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Friday, July 8th at 6 PM thru Saturday, July 9th at 6 PM please join the Richmond Zine Fest at The Wingnut (2005 Barton Ave.) as we present the 24 Hour Zine Challenge of 2011!

From the 24 Hour Zine Thing website ( “The 24 Hour Zine Challenge asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine from conception to final product in 24 hours straight. Zines should be of suitable size and technical difficulty so that this truly is a challenge for individual zinesters.”

Never made a zine before? Having a serious case of writer’s block? No problem! The great thing about getting together to take on the challenge is to have lots of folks to bounce ideas off of or help share different techniques and styles. Show up at the Wingnut any time in that 24 hour period to work on your new zine.

We’d love for people to bring supplies and snacks to share! Please label food items in case folks have dietary restrictions. Items that are great for zine making are Sharpies, black pens, scissors, gluesticks, rubber cement, typewriters, and old magazines or books for collaging, etc. If you intend on using the printer or copier at the Wingnut we ask that you please bring a small cash donation so they can replace the ink and toner when needed. Donations of printer paper will also be happily accepted!

The organizers of the Richmond Zine Fest hope that this challenge will help spark new zines in Richmond and empower folks to create something that they can share in October at the 2011 Richmond Zine Fest! 24 hours. 24 pages. 1 month. 1 zine. Create a 24-page zine from conception to final product within 24 consecutive hours during the month of July.