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Richmond has a Bike Co-Op, which is relatively new and has recently moved too. Not many folks know about it, cause the people organizing it have been really busy raising money and cleaning the space. They have an open house event coming up before May Day, and they also have regular Open Hours.
Check them out and Fix YR Bike! Or buy a cheap bike from the Co-Op and help support the project!

This co-op is a grassroots project dedicated to spreading the knowledge of bicycle maintenance, repair, and safety through an inclusive and casual setting. The space contains workbenches and tools available the public.

The co-op provides refurbished bicycles to those in need. We do so on a sliding-scale donation basis, in consideration of people’s varied means. We do have operating costs, and rely fully on donations to meet those costs.

The co-op is run by volunteers. To volunteer you don’t need to have wrenching experience – we need individuals to coordinate projects, to help keep the space neat and organized, to aid in hosting events, and so on. And if you’d like to learn how to wrench, we can fix that too.

-You’ve got busted Huffys, we’ve got tools


-Mondays 5:30-9 pm (a.k.a. Bike Night!)

-Appointments can be made if you can’t make out on these nights, just call ahead.


1806 Currie St.
Near VUU, in the Chamberlayne Industrial Center; accessible from rear of building.

Give the number below a call if you have any questions!