The Wingnut Anarchist Collective occupies a 2 story house in Southern Barton Heights. The house was built in 1922.

We’ve considered how we can try to make our house more accessible/wheelchair accessible, and unfortunately, right now that looks like it will be out of our capabilities.

The challenges we face include, being raised up off of the sidewalk, and again off of the yard, and again off of the porch, and then not having a first floor bathroom that is accessible either.

It really sucks that our house and events at our house are not wheelchair accessible/accessible right now.


We also want to put out there, that we are a household with dogs, and we know a good amount of people are allergic to dogs. We have hardwood floors, not carpets, so that can cut down on the amount of dander/fur etc. But definitely be aware.

Also, ours is not a scent free household. Mostly people aren’t wearing perfume per say, but there are still shampoos/bodywash/etc.

We have a common kitchen, so most of our food should be assumed to be contaminated with gluten/peanuts/groundnuts/etc. Our kitchen is also not vegan, although the vegan that cooks their is pretty diligent about protecting the vegan cast iron pans etc.

In terms of other allergens, nothing pops out immediately, but if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call (804) 303 5449 or email wingnut_collective [at]