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Last night was the 3rd annual Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project’s Bowl-a-thon bowling night at Plaza bowl. The Wingnut’s Queer Army team attended and had a great time duck pin bowling. Everyone involved in the bowl-a-thon helped to raise over 17,000 dollars (!!!!) to help women in Virginia afford abortions. This is the most they have ever raised, but it will still never be enough as long as the government and rich don’t value women and their right to choose. Abortion clinics in Virginia are still being singled out by TRAP legislation, and assholes like Cuccinelli are fighting to take away vital services from women everywhere. Feminists, radicals, anti-authoritarians, queers, and anarchists need to work to fight the restriction of women’s rights and push to make vital services like abortions MORE available to people of all backgrounds and classes.
If anyone wants to get involved with the RRFP or make any sort of donation it is never too late. The RRFP typically uses up its monthly funds during the first week of each month – the demand is far greater than their current resources. Help the RRFP and help women in Virginia:

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project seeks to further reproductive justice by providing practical and financial support for abortion services in Virginia and surrounding communities. RRFP strives to be a resource to the community by engaging in grassroots advocacy for the full spectrum of reproductive rights. (more…)

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective formed a team for the Richmond Reproductive Project’s annual Bowl-a-thon to raise money to fund abortions. Our team is the Queer Army! You can donate money to our effort by going to: and donating to the Queer Army team.

Women’s reproductive freedom has come under attack in Virginia- from the current legislation which will make it harder for clinics to qualify to provide abortions to the attempts to de-legitimize Planned Parenthood and the vital services they provide many communities.  Women and their allies need to stand up and act to prevent the patriarchical and deadly oppression of women and revocation of their right to choose. Clearly, addressing politicians is not working to stop the right-wing swing in this country. The folks with money to lobby politicians are working to eliminate a woman’s right to choose. We are having bowl-a-thons to raise money to help pay for needed abortions.

Please help support the women of Richmond, in a real, direct way. Your donation will help a woman have a choice to make.