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On July 7th the Anarchist Black Cross will be going on a field trip to a local gun store. We will meet at the Wingnut at 5:30 PM to head out. This will be an opportunity for people unfamiliar with guns or gun culture to get some exposure to those things, and have conversations about guns, gun safety, self defense, gun laws, etc. Some of the folks going on this field trip will have experience with  and knowledge about guns.

If you can’t make this field trip, have no fear, the Anarchist Black Cross plans to have more gun related discussions, field trips, and trainings in the future. If you are interested in why anarchists might choose to be interested in guns, we recommend this zine, Piece Now, Peace Later, written by the North Carolina Piece Corps. You can download it here:

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be having an interest meeting and presentation at 1pm on  Saturday June 25th at the Really Really Free Market in Monroe Park at the corner of Main and Laurel. Generally speaking the Anarchist Black Cross is a prison abolition and political prisoner support group. To find out more about what we mean when we say that, come to this meeting/presentation!

For anyone who wants to find out about what the Anarchist Black Cross is about, this will be a good introduction to the concepts and background of the organization. We will be presenting on the history of the Anarchist Black Cross, other existing Anarchist Black Cross groups, and some information about the prison system in Virginia and our stance on the Richmond City Jail.

This will be an opportunity for discussion about these ideas- so if you’ve ever been curious or interested but too nervous to come to a meeting, this is your chance! If you like the presentation and want to bring it to a different venue we would be excited about that as well.

We finished adding some final details to our bookshelves, and because we have gotten SO many books recently we need to reorganize our radical lending library. That means all books off the shelves, checking them to make sure they are stamped online at, making sure they are appropriately categorized, and then figuring out how to cram them all back on the shelves.

Anyone with librarian tendencies who is interested in helping us with this awesome, nerdly process is welcome to come over this Thursday, June 9th from 5pm on. We will have dinner provided to soothe the bookish appetites.

The Wingnut will be hosting its second annual cookout In Memory of People Murdered by the State on Monday May 30th, 2011. Come on over from 12 til everyone goes to sleep.

Flipping the Patriotic Memorial Day on its head, using the day as a platform to discuss the reality of police and state oppression, this annual memorial brings together the community in Southern Barton Heights as well as the broader community of people concerned with state oppression.

This is a potluck event- bring a dish, non-alcoholic beverage, or something to throw on a grill to share.

We will be unveiling a new series of murals in celebration of Anarchist history.

Entertainment will be provided by many different musicians, if you want to play an ACOUSTIC set please let us know.
Please contact the Wingnut if you are interested in performing this day.

If anyone is interested in speaking or presenting on a particular instance of state or police oppression please let us know.

Other entertainment to include Know Your Rights Skits brought to you by Richmond Copwatch and more!

This event, like all Wingnut events is a sober, all ages event.

Do you like pie, and wish that you had someone to eat a pie with?

Well here’s your chance! Come out to Sprout at 10pm on April Fools Day (April 1st) to participate in a pie/blind date auction to benefit Anarchist Black Cross. We’ll be auctioning off homemade pies to the highest bidder, and the winner of each bid gets a date with whoever made the pie! Also, for a small donation, anyone will be able to throw a pie at a member of ABC. There will also be a dj providing dance music between pies.

Sprout is located at 1 North Morris Street in the Fan. The event will begin at 10pm. No cover charge. Sprout will have drinks (alcoholic and non) as well as a late night food menu available.

All funds will be going towards an anarchist bail fund, to be used in case any of you crazy folks get into a bind.

For more information, or if you’d like to be one of the pie makers for the event, give us a call at 804-303-5449.

Or shoot us an email at

We mailed out the first Wingnut Newsletter to a bunch of infoshops and radical spaces and anarchist collectives throughout the country. But we only had but so much stamp money. We scanned the newsletter and have made it available online for folks to look at!
Here is the link:

Wingnut Anarchist Collective Newsletter Number 1

Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance (Counterpunch… by Jason Hribal

Fundraising for Social Change, Revised and Expanded 4TH EDITION by Kim Klein

Tennessee Off the Beaten Path, 7th (Off the Beaten Path Series) by Tim O’Brien (more…)

Ring in 2011 with the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross during a solidarity noise demo at the Richmond City Jail!

Friday December 31st at 11:30pm at 1600 Oliver Hill Way!

Our intention is to show solidarity with prisoners locked behind those walls, and also as an act of solidarity with people incarcerated and struggling against incarceration throughout the world. This action is an attempt to break the isolation between inside and outside the prison walls.

Bring your voice, whistles, drums, pots and pans, musical instruments, and other noise makers! Count down to a new year of struggle against the prison industrial complex. We want a new year without prisons, without the institutionalized slavery of prisons, and without the racist and classist institutions that proactively oppress and lock up our friends.

Make New Year’s Eve meaningful by letting people incarcerated know that they are not forgotten. Inside the Richmond City Jail are our friends, families, and neighbors. Even if you do not know someone locked up personally, the mere fact of so many members of our communities being incarcerated does have an effect on your life.

The Richmond City Jail is a notoriously overcrowded and unsafe place. Sheriff Woody takes more pride in cutting costs than in the actual care given to inmates. Adequate heating, cooling, water, medical care, and programs are simply not provided. The conditions are dangerous. There have been 4 reported deaths in 2010 alone. (more…)

Here are some pictures of the Wingnut this Fall. You can see some of our Halloween decorations. (more…)