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We had a great turnout for tonight’s first meeting of Anarchist Theory by Anarchist Women. We read outloud from A Thousand Rioters, Selected Writings bofLucy Parsons. We read and discussed her essays, The Principles of Anarchism and Crime and Criminals.

For next week’s class we decided to read Lucy Parsons‘ essay To Tramps and Voltairine de Cleyre’s essay Direct Action.

Both of these essays are available online, and there are hard copies of Direct Action available at the Wingnut. Feel free to come by during Open Hours on Wednesday or Friday from 4 to 9pm to pick up a copy.

The Wingnut is located at 2005 Barton Avenue. Anarchist Theory by Anarchist Women is being held on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm.

The Wingnut is a sober, all ages space.

Here are links to online versions of all the pieces we are reading for this class:

Anarchism What it Really Stands For by Emma Goldman (10 pages)

What is Syndicalism? By Emma Goldman (12 pages)

Direct Action by Voltairine de Cleyre (20 pages)

Crime and Punishment by Voltairine de Cleyre (20 pages)

Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure by Emma Goldman (12 pages)

A Thousand Rioters selected writings of Lucy Parsons (30 pages)

TRAP- Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers is a piece of legislation in Virginia that singles out abortion providers for an absurd amount of regulation- which if put into effect would cut down the abortion providers in Virginia from 21 to 4.

This is nothing but an ATTACK on Women.

Time to fight back. Check out this event next week and never stop fighting for women.





























You can download the flier here:

The Wingnut has hosted many musical performances in the past (especially during the summer tour season). We got a little burnt out on having tons of shows all of the time. But we also learned a good bit about what shows work better in the space- for us, the audience, and the musicians.
Honestly, fast music tends to be the ticket. Whether it be bluegrass, folk, folk punk, metal etc., the bands that make people well, want to holler and stomp, are the ones that have more successful shows. Also, music that is political in nature is also a really good fit for the Wingnut.
Our shows are also sober and acoustic. So if the music is geared towards an audience that is drinking that particular crowd might not come out. Acoustic is out of respect for our neighbors. We have had metal bands play here acoustically, which was actually one of the best shows we have had.
Frequently kids will be in attendance at shows. Expecting that and being willing to interact with kids of all ages would be awesome. Some bands have taught kids about their instruments and done an awesome job of interacting with them.
We have lots of events on a regular basis, and we do tend to prioritize events of a political nature. (more…)

September 20 · 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Location Flying Brick Library

506 S. Pine Street
Richmond, VA

More Info The RVA Zine Fest will be October 16th, and we’re raising money to help defray the costs of putting on the Fest. Come to the Flying Brick and watch DIY documentaries “Grrrlyshow” and “Girls Rock” Monday night! A short discussion about how to do a rock camp for girls will follow the screening. Snacks will be provided. Donate what you can, but even if you have no cash, we want you there! Come out and support the Zine Fest and enjoy two fantastic films in the yard at our favorite radical lending library!

This is a sober event, so please do not bring or consume alcoholic beverages or other substances.

About Flying Brick:

About “Grrrlyshow”:

About “Girls Rock”: