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On Saturday March 12 we had the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry. The Central VA Food Bank brought food to the neighborhood and the Wingnut and a few volunteers handed out food.

Of 175 vouchers given out, 123 were brought to the event and 51 people joined us without a voucher.

Those who attended represented 111 Seniors in our area, 297 children, and 290 adults.

In addition to distributing food at the Mobile Food Pantry, we have started to deliver food to those elders or disabled people in our area for whom coming out and carrying about three grocery bags packed full of food is too burdensome. We made 4 deliveries this month, and added two more deliveries to our schedule for April.

The total amount of those represented was 698 people.

Vouchers for the April food pantry were given to anyone who had already been delivered a voucher for March. Those without vouchers were added to the April delivery list; anyone within the delivery range will be given a voucher. Those who fall outside of it (again) will be contacted to pick one up after residents of Southern Barton Heights and the surrounding area receive theirs.

For information on how to start a Mobile Food Pantry in your area, contact Warren Hammonds ( of the Central VA Food Bank. It’s very easy to start one! All you need are a location, volunteers to hand out the food, and a method for voucher distribution: here we deliver, but other groups distribute them via faith centers, community service and neighborhood associations, or other organizations.

To get a voucher for the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry, just give us a call at (804) 303-5449 and we’ll put you on our voucher delivery list!

The Wingnut went to the 1st annual Charlottesville Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday March 19th at Random Row Books. We had a really great time. It was nice to see so many folks from Virginia and the East Coast. The weather was great too. Thanks so much to all the organizers for the hard work that went into this event. We look forward to it next year!

Jeremy hanging out

Awesome banner the organizers made!

Cameron setting up the FNB table

Kenny with the IWW and David with FNB!


Southern Barton Heights is a neighborhood with few options.  There are few businesses, fewer recreation options, and nowhere except the streets to hang out.  This leads to a massive amount of police harrassment of folks who are just hanging out and socializing, a lack of cohesiveness and communication within our community, and few safe places for children to play.

The need for a community center is an oft-talked about situation in Barton Heights, but none has really been forthcoming.  The neighborhood association drags its feet around and talks about how “someone should make such-and-such into a community center” or “couldn’t someone use this building for free community events,” and so on, but nothing is ever actually DONE to facilitate a neighborhood community center.

We would like to change that.

We currently have the opportunity to purchase a condemned building for fifteen thousand dollars.  It’s over 3,000 square feet and would make a GREAT community center.  Its condemned status doesn’t bother us in the least.  The Wingnut was condemned when we first bought it, and we got it fixed and up to code in 7 months.  We know about construction, one of us is a licensed contractor, and we bust our asses to get things done.  Just about anyone who knows us can attest to that.

We have five thousand dollars available.  We were hoping to be able to use it as a down payment and get a mortgage loan, but the type of loan we are able to get for the building requires us to also borrow enough money to cover construction/repair costs AND prohibits us from doing the repairs ourselves.  Yeah. Right.

So basically we’re at a point where we’re asking for loans from anyone might have some spare cash on hand.  We’d really like to get this building FAST, because so far the only people who’ve come to look at it are very clearly speculative investors, and while so far none of them have made offers on it, it won’t stay that way forever.

If you’d like to help us out, get in touch and let’s talk.  Got 50 bucks? 200? 2000? The whole 10k?  Let’s make this shit work.

Always in solidarity,
The Wingnut Anarchist Collective

The Wingnut’s Bi-monthly craft night on November 3rd at 7pm will be a time to make fliers, banners, signs, etc. around the campaign to keep Monroe Park open and accessible throughout construction. Anyone attending the Novemeber 4th ‘community conversation’ organized by 2nd District City Councilman Charles Samuels is encouraged to come.
Please bring supplies if you can- posterboard, banner material, paint, brushes, but still come if you don’t have any of these things. (more…)