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Richmond Food Not Bombs is an organization that has been serving a free vegetarian community meal every Sunday in Monroe Park for almost 18 years now. Food Not Bombs is dependent on volunteers and donations to provide the money, food, and labor needed to make this vital meal happen every week. As winter approaches, Food Not Bombs is in need of financial donations as well as dry goods necessary to prepare the meal.

Throughout November, Food Not Bombs will be collecting canned and dry goods at a variety of locations around Richmond. Please look for the Food Not Bombs box at a local business near you. Other donations can be dropped off at 2005 Barton Avenue. 506 S. Pine St., or 2608 Hanover Avenue. If you would like to make a donation you can bring cash or mail a check written to Richmond Food Not Bombs to 2005 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222.

There is now a donation box at Lamplighter Coffee Shop on Addison Street in the Fan!

Examples of canned and dryed goods we are looking for:

Canned vegetables, Canned Beans, Dried beans, Rice, Pasta,Flour, Sugar, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Spices, Salt, Plastic Forks, Plastic Cups, Tomato Sauce, Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil, Vegan Butter, Shelf Stable Soy Milk, Tea bags, Soy Sauce, Sponges, Dish Soap, Aluminium Foil, Oven Mitts, Cleaning Products, etc.

The only thing we ask is that people try to only donate items which do not contain meat, fish, eggs, or milk/cheese/dairy products, as we do not use those ingredients in our food preparation.

If you know of a local business where we can put out a box for donations please get in touch and let us know! Community support is vital to keep Food Not Bombs cooking!!! (804) 303 5449 or email

Food Not Bombs cooks every Sunday at 12:30 at 2005 Barton Avenue on Richmond’s Northside. We share the meal at 4pm at the corner of Main and Belvidere in Monroe Park. And afterwards, we always need help cleaning up back at 2005 Barton Avenue.

From the Website of the Monroe Park Occupation:
RPD continue to kick people out of other parks and camps in Richmond.The Monroe Park Occupation is now having people who get kicked out of places like Kanawha Plaza come to join the camp. A lot of the time though, RPD does not let people grab their belongings before kicking them out. So more blankets/tents/tarps/food/entertainment is crucial.
The Occupation had about …8 people show up in the middle of the night last night and folks are excited that the Occupation is a safe place to sleep, but would also like it to be warm!

To contact the Occupation come to the corner of Main and Laurel. You may also email or visit for more updates.

The Monroe Park Occupation is a group of people forming a community in Monroe Park near the corner of Main and Laurel.
They are a multi-issue Occupation that has been encamped in Monroe Park since 4pm on Monday March 7th.
A City Official informed the Occupation on Friday March 11th that City Administrators wanted to negotiate with the Occupation.

However, the Occupation will only meet to discuss demands once the City gets the cops to stop busting up all homeless camps. Once that is agreed upon, folks from the occupation will meet with City Officials in the park at 11 at night.

Current Demands:
– Don’t cut down trees in Monroe Park
-Legalize Squatting in Richmond
-25-100% of Monroe Park should remain open at all times
-Stop destroying/busting up homeless camps (more…)

Wingnut Statement On The Monroe Park Renovation Plan

The current renovation plans for Monroe Park are riddled with problems and are overall, entirely unacceptable.

Our demands regarding the park are as follows:

We oppose the renovation plans in their entirety, as they are racist, classist, and a thinly veiled attempt at privatizing and capitalizing on a public park.

  1. There needs to be an immediate cessation of all attempts from MPAC and the City of Richmond to criminalize the homeless.
  2. We demand the inclusion of homeless people in all decisions relating to homelessness, housing, free food programs, etc. We demand that the homeless be given roles with the power to make decisions about their own futures in whatever groups or organizations are making these decisions.
  3. We demand the cessation of the endless promotion of the Conrad Center as the solution to homelessness in Richmond. We demand the cessation of the attempts to centralize all programs that serve the homeless at the Conrad Center, which has aggressively pushed its agenda of misinformation for years now.
  4. We demand that there be NO paid park director, especially at the outrageous salary of 150,000 a year. (more…)

The Richmond Times Dispatch covered the Really Really Free Market, which fell on Christmas day this month. Check out their preview article here:

Free Market Planned For Christmas Day In Richmond

The follow up article they wrote after visiting the Really Really Free Market on Christmas Day is here:

Free Market Draws Dedicated Group In Monroe Park

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This article was posted on the Oregon Hill neighborhood website by Todd Woodson. He gives his perspective on the Monroe Park Advisory Council and the history leading up to their current renovation plans. What is more interesting than the article itself is the comments. Online Commenter ‘Michael’ does a really nice job of arguing the reasons for keeping Monroe Park open during renovations.

‘Michael’, who is not associated with Food Not Bombs or other programs in the park  says:

“Renovations are done to important city infrastructure in segments ALL THE TIME. We don’t close the entire Fan District to address water pipes and repaving and whatever else has been worked on in the city. The park is an important resource to a lot of people, it would be very sad for it to be completely closed off for 18+ months.

As I understand it, the park has been used for feeding programs because of its openness and central location. It is a gathering place, a public space where people who aren’t as fortunate as you and I can go to gather their wits without having to deal with being constantly observed and shuffled about by owners of a building. It is a free space in a central location with public facilities, with lighting and nature and a variety of patrons. Its a special place that should not be shut down in the opinion of quite a many number of people who are tax-payers and concerned citizens.

Why not fight for this or that? I’m not in the business of deciding what is better for other people. This is a public place that others CHOOSE to utilize. We don’t have to bus people in and out, no one has to maintain a building, no one has to be shut away from the public eye, this is a public space and in my heart I believe it should remain that way. Want to renovate? Great, do renovations in the park, but find a way to do it without closing it down and locking people out. (more…)

The Richmond Food Not Bombs group got a really sweet surprise in the mail this past week. The San Francisco Food Not Bombs group, which has various friends in Richmond mailed RVA Food Not Bombs a solidarity package.

They had heard about the current campaign to keep Monroe Park, where Richmond Food Not Bombs has served a weekly meal for almost 17 years, open. Understanding that struggling against state and class/race oppression to maintain a Food Not Bombs community meal is important, San Francisco sent Richmond some solidarity. The package included, stickers, a vegan cookbook, a San Francisco FNB shirt, and some money to go towards the Monroe Campaign. It is also pretty clear that there was a lot of love in that envelope as well.

Thanks San Francisco! We love you back!

Richmond Food Not Bombs has been sharing food in Monroe Park for over sixteen years now. We have developed many connections and friendships over the course of our existence, helped provide healthy food to many individuals who may not have had access to it otherwise, and become a staple of social activity for many people’s Sunday afternoons.

The proposed renovations to Monroe Park are an attack , a judgement on who the park should and shouldn’t be for. It is an attack on the homeless, the “homeless-appearing” (whatever that means – it’s in the Monroe Park Advisory Council’s renovation plans), and groups and individuals who don’t judge people by their social status or whether they have conventional means of acquiring shelter.

We will not stand for it.

The only change that the park really needs is for the city to do its job when it comes do doing maintenance on the bathrooms, as they are functional but one of the water pipes to the sinks has corroded away. Other improvements, such as installing permanent chess tables, or a playground area for kids would be nice, but NOT at the cost of driving out the folks who currently congregate in the park, shutting the entire park down for 18 months, or privatizing the security of the park.

Food Not Bombs will resist all attempts to shut the entire park down for any amount of time. (more…)