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On Wednesday August 27th we are hosting live from Canada the Drunken Wobblies! Folk punk music with labor lyrics! 7pm, all ages, bring a friend and a donation for the canadians!


On Thursday August 28th we are hosting a craft night at 7pm! We will be making jewelry and you are welcome to come and bring any craft you want to work on or supplies to share etc.!

On Sunday August 31st, join us at 12:30 to cook for Food Not Bombs! This is the Wingnut’s last Sunday hosting the meal preparation until November!


On Monday September 1st, take a break from your Labor Day festivities to come to a bizarre book reading at the Wingnut. No, really, its bizarre- The Bizarro Book Tour to be exact! 8pm!


And on Friday September 5th, at 6pm, we will be hosting a potluck dinner for friends and family!!


Come to the Wingnut for a post-Food Not Bombs Craft Night


Sunday April 7th from 6pm to 10pm!

Bring snacks to share, vegan preferred, we will also try to provide some! There is likely going to be leftovers from the vegan Food Not Bombs meal too!

Glitter fabric paint, sew on patches, rhinestones, hemp, paint, etc. Let’s get our sparkle on!

DIY- Do It Yourself!!!!

Bring your projects you are working on, supplies to share, etc.!


The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is working in the Southern Barton Heights neighborhood to help facilitate community autonomy and solidarity.

Open Hours are just that – open. You are welcome to come hang out, look at books, work on a project, drink tea, talk, do your homework, write, play a game etc.

You don’t have to want to engage in a particular activity to come use the space.

Open hours are intended to create a community space for both the Southern Barton Heights and the radical/anarchist community.

Every other Wednesday at 7:00pm is also Craft Night! Come to the Wingnut to draw, paint, sew, build, and create! Get creative and make something, or get involved with a project someone else is working on. Bring your projects and craft supplies.

Snacks always welcome as well!

Sober, all ages, like all Wingnut events.

Looking for something to do this Winter? Have some sewing you need to work on? Craft projects you’ve been meaning to get around to? Zines you have been meaning to assemble?

On Saturday February 5th come hang out at the Wingnut and enjoy a Mad Max movie marathon and a Do It Yourself A-thon!

Bring a vegan food dish or beverage to share.

Movies start at 5pm, and will run through til something around 10pm. We will be projecting them onto a big screen, and hanging out with the woodstove.

If you don’t have crafts you want to work on, we have a lot of art and craft supplies at the Wingnut that you are welcome to use.

Trigger Warnings after the break:

What better time than the long cold winter for some self reflection, writing, research, and art? Come to the Wingnut on January 12th at 7pm during Open Hours to hang out, drink tea, eat cookies, and work on zines!

Zines are independent published documents frequently associated with DIY (Do It Yourself), punk, and various other subcultures. Some zines are comics, some are art, some have photos, some are personal stories, some are political, and some are informative. You can make your zine however you want to. They come in all shapes and sizes and styles.

There will be people available to give you advice and help with your zines. We will also have a variety of important zine materials available- from staplers to sharpies. We will also have the Approaching Apocalypse Zine Collection available for people to browse and get ideas from!

The Richmond Zine Fest won’t be until next fall, but making a zine now is a good way to stay a part of a zine community all year long!

Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch had an article on the front page under the fold about the current controversy over the plans to renovate Monroe Park. The article quotes from the Food Not Bombs statement of demands in regards to the proposed renovations. It also quotes 2nd district city councilman Charles Samuels and gives some information about the meeting this Thursday from 5 to 7pm at Richmond Carillon auditorium at Dogwood Dell, 1300 Blanton Ave. Anyone who needs help getting to the meeting from Monroe Park, or can offer rides should meet at the corner of Main and Belvidere at 4:30 and 4:45 this Thursday the 4th. Charles Samuels is asking people to register by today at (804) 646-6532 or Jan.Girardi@ We will be offering rides to anyone and everyone, regardless of registration status. The more voices the better!
Anyone interested in making signs, banners, fliers etc. about this issue is invited to come to craft night during open hours this Wednesday at the Wingnut from 7-10 on Wednesday the 3rd. The Wingnut is located at 2005 Barton Avenue and you can call 804 303 5449 for more information. Anyone with sign making supplies to donate is encouraged to bring them by at any time.

Here is the article:
Monroe Park plan spurs debate over services for homeless
Monroe Park

Monroe Park forum
Richmond City Councilman Charles R. Samuels has called a meeting on Monroe Park and homeless services
When: Thursday, 5 to 7 p.m.
Where: Richmond Carillon auditorium at Dogwood Dell, 1300 Blanton Ave.
Registration: requested by today at (804) 646-6532 or Jan.Girardi@

Published: November 01, 2010 (more…)

The Wingnut’s Bi-monthly craft night on November 3rd at 7pm will be a time to make fliers, banners, signs, etc. around the campaign to keep Monroe Park open and accessible throughout construction. Anyone attending the Novemeber 4th ‘community conversation’ organized by 2nd District City Councilman Charles Samuels is encouraged to come.
Please bring supplies if you can- posterboard, banner material, paint, brushes, but still come if you don’t have any of these things. (more…)

This Wednesday, October 20th at 7pm, is Craft Night at the WIngnut!

Come work on your projects, start a new project with some of our supplies, or even to play games.

We will also be making pinatas for the Really Really Free Market and the Wingnut Halloween Party. Anyone with pinata making experience is highly encouraged. We are probably going to do paper mache over balloons to make the pinata shells, which we will decorate the following week.

Hope to see you there!

Here are the Wingnut Events (so far) For the month of September! We are also including other events that are happening throughout the city of Richmond. We would like to do this every month. So if you are putting on radical or anarchist events please let us know so we can include your events on a more comprehensive calendar!

Wednesday the 1st, 7pm- Zine Work Group- Come plan and work on your zines/ home made publications (Wingnut)
Saturday the 4th, 4pm- Richmond Earth First Meeting (Monroe Park, Corner of Main and Belvidere)
Sunday the 5th, 10am Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 5th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)

Sunday the 5th, 1pm- Food Not Bombs Monthly Meeting
Wednesday the 8th, 6pm – Richmond Industrial Workers of the World Meeting (Flying Brick Library)
Wednesday the 8th, 7pm- Craft Night (Wingnut)
Saturday the 11th, 1pm- Mobile Food Pantry in Southern Barton Heights (Parking Lot next to Goal Post)
Saturday the 11th, 5pm- Propaganda, Psychology and Objectivity Workshop (The Black Hand)
Sunday the 12th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 12th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)
Tuesday the 14th, 7pm- Security Culture Workshop (Wingnut)
Thursday the 16th, 3pm- Cooking with FNB for Rephrame Forum event (Wingnut)
Thursday the 16th, 5:30-7:30pm- REPHRAME Community Forum (Sixth Mount Zion Church)
Sunday the 19th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)

Sunday the 19th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)

Monday the 20th, 7pm- Richmond Transit Riders Union Meeting (Ghostprint Gallery)
Tuesday the 21st, 6:30pm- Southern Barton Heights Community Association Meeting (Goal Post)
Wednesday the 22nd, 7pm- Craft Night, Anarchist Black Cross make anti-death penalty signs (Wingnut)
Thursday the 23rd, 4-6pm- Death Penalty Protest with the Anarchist Black Cross (1111 West Broad Street)
Saturday the 25th, 12-3pm- Really Really Free Market and Potluck [Tea Party at 2pm] (Monroe Park, corner of Main and Laurel)
Saturday the 25th, 12-6pm- Goal Post Community Day (Goal Post, North Avenue)
Sunday the 26th, 10am- Southern Barton Heights Trash Cleanup (Wingnut)
Sunday the 26th, 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs (Wingnut)
Monday the 27th, 7pm- Copwatch Meeting (Wingnut)

Come on out to the Wingnut Anarchist Collective to make signs/banners for the anti-death penalty protest the next day.

Virginia is planning to execute Teresa Lewis on September 23rd. The Anarchist Black Cross is planning a protest on September 23rd from 4-6 at 1111 East Broad Street.

If you want to come to either part of the protest, this craft night the night before will be a good chance to make signs that have messages that you would feel comfortable holding.

If you want to come and work on other crafts as usual with craft night, that is totally fine too!