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Here are a bunch of rad events either at the Wingnut, organized by the Wingnut, or supported by the Wingnut that we highly encourage you to come out to!

Hope you can make it!

Tuesday- Haiku Battle at Balliceaux, 9pm

Rojonekku Hand-to-Hand Haiku Tournament makes its debut at Balliceaux in RVA, under the fluctuating concept of Exercising/Exorcising Demons. Bring 20-some haiku to compete in the event, or just bring yourself to lounge and enjoy the chaotic spectacle of what takes place. Feel more than free to come dressed as any personal or public demon you may wish, so as to better your haiku display, or just better your evening. Juggalo, train kid, delinquent, academic, street prophet, Buddha reincarnate, wine-friendly event. For more information, scope the link – or contact Raven Doctorlounge Mack who is always ready and willing to answer all questions, even ones he has no clue about how to understand. Especially those, in fact.

Wednesday – Poncili Puppets at LoveBomb!, 7pm

On October 23rd, come out to Richmond’s new art/puppet/performance space LoveBomb to see Poncili Puppets. Poncili have performed multiple times at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. Now we are helping them to have a show at the new venue!

Please bring money to buy merch or donate to the puppeteers!

LoveBomb is at 6 West 21st Street –

Doors at 7! Show at 8!

Thursday – Food Not Bombs cooks for REPHRAME FORUM – 2pm at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective 2005 Barton Avenue

rePHRAME, Residents of Public Housing in Richmond Against Mass Evictions, is holding their community forum on Thursday, October 24th. Food Not Bombs will be cooking cornbread and chili to cater the meeting.

REPHRAME Forum- 5:30 at

  • Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 913 N. 1st. Street, Richmond VA 23220
  • TEACHING Transparency, Protecting CommunityRePHRAME to Hold 6th Annual Community Forum on October 24, 2013

    On Thursday, October 24, 2013, at 5:30 PM, RePHRAME will sponsor its 6th Annual Community Forum highlighting the concerns of public housing residents in Richmond. The event will be held at Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 913 N. 1st Street, Richmond, VA 23220 in the Fellowship Hall. Dinner will be provided and children are welcome.

    The march toward eliminating poverty has had several omissions directly impacting quality of life for the residents that already live within the Richmond city limits. Transportation, Housing and Trauma associated with NOT knowing living quarters will be topics at this year’s forum. Impending redevelopment and potential challenges to the city’s long standing history of NOT implementing Section 3 requirements of federal dollars used in marginalized community development will also be addressed at this year’s forum. Last year’s Unpacking the 2010 Census data provided supporting research to empower residents as to how to include their voice at the table of engagement with results will also be available for public awareness.

Friday – Halloween Bike Parade, 5pm in Monroe Park

Come one come all on Friday October 25th to a Halloween Bike Parade!

Critical Mass/ bike parades are typically on the last Friday of every month.

5pm meet up in Monroe Park near the fountain. The ride will leave at 6pm!

Costumes encouraged as long as they aren’t the racist/sexist variety or other oppressive costumes.

Bring music, signs, kids, etc. To celebrate bikes and Halloween!
The ride will be a group ride and we will try to stick together- its no race!

We are traffic!
We can be fabulous traffic in costumes!
Kids encouraged~!

Just a reminder- today is the first day of July! Which marks the start of the Pelican Bay Prison hunger strike, and is also a good time to take a look at the Wingnut Calendar of Events and see what the upcoming month has in store! July has a lot going on! We have shows, bike rides, movies, workshops, field trips, zine challenges and more planned already for the month of July. You can always check our calendar- and peek to the months ahead at:

Here is a list of events so far this month, you can view the monthly calendar format on the calendar site:


Friday, July 1

 Wingnut Open HoursWingnut Open Hours

 These Streets are Watching Movie Screening
Sunday, July 3

 Monroe Park Food Not BombsMonroe Park Food Not Bombs

 Monroe Park Food Not Bombs MealMonroe Park Food Not Bombs Meal

 Cleanup from Food Not BombsCleanup from Food Not Bombs
Monday, July 4
All day

 Get Your FBI File Week

 Critical Mass Bike Ride

 Di Nigunim and Barons of Tang

 Wingnut Trash Cleanup
Tuesday, July 5
All day

 Get Your FBI File Week
Wednesday, July 6
All day

 Get Your FBI File Week

 Wingnut Open HoursWingnut Open Hours

 Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army Show (more…)

We’ve been trying to make a monthly calendar for the Wingnut, but having some technical difficulties. The best option we have available right now is a Google Calendar of Wingnut Events. Different than the rvaradicalendar, our calendar includes both explicitly political and non-political events. Many of the events on the calendar are things that happen at the Wingnut or in our neighborhood. But we are also including other projects that we are involved in, and events that you can be sure to find Wingnuts at.

If you follow this link you should be able to see the calendar. You can also subscribe to particular events to get reminder emails.

Hope to see you at some of these events!