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Some Wingnuts got on the TV talking about anarchy, community, and the upcoming election!

Mark on The Local Anarchists

OUr friend E String Al came over to the Wingnut yesterday with assorted coffee cans, soda cans, and buckets. We gathered about 8 or 9 interested kids, and Al showed everyone how to make drums, shakers, and beats. A lot of kids just wanted to be as loud as possible, but soon asked Al how to make beats work together. There was a lot of noise in the Wingnut! Luckily, everyone decided they would like to move outside and have a Kids’ parade. And so started the Barton Avenue Kids’ Parade. We are hoping to have more kids music days in the future and learn about more homemade instruments, but at least now when the Wingnut has house shows, the kids have their own instruments with which to participate.

Craft Night

Wednesday June 30th from 7-9 at the Wingnut

Some of the kids in our neighborhood want to learn to sew! So on the 30th we will have a sewing specific craft night.
Anyone who wants to come help us give the kids the one on one attention this will probably require would be seriously appreciated.
Or if you want to learn to hand sew you should come too!
Or just come work on some sewing project of your own, even if you don’t want to help other folks learn.
Hope to see you there!

If you have been to the Wingnut in the past couple of months you might have run across some things you did not expect.  You will have noticed that we hang out with a lot of kids, and that there are often a lot of kids at the Wingnut. And because we are developing friendships with these kids, they are explicitly welcome at our events. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that folks might not automatically expect kids at events, such as Food Not Bombs, that happen at the Wingnut. We want to explain why we welcome kids specifically. And we want to open up lines of communication around this issue so members of the community feel welcome coming to us with questions or concerns about the presence of kids.

The anarchist community in the United States has long failed to be multi-generational. Frequently, anarchist parents receive no support, only derision. We believe that the negative attitude towards children held by many anarchists is short sighted and stems from prejudice. Ageism is prejudice against people based on their age. And we can see it frequently in our society in the way children and elders are mistreated and excluded.

We think it is very important to be explicitly welcoming of babies, children, and parents. We want a community of friends which actually reflects the people in the world. We want to break the model of anarchist movements not being inclusive of children and parents. (more…)

Even though yesterday was a super long day that started out really poorly, with Jeremy having a gun in his face and getting robbed, we managed to pull off an amazingly nice end to the day.
While we were waiting for the show to start, Kayla Dean got the neighborhood kids excited about capture the flag. She grabbed some flags (red and black, duh). We went to the vacant lot across the street and played a bunch of rounds of capture the flag with about 12 kids. They were silly and we were silly. It was awesome and we are looking forward to more games with the kids.
After we all ran around for a bit, we were on the front porch waiting for bands to tune up, when one kid ran up and told us he was worried the cops were going to harrass us. We were confused and said, no the cops aren’t harrassing us. Then he managed to spit out that he was worried about the cops harrassing us because they were harrassing someone down the street. Copwatch is a lot easier with smart kids around. So we hightailed it down Barton to make sure the cops didn’t rough up someone they were arresting.
Then it was show time! Some of our great friends had come over, but the crowd was small. I believe the general consensus among Wingnuts was, Their Loss! Cause all the bands were freaking AMAZING. Stefan Fink went on first, then Wood Spider, and then The Armadillos. They were all such amazing musicians! We were smiling and singing along late into the night. All the performers were extremely animated and entertaining. They also had some awesome art, zines, and home screened patches for sale.
It was a really good fucking night. The Wingnut is extremely grateful for our supportive neighbors and our supportive new friends from out of town. If you missed it, sorry, but we are here for the long haul, so check us out some other time.

The Wingnut Collective is currently trying to pool resources and collect items that would enable us to begin a breakfast for kids program. There are quite a few children in our neighborhood. With school about to be out for the summer, it can be more difficult for families to budget for food. It seems like from talking to the kids that a lot of them will be around all summer with no specific programs to keep them occupied.  We would like to serve a free breakfast Monday through Friday to kids in our neighborhood. This way everyone could have a healthy start to their day, and safe place to be.

If you would like to help us start this program, there are many ways you can do so. We need help finding organizations to donate us food. If you have a non-profit, if you could help us use your non-profit number to get food from the Food Bank that would be amazing. If you have an organization with a big budget but not so many big programs, you could kick us down some funds. We don’t even need money as much as we need breakfast foods. Here are some items we are going to need on a weekly basis to keep our neighbors healthy! (more…)

The Wingnut inherited the idea of Craft Night from Scott. Originally it was an every week event. We decided now that for the sake of not wearing a good idea thin or dominating events that we should have Craft Night the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month starting at 7pm. That way folks won’t even have to think about it every week and we are all free to do other things with the rest of our Wednesdays.

So we would love to see you on April 14 or April 28 or May 12 or May 26!!

Bring craft supplies, ideas, fliers you need to make, sewing projects, spikes and studs and bedazzles, friends, snacks, kids, fun stuff and fun attitudes!

Sober and All Ages!

Call 804 303 5449 if you have questions!

Another program that we would like to get going at the WIngnut would be some sort of tutoring or homework help for kids in our neighborhood.

We need ideas for how to do the outreach for something like this.

Also any stories, comments, etc. from other people’s experiences trying similar things would be cool.