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Dear Opponents of the Shockoe stadium development,

Below is an email I sent this morning to the members of the City Council’s Land Use, Housing and Transportation Committee.  You will see at the end of the email that I am asking for those who agree with my position to send these members of Council an email with the subject line: The Timmons Analysis is a SHAM!  Email addresses are a part of the forwarded message.  I also ask that people show up at next Tuesday’s 3pm meeting.  Feel free to bring a sign that says The Timmons Analysis is a SHAM! and I will be making a lot of signs to hand out as well.  Please forward this email to anyone you know who opposes or has concerns about the Mayor’s plans in Shockoe.  Thank you.

Rick Tatnall

For the documents in question please check out the Replenish Richmond Website!

Dear Chairman Baliles and Members of the Land Use, Housing and Transportation Committee,

I have been pressing City Council since November to recognize that the infrastructural foundation of the Mayor’s Shockoe stadium development plans, the Timmons Traffic and Parking Analysis, is so unscientific, flawed and incomplete that it cannot possibly be considered as valid.  The Timmons analysis is a sham, which Webster’s defines as “One who assumes a false character: IMPOSTER”.  The Timmons report pretends to be a scientific assessment when it has disregarded almost every significant and relevant traffic and parking consideration, including:
  * Timmons used 2008 numbers that do not consider the 1,135 apartments and condos that have come online in the past 3 years (more…)