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Silver Persinger recorded the lengthy meeting at the Carillon last night, where Charles Samuels (2nd District City Councilman) tried to get groups who ‘serve the homeless’ to figure out what they should do when Monroe Park is closed for renovations. It was not a forum, nor really a big group discussion. However, there were about 25 or so folks associated with Food Not Bombs who came to promote the idea that the park need not and ought not be closed entirely during renovations. The meeting did not go the way Samuels or Homeward likely desired. Instead many people spoke out questioning why the park was going to be closed in its entirety, and suggested that moving services would not make up for destroying the community of people- homeless and not- who use Monroe Park on a regular basis.

Check out the videos to see how it all went down!

This first link is to the 1st half of the meeting. Which includes Charles Samuels, Homeward, and others speaking. They did not allow any questions or feedback from anyone attending the meeting, even when it was very clear that people had questions and concerns. This video also includes a Wingnut, Mo Karn,  interuptting the bureaucratic flow of things to point out that the meeting is entirely based on the false premise that the park must be completely closed. You can find that around 24:40.

This 2nd section of the video shows how many of the groups in the room decided that the solution to the problems with closing all of Monroe Park was simply not to close the entire park!

Local musician and activist Silver Persinger wrote an article after the August Really Really Free Market in Richmond. He came and performed his music with a portable amp. The Really Really Free Market is a monthly event on the last Saturday of every month in Monroe Park from 12-3 at the corner of Main and Laurel which provides an alternative to the capitalist market. Musicians, performers, non-profits, artists, etc. are invited to perform, play, share, teach, inform etc. every month. Everyone else is invited to bring stuff to give away, come get stuff, learn, listen, and engage with your community!

Here is the article, Silver’s blog is listed in our links section:

Silver Persinger posted this video from way back in June of the Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhood’s (ACORN) bike tour of Highland Park and Barton Heights.

The Wingnut was extremely wary of the presence of ACORN in Southern Barton Heights, as tours like theirs tend to be gentrification pushes, with the demographic of participants falling heavily on the side of upper-middle class white people. The Wingnut fliered the neighborhood before the walking tour, and also chalked the side walks in some places where the tour was scheduled to stop. Gentrification is a serious issue, and one which we felt needed to be brought up during this event, even if not everyone working for ACORN or participating in ACORN events was necessarily someone working to gentrify the neighborhood. Some of the interactions we had that day- including being assaulted by one person trying to sell a house and having one ACORN woman repeatedly call the police over our fliers before even attempting to engage in conversation with us, showed that some of our fears about the ACORN tour were indeed valid.

The bike tour aspect of ACORN’s visit to the neighborhood seemed to be bottom lined by genuinely enthusiastic and goodhearted younger members of the organization. (more…)