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The Wingnut Radical Lending Library is a constantly growing collection of anarchist, radical, queer, DIY, environmental, vegan, popular upsrising and more books. Every month we receive new titles from PM Press and AK Press. We also accept donations and purchase books on our own.

You can come by the Wingnut during our weekly  Open Hours- from 4 to 9pm on Wednesday and Fridays (subject to change however, dependent on other events in Richmond, you can call ahead to check 804 303 5449). We are also looking for people who can volunteer to facilitate Open Hours. We have 944  books available for browsing, reading, and checking out. We also have our ever expanding and newly organized Wingnut Zine Library (over 540 titles so far), which you are welcome to read during Open Hours, but which cannot be checked out.

If you are looking for books or zines on a particular subject you can search ahead of time online at

Here are just some of our recently added titles:

No More Prisons: Urban Life, Homeschooling, Hip-Hop Leadership, the Cool Rich Ki… by William Upski Wimsatt

Anarchism & Environmental Survival by Graham Purchase

Banksy Locations & Tours Volume 2: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photog… by Martin Bull (more…)

A guest zinester will be coming to the Wingnut on Saturday March 12th to read from their zine/about the potential of queer zines at 6pm! Please come to hear about one person’s perspective on queer zines and have awesome conversations!

Jenna Brager, author of the super-smart comic perzine Sassyfrass Circus and editor of the gender-rewiring zine about facial hair, Femme a Barbe, comes to town for a talk about the history, present, and potential of queer zines.

Jenna makes Sassyfrass Circus (up to issue 6) and Femme a Barbe (up to issue 2 working on 3) and also working on a new zine about archiving. More about Jenna and their projects here:

Today is the Transgender day of rememberance- A day to memorialize the many transgender people who suffer and have suffered oppression, violence, and murder because of prejudice that people hold against transgender people.

Here is a link to an anti-assimilation flier produced by the Wingnut.

Not Gay as in Happy, But Queer as in Fuck You!

Not Gay as in Happy, But Queer as in Fuck You!

“Join us for Rainbow Over Richmond: 30 events in 60 days, an eclectic and engaging series of events from late August through October, exploring and celebrating LGBT and LGBT-friendly culture and community.”

But why does everything cost so much money?

…Social tolerance because of commercial viability is inherently exclusive and classist. Acceptance of alternate sexualities and gender identities can not be made a commodity! (more…)