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Happy May Day to everyone out there!
Remember HayMarket Square in 1886, the people who were killed by the police and the bosses, and the Chicago anarchists who were killed by the state! Workers and anarchist workers have struggled, fought, and died for the cause of justice, and it is in their honor and memory we celebrate.

If you are in Richmond, we hope you can make it to the May Day Rally and parade in Monroe Park. The Rally is at 5. The parade is at 6. So bring your signs/banners/flags/drums/instruments/costumes etc. and come celebrate International Worker’s Day!!

There will also be a potluck at 6:30 or 7 or so (whenever the parade is over), at 6th and Broad Streets, on an empty lot.

None of the May Day events have permits (who needs em), so keep this in mind in terms of deciding your risk level and arrest-ability level. There will certainly be many people at all of these events who are not arrestable, so you won’t be alone.

For folks who need a reminder about the importance of May Day, we recommend the zine Hurrah for Anarchy, which explains how the worker’s holiday originated, and the anarchist roots of the celebration. You can look at it online/download a copy here:

Don’t forget our pagan friends too, for whom May 1st is Beltane, traditional May Day celebration of fertility, renewal, awakening & new beginnings that heralds the arrival of summer.

The Wingnut will be participating in Richmond’s 3rd annual May Day Parade and Rally! This will be the 3rd year of Richmond Food Not Bombs being involved, and the 2nd year for the Wingnut. The parade and Rally are on Sunday May 1st, starting in our favorite park, Monroe Park.
If you are interested in helping to make signs, carts, etc. for this event please get in touch! There will be a lot going on, so any extra hands to help prepare Food Not Bombs that day, or to come back to the Wingnut after the parade to do cleanup would be sincerely appreciated.
We will also be hosting out of town guests at the Wingnut that weekend. If you are interested in a sober, all ages space (that has dogs) please let the May Day organizers know to send you to the Wingnut!

Here is more information:

May Day 2011 Richmond, VA | RALLY & MARCH

Sunday May 1, 2011
Monroe Park (VCU Campus)
Music / Gathering: 3:00 pm
Rally / Food Not Bombs / Speakers: 4:00 pm
Parade: 5:00 pm
Closing Ceremonies: 6:00 pm

Members of the Richmond, Virginia May Day Coalition, other organizations and individuals will stand united for working class families this May Day in historic Monroe Park near VCU Campus. This year’s demonstration will be a true a display of solidarity for the working class centered around education, action and progress. It will feature work shops, speakers, food, music, theater and more. (more…)