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This essay was written by our friend Baldeep who is also an organizer with Richmond Food Not Bombs and recently facilitated an event at the Wingnut on Monsanto at the Wingnut.


Turban Doesn’t Mean Terrorist By Baldeep Singh Pooni

A narrative of the conscious awakening I experienced very recently. Sikhs are people who follow Sikhism, a religion that originated in India. Sikhs have no connection to 9/11 or terrorism yet we have been accused, harassed, attacked,targeted and killed in America and though out the world.Are we not human beings?Don’t we Sikhs also deserve the equality, respect,dignity and justice like every other human being?
A perma-link to this essay is below. We will have print copies available at the Wingnut by the end of January.

Bounty Hunters and Child Predators- Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy is a new pamphlet from the Crimethinc Collective to help folks in the anarchist scene learn more about how the FBI targets and how we can keep ourselves, and each other safe.

This new publication is partially in response to the recent arrest of 5 anarchists in Ohio for allegedly plotting to blow up a bridge. The new FBI tactics are an extension of the Green Scare, and this pamphlet starts to talk about how we can resist being scared.

You can download a copy from the Crimethinc website  ( ), or come by the Wingnut Anarchist Collective during Open Hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm to pick up a copy of your own. 2005 Barton Avenue.

Terror Incognita- a group reading and discussion of current anarchist and queer theory. This course is being made available through the People’s School of Richmond, and is a free school course.

Terror Incognita is a recently published zine (homemade magazine) featuring discussion, analysis and questioning of current trends in the North American anarchist  scenes. The text also heavily features current queer practice and theory as well as discussion of terrorism.

You don’t have to be an anarchist or agree with anarchism to participate in this class.

The basic format of the class will be group discussions of the text. Ideally people will read the texts before coming to each meeting, but we might also read the texts outloud to each other at the meetings, as this is a method that has worked well for us during previous courses.

Classes will meet at 8pm on Wednesday nights starting the 2nd half of July at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. (2005 Barton Avenue)

We will make pdf versions of texts available online, and have some photocopies available as well. Folks will need to bring the printed texts to the class.

July 18, July 25, August 1st, August 15th

Sometimes the hardest part about being called a terrorist is trying to explain how it happened. None of the current members of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective were at last Saturday’s protest, and none of us were involved in its planning. Some friends of ours, and former members of our collective were involved, and some folks we really like were among those arrested, but that doesn’t really explain why State Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment is calling us terrorists on the senate floor and in the newspaper.
It’s easy to feel upset about being called a terrorist. It’s pretty widely known how the government treats people after it starts calling them terrorists, so having a fairly important politician call you a terrorist is a lot like a threat. Rather than getting all bent out of shape about it, we’re probably going to go ahead and make terrorist glitter paint t-shirts or something.
We’re not going to let this stuff get to us because getting all outraged about Senator Tommy’s (ignorant, irresponsible) name calling is giving him what he wants, which is to distract from the bad behavior of his side. It isn’t the Wingnut that wants to legislate away women’s rights in order to score cheap political points. It wasn’t the Wingnut that sent armed, masked men to face down peaceful protestors. It wasn’t the Wingnut that forced these same protestors onto a bus and held them for hours on end with a bucket for a toilet and no water. It wasn’t the Wingnut that tried to defend thuggish behavior by its own side by making wild, ignorant allegations about a barely involved 3rd party. That’s on him, and the focus right now should remain on his bad behavior, and the bad behavior of the folks on his side.
As for us, we’re going to keep doing our best and fighting for a better world. Best of luck to our friends and allies. To the folks that were more directly involved in last Saturday’s protest, good on y’all. If nothing else you seem to have put a scare into a lot of shitty people. We here at the Wingnut believe that in order for the right to choose to truly be respected, much more fundamental changes will need to be made to our society than what’s on the table right now. If any of y’all want to talk about it, we’re not going anywhere.