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We have had a couple of amazing donations to the Wingnut Radical Library over the past couple of weeks. We really appreciate the community support and definitely are still welcoming more donations of books and funds to purchase books.

Come check out or drop off books at 2005 Barton Avenue during Open Hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm. We are also always looking for people to volunteer to host open hours. If you are interested in using the Wingnut space to hold a meeting or event please get in touch.

One of our donations includes the full 1985 Encyclopedia Britannica Micropedia. The set includes 1 through 29, as well as index books.

We also just received a full set of Britannica Great Books 1 through 54. All kinds of classic literature.

In addition here are 13 other books which have now been added to our librarything!

Dangerous Dossiers: Exposing the Secret War Against America’s Greatest Authors by Herbert Mitgang

Richard Wright Reader by Richard Wright

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Crisis in the Middle East by Journalists of Reuters

The New Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book By and For Women by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (more…)