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Fight for $15 Rally today!!!

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Fight for $15 Will Go to College, with Students From 200 Campuses, Including students at UVA, Virginia Tech, Set to Protest

Fast-Food Workers to Strike in 200 U.S. Cities, Including Richmond, Protest on Six Continents; Adjunct Professors, Home Care, Child Care, Airport, Industrial Laundry and Walmart Workers to Rally Coast to Coast

Richmond– On Tax Day, fast food workers in Richmond and in cities from Pittsburgh to Pasadena will walk off the job, while adjunct professors, home care, child care, airport, industrial laundry and Walmart workers will march and rally in what will be the most widespread mobilization ever by U.S. workers seeking higher pay.

The two-and-a-half-year-old Fight for $15 will go to college, with protests expected by students from 200 campuses. #BlackLivesMatter will join in as the ties between the racial and economic justice movements deepen. And the marches and rallies will stretch around the globe, with protests expected in 100 cities, in 40 countries, on six continents, from Sao Paolo to Tokyo.

Workers chose tax day both because the date, 4/15, is their demand and because they want to highlight the fact that they are paid so little that too many are forced to rely on public assistance to get by. [The protests will start a day earlier in Boston out of deference to the April 15 anniversary of the marathon bombing.]

The nationwide strikes and protests will come two weeks after McDonald’s announced it was increasing salaries for a fraction of its workforce by $1. But rather than mollifying employees, the paltry pay move is attracting ridicule and inspiring even more workers to join the walkout.


Workers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, KFC, and other fast-food restaurants; adjunct professors;  home care, Walmart, child care, industrial laundry and airport services workers; students from UVA, Virginia Tech, #BlackLivesMatter activists.


Largest-ever fast-food strikes; most widespread mobilization of underpaid workers; biggest nationwide campus protests since the anti-apartheid movement;


6:00am 2700 W Broad Street, Richmond, VA

5:00pm Main Rally: Monroe Park, 620 W Main St, Richmond, VA


Two-and-a-half years after it launched in New York City, with 200 cooks and cashiers walking off their jobs demanding $15 an hour and union rights, people working in a range of different industries (including home care,child care, airport services, retail and academia) in the US and around the world have joined the Fight for $15 movement. What seemed crazy— workers’ demand for $15 an hour—has caught on and is now reality in SeaTac,Seattle and San Francisco. From coast to coast, cities, states and companies are racing to raise wages well above the federal minimum of $7.25. Now Democrats and leading economists are increasingly pointing to strengthening working Americans’ freedom to form unions as a key solution to boost wages and restore broad-based prosperity, something fast-food workers have been saying since their first strike in November, 2012. And the urgent need for solutions to America’s low-wage crisis is already emerging as a key issue in the run-up to the 2016 election

On Wednesday, the Fight for $15 —the movement Slate said, “managed to completely rewire how the public and politicians think about wages;” MSNBC said, “entirely changed the politics of the country;” and Fortune said, “transformed labor organizing from a process often centered on nickel-and-dime negotiations with a single employer into a social justice movement that transcends industry and geographic boundaries,”—will wage what is expected to be the largest-ever mobilization of U.S. workers seeking higher pay, with strikes, rallies and protests to be held across the country, including multiple actions in Richmond.

Wingnut Open Hours Hiatus

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The Wingnut is taking a break from open hours and community Wednesday dinners for at least the remainder of March. We have plenty of events in March still – a Food Not Bombs Fundraiser on 3/21 @ 2-5  on lacto fermentation $35, a book and movie give away on 3/28 @ 10-2, and Food Not Bombs cooking at 12:30 on Sundays!!! More details on those events on other posts!

More info on all of these events is found on this website and on facebook. Just compiling the whole list to make this coming Month easier to navigate! Hope to see you out!

Saturday February 28th – Basement Cleanup 12- 5

Sunday March 1st – 12:30 Food Not Bombs cooking at the Wingnut, meal is always served at Monroe Park at 4pm on Sundays at the corner of Main and Belvidere

Wednesday March 4th – 6-9 Open Hours / Community $3 dinner / Polyamory workshop

Sunday March 8th – 12:30 – 3:30 Food Not Bombs Cooking at the Wingnut

Tuesday March 10th – Virginia Raise Up community allies meeting at 6pm at 231 Belt Blvd

Wednesday March 11 – 6-9 Open Hours. Community $3 dinner

Sunday March 15th – 12:30 -3:30 Food Not Bombs cooks at the Wingnut

Saturday March 21st – 2- 5pm Lacto Fermentation Workshop $35 donation to Food Not Bombs to attend.

Sunday March 22nd -12:30- 3:30 Food Not Bombs Cooks at Wingnut

Wednesday March 25th – 6-9 Open Hours/ $3 communal dinner

Saturday March 28th – 10-2 Book and Movie Give away event at the Wingnut!!

Sunday March 29th – Food Not Bombs 12:30-3:30




No Wingnut dinner this week, instead come to this event at VCU!!!

For Immediate Release from Justice RVA

Activists Block Dominion Headquarters and Demand “Stop Selling Our Futures”

At 7:00 a.m. a group of over 50 activists blocked vehicle access to Dominion Resources’ Tredegar Campus in Richmond, Virginia to protest the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Traffic quickly formed on Tredegar Street as activists stretched large banners across the road and paraded large puppets around the scene. Two activists remain suspended from a pedestrian bridge with a banner reading “Stop Selling Our Futures” while a larger crowd occupy the access way to the campus below.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would transport natural gas from West Virginia, where there is a boom in hydraulic fracturing, 550 miles, through Virginia, and into North Carolina. “This proposal would be a dangerous investment in fossil fuel infrastructure at a time when the scientific consensus is clear that we must invest in renewables, such as wind and solar, to avoid further warming of our planet. ” said Whitney Whiting from Newport News, Virginia.

This action follows several months of grassroots resistance in the region against Dominion. On February 3, an activist scaled a crane at a construction site for Dominion’s proposed Cove Point LNG export facilities in Lusby, Maryland. On February 9, activists with the group Beyond Extreme Energy staged a disruption at a Dominion analyst meeting in New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, also with the message “Stop Selling Our Futures”.

Shantae Taylor from Norfolk, Virginia said, “As a person of color, I am out here because I am disturbed by the climate crisis in the Commonwealth. The Tidewater region is second only to Louisiana for its vulnerability to sea level rise. Now we’re facing the additional threat of offshore oil and gas drilling. I don’t want another Hurricane Katrina or BP oil spill to happen here. It’s time to push back against Dominion’s corrupt political influence and demand an end to fossil fuels.”

“I’ve been born and raised in Virginia, where we have pride in our land”, said Phil Cunningham, from Prince Edward County. “Now Dominion wants to come steal people’s property and sell our futures to the highest bidder. We are here to send the message to Dominion that people matter more than profits. This is our Keystone XL, and we will stop it. ”

Here is a link to the facebook page where you can find more pictures and videos from the event:

And the Free Nelson page:

Or search on twitter for #noacp


Wednesday February 25th!!!

UPDATE: tonight’s event is likely to be rescheduled due to the snow which is being called for. Will say for sure by 3 this afternoon. Sorry!
Here is the original description and hopefully if we need to reschedule more folks will be able to come out next time!

If you missed the amazing presentation at the Wingnut last night you can listen to this audio version. Thanks again to GPaul and Paxus as well as all the folks from Acorn and Twin Oaks who brought food and knowledge to share.

And a cheat sheet on different egalitarian communes:

We are having our next meeting on the subject on February 16 at 6:30 pm and it will be a potluck.

We are currently looking for people interested in joining/forming an egalitarian community in Richmond using the Wingnut house as a starting point, but with the hope of expanding to include multiple residences and properties.

At the February meeting we will be talking about what an egalitarian community with the Wingnut in Richmond might look like.

This is part of an ongoing series of educational, explorational, and conversational events we are hosting throughout 2015 in our attempts to form this organization and begin living an egalitarian lifestyle. Please come out to talk, network, share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate.

Justice RVA and Upcoming Events

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From our friends at Justice RVA:
Dear JRVA,

We have some upcoming events we would like you to know about. Please note that not all of these events are planned by JRVA but we are still asking for you to support them.

UNC Chapel Hill Shooting
We want to continue to encourage JusticeRVA members to continue to speak out against Islamophobia as we mourn the UNC Chapel Hill shooting victims. We continue to demand #justiceformuslims. Like you, Deah, Yusor and Razan were activists fighting for change in their communities and were gunned down way to early. Read more about the amazing work they were involved in:

Will Norfolk Become the Next New Orleans? People of Color Speak out against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Offshore Drilling and Fracking in VA
When: Today at 6:00pm
Where: Rag & Bones Bicycle Co-op
3110 W Leigh St, Richmond, Virginia 23230
Organized by JRVA. Please join us at Rag & Bones Bicycle Co-op (3110 W Leigh St, Richmond VA) for a chance to share info and discuss the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, offshore drilling and fracking in VA. The harmful effects of this pipeline, what it will do to our land, water and communities, the impacts it will have on people of color…
Take this opportunity to learn about the ACP, how it will effect you, network and meet others who are working to resist this pipeline & what you can do to help stop it!

Black Action Now Event – Black Trans Lives Matter Rally!
When: Feb 19 at 8p
Where: Monroe Park
This rally is to bring awareness to the violence suffered by the Black trans community. Just in 2015 alone, two Black transwomen have been brutally murdered. Lamia Beard, 30 years old of Norfolk, VA, on January 17th & Ty Underwood, 24 years old of Austin, Texas on January 26th. There is a prevalence and distinction of the gruesome violence that has been perpetuated against the trans community, but specifically against Black trans individuals. In order to bring attention to the violence committed against Black trans folx, we need to make people aware of all the Black lives affected by systemic oppression. That includes fighting for Black Trans Lives. Let’s take a stand against transphobia, transmisogyny, anti-Blackness, and racism together and honor those who have been murdered or suffered due to these forms of violence.
Bring signs, banners, energy, and support! We will be meeting at Monroe Park at 8PM!
If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Ashleigh Shackelford [] or Shay Patrick [].

Richmond People’s Climate March and Interfaith Call to Prayer for Climate
When: Mon Feb 23 at 7AM (sunrise)
Where: Virginia State Capitol Bell Tower 1000 Bank Street, Richmond, VA 23219
Co-sponsored by JRVA: In the spirit of Love, Justice, and stewardship of our Earth, Richmond People’s Climate March are calling for leaders of our local faith communities to join us to sound the alarm on climate change and pray for the wisdom of our elected officials as they finalize legislation during the 2015 session of the General Assembly.  This is the moral challenge of our generation and we ask you as people of faith to join us to turn the tide for Virginia. This will be a breath taking ceremony during the sunrise featuring multicultural music, ceremonies and dance. We need to join our African-American and Indigenous brothers and sisters to resist the impacts of climate change! Please join us in Joyous Resistance!

MSA @ VCU Event: ROOTS: Islam & responding to Racism
When: Tuesday, February 24 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: VCU Student Commons
907 Floyd Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Salaam brothers and sisters!
Please join us and the rest of the MSA members in an enlightening ROOTs session on Monday, February 24th, 2015, led by Br. Jesse Hudsonn. Br. Jesse will speak on the grave and present issue of racisim and Islam’s response to it, and present what we as a Muslim Ummah can do to resolve this social injustice. The session will be in the VA Rooms of the Student Commons. Come out, bring your friends!

Shockoe Bottom Slave History Tour and Talent Show for Mass Incarceration
When: Saturday February 28 at 1p
Where: Main Street Station 1500 East Main Street
Join Urban AWAREness Inc., Sanctuary VA, Justice RVA and All As One The Universal Movement to CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!
We are hosting a Shockoe Bottom History Tour starting at 1p and 3p at Main Street Station 1500 East Main Street. We will be visiting historic locations in celebration of Black History month and the struggle to reclaim the Shockoe historic district and turn it into a designated park/cultural center.Tour Richmond’s historic slave trading district and learn about the fight to reclaim this space. Make connections between slavery, the Jim Crow era and the New Jim Crow of Mass Incarceration. Tours begin at 1pm and 3pm.
Then, join us at 212 West Broad Street at 5p for a Potluck Dinner and 6p for a Talent Show.Join us in celebration of our skills and talents in dance, spoken word, poetry and more! Family-friendly event! Suggested donation $5 goes to benefit current and former inmates and community orgs.
Former inmates and those affected by mass incarceration are especially encouraged

If you have events you would like to add or just general questions, you know you can always email us at

Thanks and love,

Contact Justice RVA

For Immediate Release


February 10, 2015

Justice RVA is a multi-cultural group based in Richmond, VA struggling towards collective liberation, with a focus on ending policing, mass incarceration, and other institutionalized oppressions using an intersectional approach. We take objection to the “Police and Peeps Community Conversation” taking place on Tuesday, February 10th and recognize it as an empty gesture from public officials, set up specifically by Richmond police and select individuals–not the greater Richmond community. Justice RVA does not endorse this event. This is not to throw shade on any particular group as we appreciate all work for social justice, this is just our collective decision and the rationale is listed below.

This meeting is not a community conversation, based on its very structure. There is no way for open discussion to happen at the Richmond Police Academy, because this is not neutral territory. People who are the most likely targets of police violence and harassment will never feel comfortable at the site where individuals are trained to work within the racist, ablest, and violent structures of modern day policing. The structure of a Q&A does not foster a conversation, especially because there is no time allotted for audience rebuttal to statements made by the police, but only an opportunity for police to take up media air time. There has been no public process offered to maintain accountability and to take the feedback from the meeting into quantifiable action. Accountability to the community is especially suspect in light of the restriction of cameras to record this event.

If the Richmond Police and the City of Richmond really want to support the Richmond community, we need to see action on the demands Justice RVA publicly announced at the January 12th General City Council Meeting. The Richmond community’s demands have already been voiced. Putting forth this meeting is just another example of the failure of the Richmond Police to really hear the community they supposedly serve and protect.

Specifically, Justice RVA has already voiced a grievance that the Richmond Police have failed to protect the Richmond LGBTQ community from discrimination and violence and know that the Richmond City Jail is the grounds of atrocious acts of violence against individuals incarcerated there. We demand that a more accessible citizen-watch board for the Richmond City Police and Richmond City Jail is implemented, that Richmond City provide more support for rehabilitation and restorative justice, and mass incarceration is finally ended.

# # #