The Richmond Zine fest is October 16th. Zines, for people who are unaware of what they are, are most importantly a form of  do it yourself publishing.  Anybody can write a Zine, you don’t need permission and its a direct action approach towards putting ones ideas, art, information or what have you, out in the open. Zine culture has grown immensely nationally and worldwide. Our very own city has deep roots in the culture. Since technology has advanced so much and now anyone can share information through the Internet, zine culture has sadly suffered. I attended  last years Richmond Zine Fest there were many people from out of state, but very few local zinesters. I think more people should really represent Richmond this year. So if anyones interested in collabortaing or working on Zines as a group, solo,  or just meeting local zinesters, then show up Sept. 1st at The Wingnut 7pm for The Zine Meetup Group. Support DIY, do it yourself, culture.

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