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Richmond will be celebrating bikes again this month with a Critical Mass Bike Ride on the last Friday of August, the 26th, at 5:30pm.

The ride will meet up in Monroe Park at the fountain in the middle.

The times are subject to change and the route is TBA. Meet up at the fountain with your bike and your love. Leave the attitudes and aggression at home. This is not a race, it is a peaceful ride to show co-existence of humans, bicycles, and motor-vehicles. This will be a reoccurring monthly event so put it on your calenders and be ready to ride!

Bring water, any of your preferred safety gear, boomboxes, signs etc.! to make this bike parade festive!

If you want to know more about Critical Mass in general or it’s history in Richmond specifically we recommend you check out the Wingnut zine on Richmond Bike Laws, which includes info about Critical Mass! You can pick up a copy at the Wingnut or download it here:

You are also welcome to get in touch with the WIngnut if you have other questions. No one is in charge of Critical Mass but many of us have experience with this sort of bike ride and would gladly answer any questions we can.

Members of Richmond Copwatch will be briefing July 4th Critical Mass participants on asserting their rights and interacting with the police  should that become an issue.

Some literature will be available and copwatchers will actively address any questions or concerns. Briefing will take place   at Rite-Aid (Belvidere and Broad) prior to the ride (approx. 11:45-12:00  depending on arrival of riders).

Feel free to bring your own camera to record the fun and maybe the Fuzz!

You can also brush up beforehand  and download a copy of the snazzy new Richmond Bike Laws zine here-

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective has just finished a zine with information on Bike Laws in the state of Virginia, as well as general tips, and information about Critical Mass Bike Rides. We see knowing bike laws as going hand in hand with the Know Your Rights type of work that we do with Richmond Copwatch.

The text of the zine is below, and you can also download a copy at:

We will be distributing the zine at the July 4th Critical Mass, which is starting at 12pm at the Rite Aid at Broad and Belvidere.


Biking in Richmond, Virginia

This zine is a creation of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective in Richmond, Virginia. It is meant to be a reference and guide for all people who ride bikes in the city of Richmond. Most of the content of this zine is based on the laws about riding bikes in Virginia found on the VDOT website. Our re-publication of these laws does NOT mean that we support all of these laws or are making any sort of ethical judgement about them one way or the other. We think it is important for all bike riding people to know these laws so that they can assert their rights. Having this guide on hand may be useful when cyclists are stopped by cops, or are being harassed by people in cars. Be aware of the laws. Know when you are or are not in compliance with the laws.

Helping cyclists learn their rights, so they can assert their rights, fits in with a lot of the work currently being done by the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. We participate in Richmond Copwatch, which does general Know Your Rights trainings to help people understand what their rights are when dealing with the police in general situations. Specific Know Your Rights information is a logical extension of the Copwatch project. If you ride a bike on a regular basis, knowing the laws, and therefore knowing your rights can help make your experiences more pleasant and less harassed. Nothing irks a cop more than a person who knows the laws more than they do, and isn’t afraid to assert their rights under the law! (more…)