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Richmond Food Not Bombs will be doing the prep and cooking for Sunday meals at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective every Sunday in December from 12:30- 3:45 then leaving for Monroe Park to share the meal.
2005 Barton Avenue
Or call 804 300 0023 for more info



Food Not Bombs Finance Meeting.

The agenda is pretty loose at the moment, but will include:
– Brief report on what money we have, from Kat
– Brief report on planned fundraisers coming up, from the planners
– Brief explanation of Richmond FNB’s legal and financial situation at the moment, and what that means in terms of taxes
– Discussion on what to do about that, if anything. I have prepared some options.

If we accomplish that, we should hammer out some rules regarding money; what the accountholder’s responsibility’s are and what kind of discretion they should get, if we need additional cardholders, reporting and recording standards, etc. I have some recording suggestions to show you if we have time.

We’ll be wrapped up in time to cook, because it’s seriously doubtful that we can talk finance details for more than 90 minutes and have that be a productive use of our time.  The Facebook event for the meeting

10:00 am – 11:30 am

Room 240e, Cabell Library, 900 Park Avenue, Richmond VA
The 3rd Food Not Bombs Rotational Hosting meeting will be on Friday September 6th at 10am – The location hasn’t been announced yet, though it seems likely it will be at the VCU Library like the last 2 were. We will post an update when we hear what the location is.

UPDATE: VCU library room 152 will be the location of the meeting.

The facebook event is here:

or search on facebook for Food Not Bombs Rotational Hosting Meeting #3


The purpose of this meeting is to make decisions about the logistics of rotating cooking sites for Richmond Food Not Bombs!

In the third meeting, we will synthesize the ideas put forward in the previous two and begin making decisions regarding the models, spaces, and logistics of rotational hosting.

The results of the Doodle poll made it impossible to include everybody who was interested in attending; in the next meeting those people will be given priority. If you are unable to attend this meeting but have a strong opinion, argument, or idea, please contact any of the event hosts!

Respond to the poll using the above link!

RVA Food Not Bombs is having a meeting regarding the logistics of rotating hosting on a regular basis; this would mean that the cooking and cleanup portions of Sunday Food Not Bombs could be conducted at alternate host sites on a weekly basis.

This meeting will roughly address the following: do we want a rotating system, how will we use the rotating system, criteria needed for potential locations (these will mostly relate to concerns of size and distance), and more.

Monroe Park Renovation Plan


Here is what we currently know about the status of the Monroe Park Renovation Plans.

Most of this information has come from a discussion with 5th district City Councilman Parker Agelasto, the January 2008 Monroe Park Master Plan all 129 pages, our experience in 2010/2011 with campaigning to keep Monroe Park open, and the 2014/2015 adopted fiscal plan for the City of Richmond.

The current City budget approves 435,000 to go towards the renovation (page 313 of fiscal plan 2014/2015). The City money is to go towards the more nuts and bolts aspects of lighting, sewer, drainage, and pavers.

There is not currently a date set for the beginning of this stage of the renovation, and has been no communication as of yet as to how much of the park will be shut down at a time.

Remember, our biggest demand in 2010/2011 being that the entirety of Monroe Park never be closed at once.

Now that the City has approved the budget, the Monroe Park Advisory Council- the folks who originally developed this plan, can push to get donations to cover the rest of the aspects of their 6.2 million plan.

Additionally – and this is crucial- the idea is for Monroe Park to be placed under the guidance of a directing board who will privately control the park. Who is on this board, how they are elected or appointed, how they qualify, how representative they are of the people who use the park, how their decisions can be challenged by citizens, etc. are all just some of the aspects that will need to be thoughtfully and carefully addressed in a Memorandum of Understanding between the board and the City.

The process of developing the MOU needs to be transparent and well publicized.

Some aspects of the Monroe Park Renovation Plan are troubling and outdated. There are extensive articles written on and which dissect the faults in the plan.

Some parts of the plan- like accommodating food carts are already outdated due to the swift creation of a food cart culture and bureaucracy in the City generally. The whole Amphitheater section of the plan just seems redundant, with Brown’s island nearby already acting as a thriving outdoor venue.

The pages in the Monroe Park Master Plan detailing the budget and private security also reveal some of the issues that we are likely to run up against. Page 61 of the Master Plan reveals the intention of a privately financed and privately managed park. They also want to incorporate private security. Things they want the private security to prevent include “loud cursing…rummaging through garbage cans, spitting… feeding pigeons and playing loud music” (page 107). The security would cost over 200,00 in the first year and increase yearly.

The plan revealed on these pages for the ongoing management of Monroe Park shows that the authors of this plan desire to have Monroe Park act more as an events venue and less as a casual park. They have budget outlines for an events manager, a park manager, an administrative assistant, and an office for the new management entity. The programming and administrative departments alone all costs over 200,000 in the first year and increases yearly.

200,000 a year could do SO much more good in this City than to manage events at Monroe Park – especially when we have many other outdoor and indoor event venues available. For example, Food Not Bombs serves a free vegan meal every Sunday in Monroe Park on an annual budget of less than 2,000 – 100 other groups operating on the same model could be funded to distribute food weekly on 200,000. 200,000 would cover 133,333 bus rides for houseless or low income people in Richmond. These are just a few of the many awesome things that could be done with 200,000 aside from general administration of a park.

These are just SOME of the issues with the Monroe Park Renovation Plan/ Master Plan. There are many many others. If anyone would like to talk in person, interview, or look over some documents together please get in touch. If you hear anything about the plan, start dates, MOU, meetings around this issue etc. please get in touch as well. 804 303 5449 2005 Barton Avenue RVA 23222

Join Richmond Food Not Bombs to help cook for the May Day Living Wage at VCU Rally.
May 1st at 10am at 1401 West Leigh Street (not the same address where we cook on Sundays)

Much of the prep work will take place before the cooking period; don’t be alarmed by the short period of time.

Food Not Bombs is making rice, chili, and green salad to serve after the VCU Living Wage Campaign’s May Day rally for a living wage. The cooking will take place at Kat McNeal’s house, near the Lombardy Kroger. If you become lost, call Kat at 703-859-0393.

We need extra hands primarily for loading the vehicles, some vehicles to load, and some people who feel comfortable lifting heavy pots of hot food. We will serve at 1pm, at Monroe Park.

We also need a volunteer to print handbills for FNB, to provide to diners who may not have heard of us.

DSC_0084DSC_0090  (more…)

We’d like everyone, but especially interested folks who have never been before, to join us Sunday the 20th for our first Greeting Day!

Have you heard about Richmond Food Not Bombs, but been unsure about approaching a group of strangers in an unfamiliar setting? Not sure what food access justice means? Do you have questions about the politics, history, or process of RVA Food Not Bombs?

Food Not Bombs is a loose worldwide conglomeration of local food justice organizations, who believe that food is a right and the conditions of poverty are a kind of structural violence. Richmond Food Not Bombs has been in operation for eighteen years, serving a vegan meal that is free to all and prepared from donations and food that would otherwise go to waste, on Sunday evenings in Monroe Park. RVA FNB has only ever missed two servings in their entire near-twenty-year history. Currently, we cook out of a collective in Barton Heights, from 12:30-3:45pm, and eat in Monroe Park from 4-5pm, on Sundays.

Members are always available to greet newcomers and answer questions at the regular Sunday cooking, eating, and cleanup- and anyone is welcome to attend any Sunday- but we’ve decided to begin a tradition of monthly Greeting Sundays, where a specific member volunteers to act as the greeter and guide for any newcomers. There will be nametags, literature, and a member available specifically to address your questions and explain the process, from grocery pickups all the way through to cleanup.

This week’s greeter will be Kat. If you have questions or concerns prior to Sunday, you can contact her at, or through Facebook. You don’t need to show up right at 12:30, as this is an informal event. Feel free to come to the specified address from 12:30-3:30pm, and to the corner of Main and Belvidere at Monroe Park from 4-4:45pm. 2005 Barton Avenue!

There will be dogs at the cooking site, which is not wheelchair accessible, and lacks central heat, so dress warmly. Kids are welcome, provided they are supervised. Here is more information regarding accessibility and allergies: .

Greeting Days will be held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. If you miss this one, there will be more!

With the holidays approaching, it is again time to celebrate great music, old friends and doing great works in your community with SKALIDAYS 12!
Friday night features DC’s drunken masters of

soul, reggae, ska and fun, The Pietasters headlining, Fredricksburg’s inimitable masters of all things jazz, funk, rock and horn, Elby Brass and of course Murphy’s Kids.

We are also proud to announce the addition of some hard-working Richmond young-bloods that bring ROCK, Herro Sugar. Get there early!

This show is ALL AGES and begins at 6:00PM SHARP!

The proceeds from Skalidays 2012 will be going to Tricycle Gardens, a local organization that is working to create sustainable, healthy food systems for communities in Richmond that lack access to fresh produce and beautiful public outdoor spaces. And AS ALWAYS we will be collecting canned goods and blankets for Richmond’s homeless, to be distributed by RVA Food Not Bombs.

Tickets to this show will be $15 at the door. The only advance tickets available will be weekend passes, which will be available on December 1st at for $20!!

The Pietasters
Murphy’s Kids
Elby Brass
Herro Sugar

All Ages

Saturday night of Skalidays 2012 features the most fun and family-filled lineup to date… we’re bringing back Skalidays pop-punk mainstays Patent Pending, DC’s international ska/jazz heavyweights Eastern Standard Time and Philly prog/punk/reggae bro’s Tsunami Rising for Saturday’s show. We are also really stoked to announce a reunion of Aquafuture, RVA’s avant-e

lectrofunk quartet to open the show…This show is ALL AGES and begins at 6:00PM SHARP!

In it’s 12th year we are stuffing 2 days FULL of music, provided by some of the best ska, punk, rock, brass, jazz, reggae and funk bands from Richmond and beyond, and all in an effort to raise some cash to help a local organization that could use a few $$$’s around the holidays (and have a damn blast in the process).

The proceeds from Skalidays 2012 will be going to Tricycle Gardens, a local organization that is working to create sustainable, healthy food systems for communities in Richmond that lack access to fresh produce and beautiful public outdoor spaces. And AS ALWAYS we will be collecting canned goods and blankets for Richmond’s homeless, to be distributed by RVA Food Not Bombs.

Tickets to this show will be $15 at the door. The only advance tickets available will be weekend passes, which will be available on December 1st at for $20!!

Skalidays 2012
Saturday December 22, 2012
Murphy’s Kids
Patent Pending
Tsunami Rising
Eastern Standard Time

at Strange Matter (BRING QUARTERS… you fools!)

The Richmond Comedy Coalition’s all-improvised monthly show series, Richmond Famous, features live and totally unscripted comedy, created on the spot, inspired by the true stories of some of RVA’s most interesting people.

The improvisers will be hearing their guests’ stories for the first time onstage and what unfolds afterwards is as much a mystery to them as it is to you, creating a show so funny you’d swear it was scripted (but you know it’s not).

***As a fitting theme for Thanksgiving, the RCC welcomes members of FOOD NOT BOMBS to the Gallery5 Stage in November! ***

Food Not Bombs is a loose-knit group of independent collectives, serving free vegan and vegetarian food to others. Food Not Bombs’ ideology is that myriad corporate and government priorities are skewed to allow hunger to persist in the midst of abundance. To demonstrate this (and to reduce costs), a large amount of the food served by the group is surplus food from grocery stores, bakeries and markets that would otherwise go to waste. This group exhibits a form of franchise activism.

8:30pm (doors @ 8pm)
$7 ($5 w/ valid student ID)
Gallery5 (200 w. Marshall st. )