Wingnut House Policies

Wingnut House Policies

No drugs, No people intoxicated by drugs.

Our political events are all sober events- so no drinking or being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Any event that is a non-sober event will be stated as such. If you are unclear, you can ask- please ask BEFORE you come over. Examples of political events which ARE STILL SOBER include but are not limited to: Food Not Bombs, Anarchist Black Cross Meetings and Events, Copwatch Meetings and Events, Open Hours, Workshops, etc.

Smoking – if you smoke cigarettes you can do so on the property as long as it is outside. Please make sure you pick up your cigarette butts, and be aware of whether or not the people around you are comfortable with the second hand smoke.

No oppressive language or actions including but not limited to homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism or classism. We support calling out of these actions. If you hear someone say something and you are not comfortable addressing it please let a Wingnut know.

Please, if you are a guest, clean up after your mess. This means your dishes, glasses, craft supplies, legos, etc.

Do not feed the dogs without asking first. Please also do not throw toys for the dogs inside, that’s what we have a backyard for. Its no fun if they get too crazy inside! Do not bring over other animals- dogs, cats, rats, etc. without checking first. This can disrupt our dogs and cause fights.

Help us conserve electricity. Turn out lights, fans, etc. when you leave rooms. Ask a Wingnut about mountain top removal, coal, Massey or Dominion if you want to know more about why this is important.

Please don’t go upstairs during events without our permission- its our private space, thanks for respecting that.

If you see something dirty, you can clean it. We would appreciate that.

No underage drinking.

If a guest makes someone feel uncomfortable we will ask them to leave at that time. We would be more than willing to have a discussion or mediated discussion about the incident at a later date, but not while someone is actively upset/uncomfortable. We ask that you respect this, and not make it difficult for us to get you to leave.