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There will be a workshop on the history of May Day/International Worker’s Day on Saturday April 30th at 4pm at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. The workshop will be on the history of May Day as a worker’s holiday. Specifically focusing on some of the more radical/anarchist historical aspects of the holiday- such as the Haymarket affair. This is Richmond’s 3rd year with a May Day Parade and Rally. But not everyone knows what May Day is, or what the significance of the day is. So come get some context for this amazingly organized awesome event! Don’t let radical history be forgotten or overlooked.

Don’t forget to go to the Really Really Free Market earlier that day, from 12 to 3pm at the corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park. ( After that you can come to this workshop at the Wingnut – plenty of time for both!

There are other May Day related events and workshops going on throughout the weekend- you can find out more at

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is located at 2005 Barton Avenue on the northside of Richmond. It is a sober, all ages space. You can call 804 303 5449 or email for more information