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The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross is calling for a preliminary meeting for people interested in organizing against the Richmond City Jail.

This preliminary meeting will be on Monday September 19th at 12 noon in the Triangle Park next to Crossroads Coffee at 26 N. Morris Street near VCU.

This meeting is open to anyone interested in organizing against the jail, as we are interested in organizing around a variety of topics on this issue. Together we can fight better to stop the new jail construction.

Folks interested in organizing against the Richmond City Jail but who can not make Monday’s meeting are encouraged to get in touch with the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross at or (804) 303 5449

Richmond Anarchist Black Cross

On the Richmond City Jail

In the context the possibility of a new Richmond City Jail, the Anarchist Black Cross must make it clear that we are against the existence of all jails and prisons. We believe that no new jails or prisons should ever be constructed, and that the old ones should be emptied and dismantled.

Jails and prisons are tools used to oppress people largely based on their race and class. They exist to intimidate and coerce into passivity all who are not incarcerated. Jails and prisons exist to perpetuate slavery (see the Thirteenth amendment which allows for the slavery of incarcerated individuals) and to make profit for the capitalists who have created industries around incarceration.

The Richmond City Jail has a long history of being overcrowded, inhumane, dangerous, and unhealthy. The new Sheriff prides himself on not providing inmates with the medical care that they need. Bails are set too high to be accessible to many of Richmond’s most destitute. As a result, Richmond City Jail has killed many inmates over the years. Five inmates of Richmond City Jail died in 2010 alone.

The solution to the overcrowded, inhumane, hot as hell jail is NOT the construction of a new larger jail. A new facility with more beds will only encourage more arrests to fill the space.

Richmond City Jail should never have been allowed to become overcrowded. Inmates over its capacity should be released immediately, which is what the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross called for in July of 2010 when Kerry Wayne Bennett and Grant R. Sleeper died from the heat. The Sheriff’s department is clearly too callous and incapable to keep people alive. They should not be entrusted with a larger population and they should never be allowed to exceed the official capacity of any facility. A new jail facility will not solve the problems of the old facility. (more…)

The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army is coming to the Wingnut on Wednesday July 6th at 7pm!

No cover cost, but bring some money to donate to the Puppet Army if you can!

They will be performing a compelling shadow puppet show of a history of the Prison Industrial Complex from slavery to where it is today. There will also be some other road show elements and presentations as well as a few anti-capitalist fairy tales using rod puppets. All of our shows are non sub-culturally specific and child friendly.

Their tour is to promote awareness about Prison Industrial Complex, it’s effects, and talk about some of the things they’re doing against it and  to talk to other people about what they’re doing and ideas they had.

They are members of the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective ( You can see their big hit here

The Wingnut is located at 2005 Barton Avenue. It is a sober, all ages space. Call (804) 303 5449 or email for more information.

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will also have literature at this event about the prison industrial complex and how people can get involved locally to support prisoners and work to abolish prisons.

Support the Georgia Prison Strike!

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross wants to acknowledge and support the strike that prisoners in the Georgia prison system have been engaging  in since Thursday, Dec. 9th. Thousands of prisoners have refused to leave their cells to work in their prison jobs.

Though the prisoners have been engaged in this struggle non-violently, the Georgia Department of Corrections has attempted to force prisoners to go back to work using threats and violence to intimidate prisoners into capitulation.

This strike is the largest Prison Strike in the history of the United States of America, which has more people incarcerated than any other country. The strike has been organized despite the oppressive conditions within the Georgia prison system, which speaks to the dedication and passion of the striking prisoners.

The demands of the prisoners in Georgia are things that all human beings have a right to. The conditions in prisons across this country are reprehensible.

The demands from the prisoners on strike in Georgia are the following:


These demands reflect the situation in prisons across the country, including those here in Virginia. The Prison Industrial Complex in the U.S.A. is simply the new slave system. Prisoners are forced to work for little or no money in bad conditions, with few rights or opportunities for recourse. (more…)

Come on out to the Wingnut on Tuesday August 17th at 7pm to learn how to write letters to people incarcerated in prison or jail. We will be focusing on people in Virginia prisons and jails, with a special focus on people from our community of Southern Barton Heights who are locked up.

We will provide addresses, paper, envelopes, and stamps. We will also provide information on how to write prisoners, guidelines, advice,etc.

This will also be a good opportunity to have general discussions about organizing around prisoners and prisons, and issues in Virginia that have recently come to light.

Feel free to bring snacks and friends to share!