press release calling for increased rail safety, particularly regarding the shipping of crude oil through Virginia.

A month later, today, a train on CSX lines going through Lynchburg, Va derailed, catching on fire and leaking crude oil into the James River.
The spill couldn’t have happened at a worse time, with the river already reaching flood levels due to days of rainfall.


Photo from Tim Barry’s twitter

City of Richmond officials have stated they will switch the City’s water supply to the Kanawha Canal… but to our knowledge the canal is fed by the river. We are very concerned about the safety of drinking water in the city of Richmond and for everyone along the James.
This is yet another example of why we can not continue our dependence on fossil fuels. They are too toxic and dangerous. Richmond and Virginia need to move to alternative, non nuclear, fuel sources.

We demand no crude oil shipping through our state, whether by rail or pipeline, and stand in solidarity with other communities fighting against the corporate greed and destruction of our planet and to keep their communities clean and safe from fossil fuels.

The recent chemical spill in West Virginia, pipeline spills around the country, and more should be more than enough warning to our society that enough is enough. The earthquakes near the nuclear reactor at Lake Anna should be enough to scare us into changing our ways, especially after the tsunami in Japan causeing massive pollution from their nuclear reactors. We have numerous examples of the suffering and grief these practices result in. We need to change our ways as a City and a society.

Our hearts go out to all the animals, plants, and humans who will suffer and die due to this oil spill. Our hearts grow hardened towards the corporations who continue to place profit over people and grow rich through exploitation of humans, animals, and the earth.

No Keystone XL
No crude oil trains

Solidarity with everyone fighting for alternative sources of power and fuel and against the pillaging of their communities.

Please be safe Richmond and let us know how we can help.

Sadly, the Avail song, Scuffletown, has continued relevance.

And Old Crow Medicine Show’s James River Blues…

This is the latest from Southerners on New Ground, an LGBTQ grassroots organization. Check out all of their amazing work at SONG

LGBTQ in the South: Quality of Life versus Life and Death?
Posted by hermelinda

Over the past decade, the LGBTQ movement has fought for and witnessed policy campaigns across the country. SONG, as the largest grassroots LGBTQ organization rooted in the South, has seen these policy fights simultaneously mobilize LGBTQ people and open doors to conversations that would not have otherwise occurred in our communities. For over twenty years, we have engaged with these policy fights when possible and necessary while understanding that this region cannot be transformed by policy alone. We know this truth, because we stand in a present political moment in which gains struggled for and won during the Civil Rights Movement (voting rights, affirmative action, etc.) are being dismantled piece by piece by the conservative Right mobilizing white resentment from the fight back of people of color. We see this political force tap into this resentment to turn back policy on everything from reproductive choice to food access in the Farm Bill. (more…)

Frontyard Garden Progress!

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With the help of friends and Wingnuts we have new art on the wall on the northern side of the house, a third garden bed in the front, new flower and perennial herb beds in the front, and broccoli and lettuce planted! Thanks friends/wingnuts!!!

Does anyone have .pdfs of zines on anarchism, may day, feminism, privilege, accountability, consent, radical sobriety, know your rights, indigenous issues, veganism, environmentalism, intersectionality, gender,  etc. They can send us?

The resource that hosted everything we used to use (  has gone down right when we were planning on making a Wingnut recommended reading list to also table with and get new Wingnts to read! Halp! Also if anyone has hard copies of zines they can mail us, our printing capacity is very low right now, but we want to table with free literature at Plan it X Fest, Alt expo at Porc Fest, and the #rva Ramshackle Glory show!! or 2005 Barton Avenue Richmond VA 23222


Southerners On New Ground
Building, Connecting, And Amplifying LGBTQ Organizing for Liberation

LGBTQ Day at the #not1more Deportation Hunger Strike
Tuesday, April 29th, Washington DC
Join the call for President Obama to Stop Deportations and for Immediate Administrative Relief

As many of you know the #not1more Deportation campaign’s White House Hunger Strike is entering its 5th week! SONG will be joining other LGBT leaders and groups coming OUT to support the call for #not1more on Tuesday, April 29th in Washington, D.C., on the White House’s front lawn.

Live Nearby?

Join us for a full LGBTQ Day in support of the hunger strike. Come learn what other folks are working on as part of the campaign, what’s on the horizon for future actions, how to plug in, and how we can coordinate future work that grows our communities’ power!

Tuesday, April 29
White House: Lafayette Park at 16th and H. Street NW [Lafayette Square 1600–1608 H St NW, Washington, DC 20006]

10:30 AM // Welcome and Story Circle
Join us for a morning kickoff! Learn more about the #not1more campaign, what different organizations are doing to support our LGBTQ immigrant and undocumented folks, and share cases that we will be highlighting and supporting during the day!

11:30 AM // Art Making!
Bring your art supplies and help us up our banner swag by making signs for the day!

12:30 PM // Lunch

1:30 PM // Press Conference and visit with Congressional Legislators

4:30 PM // LGBTQ Hunger Strike Happy Hour!

Join SONG, the AZ Dream Act Coalition, DRM Action and Immigration Equality for a closing of the day and connect with LGBTQ folks working on the #not1more campaign! This will be an opportunity to learn about ways to stay engaged and to support specific cases to get LGBTQ folks out of deportation and detention. Join us in growing the movement for a stop to ALL deportations and an immediate path to Administrative Relief!

Live Hours Away From the White House?
You can still help support the #not1more campaign and the LGBTQ Day at the Hunger Strike!


From our friend Charles Pool:

Dear Honorable Members of City Council,

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”   A corollary may be, “The unexamined grant is not worth giving.”

When the City grants a no-bid contract, it is a cause for serious concern.  When the City grants a no-bid contract for a GENERATION, it is shameful.  Please do not approve the Venture Richmond’s continued subsidy before City Council on April 28th, presented as a  downtown “Work Plan Budget” ordinance.

Is Venture Richmond “too big to fail”?  Yes, the Mayor serves as Venture Richmond’s President, and yes, the City Council president and vice-president serve on the Venture Richmond board.  Yes, Venture Richmond’s board includes some of Richmond’s most prominent corporate leaders and donors.  Yes, Venture Richmond’s work plan is written so broadly that it allows it to take on whatever lobbying the Mayor needs, such lobbying for the Mayor’s Shockoe stadium proposal.  Yes, Venture Richmond’s salaries add an unneeded layer of expense to the upkeep of city property at Brown’s Island and Tredegar Green– the Venture Richmond director’s annual salary of $242,000 is greater than that of all Council members combined, and the top four Venture Richmond salaries total over $640,000.

A no-bid contract for a GENERATION is not only an extremely poor financial deal for the city tax payers, but it results in lax performance and service.  Venture Richmond no longer needs to show regard for the public. Consider the repeated promises given for a Section 106 historic review of Venture Richmond’s amphitheater on Tredegar Green; the day after receiving Planning Commission approval for the amphitheater Venture Richmond withdrew from the Section 106 review.  Consider the illegal demolition of the historic Tredegar wall on city property while leased to Venture Richmond.  Consider the assault on the performer on Brown’s Island during an event staged by Venture Richmond.   Consider the fact that Venture Richmond no longer bothers to put canal boats in the water beside Brown’s Island; the ticket booth sits vacant because Venture Richmond receives its subsidy regardless. 

After a generation of public investment, Brown’s Island and the canal boat concession should be generating financial gain for the city.  But this is not the case.  Venture Richmond is paid $50,000 annually by the City in a no-bid grant to put on the Friday Cheers concerts, and then Venture Richmond keeps the $10/head ticket receipts (from as many as 10,000 spectators per event).  Venture Richmond is paid $700,000 annually in a no-bid grant by the city to administer the Clean and Safe program, and then Venture Richmond subs out the program.  Venture Richmond is paid by the city in a no-bid grant to run the canal boats, and then Venture Richmond keeps the $6/head ticket excursion fares of the 20,000 riders annually.  Why aren’t these programs put up for bids?

Please do not rubber stamp an extension of the Venture Richmond subsidy.  One GENERATION is long enough to receive the same unexamined grant.


Charles Poole

May day Parade and cookout!!!

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Facebook event:!/events/1414586022140446?ref=m_notif&notif_t=event_mall_comment

Hey yall!
Food not bombs is bottomlining a cookout after the May day parade this year. But we could really use help from community organizations. We have compiled a list of food items we hope other groups can bring out. We also are encouraging you to bring signs, banners, literature, and friends! The plan for the day (Thuraday May 1) is as follows:
2 – meet at Abner Clay Park in Jackson ward
2:30 – Leave park and start the parade led by All Saints Theater.
3:30-4 arrive in Monroe Park for a potluck cookout and rally. There will also hopefully be bands and various organizations tabling and periodic speakers. We plan to hang out until dark or everyone gets full and tired.

We are organizing May Day in solidarity with Fast Food Workers fighting for $15 and more rights, the struggle against a Shockoe Stadium, and the struggle against the privatization of Monroe Park.

We are focusing May day on Monroe Park this year because since City Council leased the park to a private organization last week we are very concerned about it’s future and potentially threats to Food Not Bombs’ 20+ year legacy in the park, free speech and protests in the park,  and the many low income and homeless people who use the park regularly.

Here is a list of food items we think would go well with the cookout potluck. But feel free to improvise or bring a personal favorite to share. If you can, drop us a line so we know what you are bringing! We plan on having veggie dogs and popsicles and water coolers as a bare minimum.
We could also use several charcoal grills if you can bring one let us know!!!
Ideas to bring:
– Drink mixes 
– Ice 
– Meat for grilling 
– Hot dog buns 
– Corn on the cob 
– baked beans- vegetarian 
– potato salad 
– watermelons 
– salads, coleslaw 
– condiments 
– veggie burgers/ burgers??? 
– desserts

Please share this information with members of your organization and other organizations. We would love to see a huge turnout so we can stake our claim on the streets and parks of Richmond, and enjoy eachothers company as we celebrate the legacy of Worker’s Rights and Organizing!

Mo Karnage




3 nazis we ran into at #easteronparade I saw the SS tattoo behind one of their ears and called them racist bastards. To which they responded by revealing their swastika tattoos and heiling. Please share so folks can be aware of their presence in town. #rva #nazis #whitesupremacists #antifa #fascists #wingnut

Check out Mo’s essay on why to protest on Easter Sunday!

And some signs we are bringing –

easter1 easter2 easter3