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Recently there has been renewed hubbub around CAPS in Richmond again. CAPS, for those (lucky enough to be unfamiliar with it), stands for Community Assisted Public Safety. It is a joining of efforts of Police, Code Enforcement, and citizens. Lately they have been keeping residents of Richmond  safe by hunting down house shows and punk venues and shutting them down, charging the owners/leasees/proprietors with a variety of misdemeanors and other charges according to news reports.

CAPS, just like Cops, serve a very specific function in our city and society. We can not reform CAPS just as we can not reform Cops.  We might be able to push back in terms of unconstitutional aspects of the overall CAPS program, including dipshit City Councilman Charles Samuels’ noise ordinances, but CAPS is not an abnormality or mistake.

A well written article by Carl Athey in RVA magazine ( called out the apparent hypocrisy in the City of Richmond proudly lauding its arts and music scenes, with the new Arts District and the simultaneous increased policing and harassment of the arts and music scenes, everything from a high admissions tax to police oppression of First Fridays. What I think is important is to realize that the city and powers that be are in fact NOT being hypocritical.

They want arts and music scenes, just not ones that are oppositional to the status quo. In fact, it might be a bad assumption on the part of Athey and others (or maybe they’ve been intentionally tricked) to believe that they are included in the art and music culture that the City wants to build here. 

So to answer Carl’s query to see if  the city will back up their rebranding image by backing down on CAPS- we think not. CAPS and the City are rebranding themselves as Carl mentions- it is highly unlikely that they will want to include broke, dirty, drunk punk kids in that image.

CAPS functions very deliberately.

CAPS uses existing regulations, from building codes to business laws, in order to shut down cultural events that either are not to the taste of the rich people and politicians, or which they are not able to properly profit off of. (more…)

Tuesday the 16th at 7pm.
The bands playing are Cave Cricket ( a guy/girl duo with a squeezebox type thing/guitar and cello), Old Table (playing solo acoustic indiepunk godhate heartbreak music) and Aeon Yahweh (solo acoustic Jean-Baptiste playing drone punk lifehate music on guitar)

Sober, All Ages Show

Bring some money to donate to the travelling bands if you can!

Fast Heart Mart, The Good Ship S.S. Perry, and Cole Sullivan will be playing a free show here at the Wingnut on Wednesday March 30th at 7pm!

Troubadours from Albuquerque playing offbeat folk, strummin’ and a-struttin’ and a-backing each other up. Songs about the desert, bears, love and its approximations, and foosball. Hear us, love us, help push our van out of the parking lot. Invite yer friends.

Bring lots of friends and snacks! And feel free to come by early for open hours, starting at 4pm!

As always, this is a sober event, so please no drinking or drugs.

Come on out to the Wingnut for our first show of 2011 on Thursday January 6th at 7pm. Alison Self, The Baltimore String Felons and You Will Never Guess Whats Going On will be providing the musical entertainment for the evening.

Alison Self is a Richmond favorite (returning at least temporarily to the city) playing ukelele and singing amazing blues/roots music.

Baltimore String Felons are a blue grass inspired 4 piece band from baltimore (duh)

You Will Never Guess Whats Going On is  a guitar/violin duet from the cave, playing ice hockey ballads…..

Wingnut shows are All Ages and Sober events. They are free, but bringing money to donate to the travelling bands is definitely encouraged.

If you enjoy folk music that includes ukelele, banjo, violin, guitar, mandolin,  spoons, tambourine,  dusty kick drum, and more, come Holler N’ Stomp at the Wingnut on January 6th.