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You’ve got to give Charles Samuels and his group of knee jerk lawyers one thing… they’re tenacious as hell.  Not a month after the courts found Samuels’ noise ordinance unconstitutional, he’s got a new draft ready to go, and the sequel is just as long-winded, vague, and concerning as the first.

Here’s the new version:

If you feel the need to sift through all of the lawyer speak of this new ordinance, (and I strongly suggest that you do), you’ll find all sorts of little questions that need to be raised regarding the constitutionality of the document.  For all of you who just want a rundown, we’ve got you covered.


The Wingnut is a radical collective at 2005 Barton Avenue, in Southern Barton Heights. The Wingnut is a sober space, so please no drugs or alcohol or intoxication. The Wingnut is an All Ages space, so we try to keep events kid friendly.

All events at the Wingnut are free, but if you have some money to donate to the travelling bands or the Wingnut it is appreciated! Also, always feel free to bring snacks to share!

June 3rd- 8pm- Show- Mike XVX, Wrist x Rocket
June 4th – Food Not Bombs tabling at Gallery5
June 6th- 11:30- Food Not Bombs
June 6th- 1pm- Food Not Bombs Meeting
June 7th- 8pm- Movie Screening- Black Panthers, What We Want, What We Believe
June 8th- 7:30pm- Discussion-  Southern Barton Heights Community Problem Solving Discussion Group
June 9th- 8pm- Show- Woodspider and zine exhibit
June 9th- 7pm- Craft Night (during show)
June 12th- 8am-12pm Southern Barton Heights Really Really Free Market
June 13th- 10am- Wingnut Neighborhood Trash Cleanup
June 13th- 12:30pm – Food Not Bombs
June 14th- 8pm- Movie Screening- Voices of A People’s History
June 20th- 12:30pm- Food Not Bombs
June 21st- 8pm- Movie Screening- Animal Liberation
June 22nd- 7:30pm- Discussion- Community Based Alternatives to Police
June 23rd- 7pm- Craft Night
June 24- 3pm- Cook with Food Not Bombs for REPHRAME
June 26th- ACORN tour- Wingnut
June 27th- 10am- Wingnut Neighborhood Trash Cleanup
June 27th- 12:30 pm- Food Not Bombs
June 28th- 8pm- Movie Screening- Black and Gold: The Story of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation

Contact the Wingnut at 804 303 5449 or

Keep up to date on our events at

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
8:00pm – 11:00pm
The Wingnut

Come on out to the Wingnut to listen to some bluegrass and folk music, including :

Opening: The Gutbucket Bellowers- an old time string band
The Moonlighters, Coaltown Noir, She Feels Like Pittsburgh, and TBA.

Bring some money to donate to the travelling bands.

Sober, all ages show, like all Wingnut events.

CoalTown Noir-


She Feels Like Pittsburgh-